I haven't completely decided how I feel about the show's ending yet, but I couldn't get this out of my head. I thought about trying to make it longer, but then I thought this was rather perfect as it was. I hope you guys like it. Thanks for reading! Please review :)

They walk through the grocery store, holding hands. Chuck has one hand wrapped around the cart, the other intertwined with hers. They don't talk much, but she freezes when they pass the aisle with the pregnancy tests on the end.

Two little lines. Spiraling. "Maybe babies." Blue and pink lists with names typed into them. Symptoms that he missed and…superhero capes?

"Sarah?" he asks gently.

"We were going to have a baby," she says. Calmly. A hint of a smile on her face. Like she wants it.

Chuck smiles and squeezes her hand. "Uh…yeah. Yeah, we were…talking about it."

She stares at the pregnancy test boxes for a moment longer before turning back towards him, her arm brushing softly against his. "I think I'd like that…someday."

Chuck smiles again and kisses her hair. "Someday."