I decided to compile a list of the most frequently asked questions/questions I felt needed/I just wanted answering. Send me a message if you would like anymore questions answered and if I'm on top of things that day, I'll even add it to this list. n_n'

To make this more enjoyable, read this FAQ in a British accent. Everything is better in a British accent.

Boring dialect: "You're grandmother fell down the stairs."


British dialect: "You're grandmother fell down the stairs."


See? Has an impact.

1: What gave you the inspiration for Her Scarlet Letter?

Boredom – as do most of my ideas originate. xD Really though, it came one day when I was thinking how strange it would be if something scandalous would hit Harmonica Town. Because, you know, normal high schoolers think of this sort of thing. xD

Point is, I decided that adultery would definitely be a treat to write about – considering marriage and rival courtship are main goals in the game. Other than that, this was completely random. I don't have a method for inspiration. If I did, I wouldn't have to worry about paying for college. n_n'

2: Personally, what was your favorite chapter?

Oh, that's a rough one. The first to come to my mind is The Papers for its simple, subtle drama. It was a root for a lot of later chapters, too. I also liked the mystery in it – I was leaving myself hanging there! xD

Another favorite is going to be… More Than Anything. I enjoyed making each important man in Angela's life say that title line. So fluffy!

My prologue wasn't anything to sneeze at either… My, I feel so self-absorbed right now! Eek! I better clear that up – in terms of my writing, I thought it was halfway decent. Now mind, I am very insecure about my writing. My family doesn't know a single thing about my writing and I like it that way. Sometimes, I feel like I'm such a terrible author that I had better just write for myself and then burn it when I've read it through. That's why all the positive reviews meant so much to me…

Anyways, you were probably expecting Home, eh? That chapter turned out to be such a pain to write – put me behind schedule, too. So stubborn! I couldn't get it just the way I wanted it. But I like how it is now. Still, it's certainly not my most disliked chapter.

3: Well then, which chapter did you like the least?

On the Brink. I just didn't like writing that chapter. At all. I can't really explain it… I don't have a problem with Kasey (in fact, the annoyance some of you posed against him made me want to troll and have Angela accept his proposal – Bazinga!) but there was just something so difficult about writing that particular section. It definitely was the Phoebe and Selena scene that was the hardest. I actually enjoyed writing about Gill and Jin, but when it came to the girls, I couldn't make up my mind. That chapter sat hanging open on my laptop after I introduced Phoebe for a few days before I finally sat down and worked it out. Such a terrible annoyance… But once it was over, I was so excited to keep writing! x3

4: Who was your favorite character?

Psh, that's easy – Gill! xD I never meant to give him such a large role in the storyline, but I can't help putting that guy everywhere. I truly felt he was a hero in this one – sticking up for Angela no matter what, even though it wasn't his place to do so. What a great mayor. =3

Jin was another favorite. No offense guys, but I thought it was hilarious how much you disliked him. xD He could be sweet! And I inadvertently turned him into one of my favorite bachelors through this. Got into this mind… Who would've thought?

And Kasey is like a guilty pleasure or something. He's fun to write for because he's so cheesy! He's my outlet so the rest of the story isn't completely doused in cheddar. xD

5: Who was your least favorite character?

Maya. I've always disliked Maya. Mind, it's not because she's a rival for Chase and I don't completely despise her either. Just in the game… She's so obnoxious… Makes my brain cry. ._.

6: Is Hawthorne your favorite author?

I wouldn't say that – one of though, I suppose. This is the only work of his that I've got around to reading. Besides The Minister's Black Veil, but that barely counts – it was so short. ._. Maybe I'll read more of him in the future. But currently, my heart belongs to Tolkien!

7: Why did you use Angela/Akari instead of Molly/Hikari if this is an Animal Parade fanfiction? Why Kasey/Yuki then?

Good question – easy answer. I dislike Kevin/Takeru (boring hair! xD) so I felt Kasey was the obvious choice. But I've always preferred Angela over Molly. I even like the name better. But I also took from fanfictions roaming about the site. For some reason, Angela has taken on the quieter, more serious demeanor and Molly has adapted wild child qualities. I don't know why, but it's fairly universal. It gave me another excuse to use Angela though – a silly girl like Molly would hardly be convincing in my opinion. Perhaps there is a canon description of the two? Sounds like something I should look into. n_n

8: Edmund's eyes were the same as Angela's. What happened?

The speck of color that was originally in one eye grew to both eyes. Soon, the violet emerged like brown does in hazel eyes. Eventually, both violet and brown were swirled together. Depending on the light, either was prominent. Eyes change color over time! Especially in the early years. I should know, I suppose. I used to have very blue eyes. Now they're fairly grey. Meep. Anyways, this characteristic of humans is a very useful plot advice. That I took full advantage of. Bazinga.

