Chapter 12: Wolves, Roses and Frogs, oh My

"Come on guys! Up in the tree's they cant get us there!" Odette said as they Puffin and Her started to fly off.

"Hate to be the downer, but turtles can't fly...or climb." Speed said, and Odette took him between her feet and went up.

"Eizer can zee frog, so a little help would be nice?" Jean Bob said as the growling beasts came closer and closer, as he jumped higher and higher.

"Why don't all animals have wings?" Puffin rolled his eyes and swooped down for Jean Bob as they sat up in a tree.

"They're really are wolves in this forest..." Odette said as they kept jumping up on the tree, growling.

"They'll eventually have to leave my dear, then we'll just fly the coop and we'll..."

"Reminder, to ze Puffin, but two of us cannot just fly zee coop?"

"I think he means that we'll leave...we have to get to the castle before the ball...I don't want Derek to make the same mistake twice..."

"Have more faith...we'll get there in time." Speed said.

"Yes, coming from zee slow turtle...that iz reasurring." Jean Bob rolled his eyes.

"It might take them all night to leave though..." Odette complained as they shook when a dog hit against the tree.

"We need a good distraction." Speed said.

"Someone nimble who can dodge the beasts quick." Puffin added.

"And hide in small places that they can't reach!" Odette added.

"And even swim if the water is refuge." Speed added.

"Yes, yes, yes good but ...who iz sis person who is small and nimble and can swim?"

Jean Bob asked, only to see three pairs of eyes on him.

"Odette, I was wondering, what do you want for this ball?" Derek came up to her.

"Me, what do I want?" Veronica played innocent. What would Odette want...

"Well yes, last time I had it in the spirit of the swan, as you my swan princess." He smiled.

"Well...what if it is not in the spirit of the swan...just for this time." She said.

"Why not? Isn't that who you are, my swan princess?"

"All the same...I'd like the swan part of me in the past...what about as a symbol of our love?" Veronica turned to see the red rose on the window sill.

"Like what?" Derek was intrigued.

"What about this?" She picked it up.

"You was actually from Veronica? She left it here as a gift of sorts..."

"All the same, don't you think it's more romantic? Red, romantic, daring even..."

"Daring? Odette I've never seen our love as daring?"

"..Ahem...well all the people we've fought to be here...all the...adventures? I mean you have defeated the dark arts." She faced to the window and smiled coyly to herself.

"True, then roses it is."

"We only have 2 more days...I have to be there before the ball or we'll never get in...I can't replay last time?"

"Okay, okay I will be zee distraction...I better be getting an award for zis or something!"

Jean Bob jumped off into the ground, only to be nearly snapped to bits, as he dodged around in a dog pile of wolves.

"Now!" Odette said as she took Speed back in her possession and flew over the dogs past them to an elevated area. "Now go get Jean Bob Puffin!"

"Right away!" Puffin swooped down to the ground to look for the frog.

Jean Bob was yelling. "Zave me! Ze beasts are going to be eating my legs for dinner!" As he pounced around backed against the water.

"Go into the water Jean Bob!" Puffin yelled.

"I hope zee mongrels cannot swim..." He said as he dived in right as one lunged for him.

"Now where did the little green thing go?" Puffin looked around into the water.

"Over here...did I mention I may not be alone in these waters..." Jean Bob said as he saw a dark shadow beneath.

"No fear Jean Bob!" Puffin dived down at caught him the moment an alligator would have snapped him into his jaws.

"Yes...No fear...just a small heart attack..." Jean Bob said as they met with the others far enough away from the wolves.

"The moment that the sun touches the sky we move on. We need to make more progress tomorrow." Odette said confidently.

"Another wonderful morning Erubus." She moved her head around on the bed. "Maybe after the ball I'll move myself into a room for two instead of one? I will be Queen forever then."

"Then if you don't mind I will take this room for my own..." Erubus stretched.

"You havn't seen them since they predictions?" She said as she got up and went to get dressed.

"No, if they come...they likely will not succeed."

"Likely is not certain."

"All the same, she is a swan, and you look like even convinced him to use your rose as an theme."

"Woman's charm." She smiled looking at herself in the mirror. Odette really was a looker...too bad that she'd never enjoy it again after tomorrow night.