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"Guy! Guy! Yo guy!" I rubbed my eyes to feel some serious pain. "Oh man are you ok?" "Come on Son we got ya." I looked at to see two big figures in front of the sun. "Awww. What happened?" I grabbed onto a fury hand. "Dude! You were ridin' on a bus right? Then you decided to catch a few Z's while I was fishing! And the window, the window was opened and-"

"Would you stop! You blubber more than a whaler! The bottom of it all laddy is that you fell out and got hit by a bus." I looked down to see my white shirt and brown pants covered in sandy tire tracks. "What's yur name son?" I looked around. My name? Why was I on a bus? Why are the tracks sandy and not muddy? "I don't know."

I looked closer at the two to see what they actually looked like. The one that kept calling me son had orange hair that obviously was red aloooooong time ago. He had mainly silver. He had muscular hairy arms and hands. He was a little bigger around the waist and had muscular legs. His arms and legs didn't match his figure.

The other was at least 5 inches taller than the man. He had long shaggy pink hair and wore a white tang top and green trunks with purple flowers. "Hey, who are you guys?" The older man patted his chest. "Meh? Why I'm ol' armor abs Krabs!" "Crabs?" I said "it's spelled with a K not a C." I nodded at I was thrown over his shoulder. "Just leave it as you owe me."

I closed my eyes and after that I passed out. I woke up to huge eyes and fuzzy eye brows. "Hi!" I screamed! It was the pink haired kid. "Hey! We didn't really get to talk I'm Patrick!" I sat up, took a deep breath and choked. How can there be such thing as salty air?

"So what do you think?" I looked around. The walls were cement. "Um… yes?" Patrick smiled. "Sweet! OK so you don't have a name so I'm gonna call you Bob." I glared at him "Bob?" He frowned. "Your right! Not enough! Go look out the window!" I got up and saw a dock followed by a shimmering ocean. "…" I was speechless! "That is way I am naming you-" "No offense but the name Bob has nothing to do with this."

I said and let the wind blow in my face. The salty wind. "Nah man! Bob needs more! You shall be SpongeBob!" I turned towards him. "Sponge-Bob?"

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