9: How much did you really take the reviews to heart? Like, did the opinions listed change your ideas and your own opinions?

Oh, of course they did! I treasure every single word!

Though the plot suggestions were nice, the story was completely planned out before I started chapter one so there wasn't much to change. Still, I redid quite a bit and even added seven chapters for the benefit. The most help came from grammar and simple mechanics – like how I'm doing and where I should be heading in my execution. But certainly, the guesses were great! It was so fun to see who was where in my twisted logic train I packed you guys up on. It really gave me an insight into the direction I was pointing you.

Seriously, you guys have been a huge help. If you think I'm rushing, I slow down. If you want an update the next day, I'll work my butt off to get it up. If you feel something was missing, I go back and try to fill in the gaps. If you say you love it, I love you guys all the more. xD I can't do this without you and the amount of support I've received is glorious.

Although I haven't had time to thank each of you – yet! – I'm working on writing out individual replies. You put the time and effort into reading and commenting on my story, so why should I ignore that? It sounds incredibly unfair to me. So though you may only get one response and you've sent in a dozen reviews, it's really the best I can do with the amount of free time I have. Though I write stories, I feel I'm terrible at expressing myself. Ironic, no?

10: Do you have any bachelors in mind for future works? Or will you stick with Chase? You've only written Chase stories so far…

Don't be fooled! I have a ton of ideas floating around over here. You lose faith in me so quickly – Chase is just really easy to write for. He's such a blank slate. Any sort of angst is perfect for him. It just comes so easily to his persona, don't you think? And Maya has always been an easy target. You can't deny that. xD

11: Is Chase your favorite bachelor?

Actually, no. Well, one of, but… My favorite Animal Parade bachelor is… that's pretty hard, but I'll have to say Gill is my favorite. Followed by Luke. But really, I love all the bachelors. No hate on this end. =)

12: Why Chase?

Good question! More like the question. But I went through all the bachelors and came up with specific reasons why each wouldn't work for the story. It was actually quite easy to eliminate Kasey, Ignis, and Gale right off the bat. I would be pulling such a deus ex machina if I was going to do that to you – literally with Ignis xD – considering these guys are single. I mean… come on; it sort of destroyed the entire point. No matter how much you or I may love these guys, it really wouldn't work for Her Scarlet Letter. =(

Jin was fairly easy to eliminate as well. He was the perfect Chillingsworth. I couldn't give that up. And what an anticlimax – "It actually was your child. Just kidding~! LOL." No. Just no. xD

Toby and Julius were a different story. They both had wives that were arguably on Angela's side and it would've been extremely tragic. Then again, these two boys have very noticeable features, i.e. Toby's bright green eyes and silver head of hair and… just look at Julius. There's no way in hell you're going to hide that. xD

I never considered Owen nor Luke – sorry! But these two boys just… it doesn't work with their personalities. Luke might be dumb enough, but like I believe I said once in the story – he's like a puppy. If he was to get married, he would be the most loyal, adoring husband in the game. Have you married him? He's pretty clingy. xD The same goes with Owen – he's very traditional. I can't picture him breaking all the codes of his existence for an underhanded relationship; even if he really did fall for Angela. I think Owen's the type to forget about love if it meant keeping his honor.

And I'm really sorry, but I also had Gill planned as the scapegoat since the beginning. I'm so glad if you took the bait! xD I'm sorry to fool you, but I just really needed to draw any possible attention away from Chase and Gill seemed to be the most obvious choice. If I elaborated on him, then most would assume the worst and take the hint he was the guilty party. I think my favorite hint was the 'cut above the rest line.' I thought I was being far-fetched in that one, but I was so excited when I actually got responses for it (here's looking at you, violetfireflies!). Thank you so much! You're excellent readers!

Perry and Bo were rather out of the question for me. Not only were they not actual bachelors, but they were both single and it really wouldn't be much of a scandal. Perry might cause a bit of a disturbance, but really? Who could blame Angela if she really thought Jin was dead? No one. So there goes the story. Splbt. – With a spitty noise. ._.

Now Calvin. He was a difficult fit for me. He and Chase were both exciting options, but I figured Chase would be more popular with readers. Then again, Calvin would be more of a surprise since he's more obscure among Harvest Moon fans. When I was debating between Phoebe and Maya, I figured that they were both fairly pathetic (Phoebe's desperate infertility and Maya's just… pathetic, clingy nature) and I was at a standstill of motives between Calvin and Chase (Calvin wants a child and Chase wants someone who isn't dimwitted). So… I played a jolly round of two-out-of-three on a coin flip and wound up with Chase. So close, readers! Can you imagine how it would have been different if it was Calvin instead? You were a coin flip away from finding out. x3

13: Why did Chase marry Maya if he wasn't in love with her?

I've gotten this question quite a bit when I thought I had it covered. Let me quote myself here:

Chapter 25, Home, Chase: "You saved a woman I settled for. Someone I thought was my only hope…"

Chapter 25, Home, Chase: "But you came! Angie, you came and suddenly I realized that I didn't have to settle for less."

Get it now?

If you don't, I wouldn't fear. It's a sticky situation to understand (especially in our day and age). Basically, Chase has always lived on Castanet and so has Angela. They were friends as children and he had difficulty making that transition from friends to more so he never grasped she was a potential spouse for him. He felt since everyone else had their ties, he was doomed to marry the only other available girl left: Maya. Until he opened his eyes and realized Angela was the better match for him – too late! Suckish… But it's still technically his fault. Sad face. =(

It wasn't exactly spelled out for you, so you had to do a little digging for his motives. But I like it that way – make you think for yourselves and make your own assumptions. n_n

14: What color socks are you wearing?

They're my rainbow socks. So… I'VE GOT ALL THE COLORS.

15: Were you surprised with your poll results?

Gale with 9 votes, Gill 7, Ignis 6, Chase 4, Luke 4, Calvin 2, Julius 2, Kasey 1, Toby 1, Perry 1, Jin 0, Owen 0, Bo 0.

I was shocked, actually. I had no idea Gale and Ignis were so popular. Much less for this sort of story. xD

One thing I can definitely say is I'm so glad no one thought it was Owen! See? I knew you guys would think he wouldn't do it, too. =D

Few people guessed it was Chase and most did so for the reason I've written more stories about Chase (from what I've heard). Otherwise, I tried to basically cut him from the story with only infuriatingly tiny nit-picking hints hidden between the commas and then suddenly introducing him as the answer. More irritating for analytical readers. x3

So I guess I really can't be too surprised. I deviated away from Chase as much as I could for a whodunit feel and I wouldn't change a thing. It's really no fault of any reader if they didn't know – it was truly a blind guess. Shot in the dark. Sorry; maybe when I get better at writing, I won't be so mean and haphazard so you can actually trust me as an author when I give you hints. n_n'

16: Do you wanna be the very best?

Like no one ever was. To catch them is my real test. To train them is my cause.

17: So, a few have expressed their positive sentiments for a sequel. Is it possible?

Sorry, no. Sequels tend to ruin things and I'm not a good enough author to rescue this. Besides, I think things are nice as they are – I wouldn't want to put any other images in your heads.

Then again… I did hint at a future story of mine. It's not going to come out for quite awhile – I have a couple other stories I've promised to finish first, but it's a work in progress. I'm not making any promises, but I'll give you a hint at a hint. It's a book title – found in the chapter Wedding. I'm not saying which one it is though! x3

18: I'm sensing a fun fact! Is there something to look for in the Prologue as a second time reader?

Prologue my foot - I just didn't know what to start out with. It's chapter one, but it would be too weird to make it chapter one now. x_x

Anyways, yes! Does anyone recall the line: "He's too coward! Say it for him!" and Angela's sudden change in attitude as she argues back? Well, that was Chase! Like a last chance 'please tell on me' before it was too late.

Fun fact received.

19: Are you up to taking future requests/story suggestions?

Although I'm a pretty lone wolf on the site, I'd be more than happy to hear anymore comments and concerns when it comes to my writing. I'm here to improve! And if I entertain you in the process, my soul is happy. n_n

20: What other Harvest Moon games will you write for?

As many as I can! I have Tree of Tranquility, Animal Parade, Magical Melody, Island of Happiness, Save the Homeland, DS, Tale of Two Towns, More Friends of Mineral Town, Another Wonderful Life – okay, I have a ton. It's kind of sick. xD

But the only ones I probably won't write are for our lovely little friends in Mineral Town and Forget-Me-Not Valley. I was impatient with More Friends of Mineral Town, so I never really got into it. Not to mention the freaky bachelors (whatthefudge, isthatseriouslyafrog?). Another Wonderful Life was just not my kind of game. The characters kind of creeped me out and all the bachelors were old… or just weird. The main factors of marriage were cut so you can focus on regulating your dairy cow's milk cycle, too – ick! No offense to the people who love those games! Really! I guess they just weren't for me. Pretty tedious for an impatient jerk wad like myself. x_x

21: Any last words?

Except for thank you, I haven't really anything else to say.

I've done enough advertising, I guess, so I'm not going to push that. Maybe check my profile for updates? Remember my name? This was the first of my literary copy series, so it's only the beginning! If you enjoy the classics, keep an eye out for me, 'kay? =D