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Spike yawned from his position leaning against the wall. He was bored out of his mind. All this research and no action was just not his style. Willow and Xander were arguing about whether or not a certain demon was horny or not, which entertained Spike somewhat, but then Anya got sucked into it and he rolled his eyes.

"Well I'm leaving, if you lot ever come up with something useful, lemme know, otherwise, I've got better ways to spend my un-life. " With that statement completed, Spike strode towards the door, a lit cigarette already in his mouth by the time he reached the door. Nobody tried to stop him; they were too busy to notice his not so subtle exit. He walked across town, worried about what the dog had probably done to his crypt. It wasn't like it was top notch, but it certainly didn't need to be even more disorderly. As an afterthought, Spike broke into a pet store and stole some food, bowls, and other supplies he needed for the pup.

When he was outside of the door to his crypt, he almost groaned. He could smell Harmony all over the place. He'd thought he'd gotten rid of the bint, now she was lurking once more? He was beyond irritated by the time he stepped inside. As expected, he was rushed as soon as he got the door shut behind him. Harmony was squeezing him so hard that he was glad he'd outgrown breathing. The bags he was carrying made crinkling sounds as she hugged him. He gently patted her shoulder to get her to loosen her grip, even though he was keener on ripping her arms out of her bloody sockets. He sucked in an un-needed breathe to calm himself and let the air hiss out of his nose.

"Harm, what are you doing here?" He asked the obnoxious blonde and she detached herself from him and smiled up at him as if she was doing him a favor. He set down his bags on the ground, figuring he'd need both hands to deal with her.

"Well," she started as she trailed a hand down his chest, "I realized how much you must've missed me, so I decided I'd be nice and forgive you! I think you owe me an apology mister!" She murmured as her hand started to trail to more dangerous places. Spike reached out and grabbed her hand before she reached the destination she wanted and he jerked his head to gesture towards the bedroom downstairs. He finally found a use for the damn dog that had followed him home; he could distract Harmony so she didn't annoy the bleeding hell out of him.

Harm of course thought he was meaning something else with his head tilt and she grinned wildly at him and dragged him by the arm down the stairs. He let her and when they reached downstairs, she squealed and forgot all about Spike, leaving him by the entrance to his bedroom area. He smiled, even though he felt a tad bit sorry for the poor dog that was being spun around the room in Harmony's arms. Rex looked grumpy and slightly nauseous.

"You got me a dog! Ohmygosh I love you, Spike! You still are my Platinum Baby! I knew I'd get through to you! Oh yay! Can I name her!" Of course Harm thought the dog was hers and a girl. Spike sighed and stepped forward to explain the dog was not hers and he was a boy. Before he could say anything, Rex leaned towards Harmony's face. She smiled and rubbed her nose against his. Then the dog puked from being spun around so much. Harmony shrieked and threw the dog into the air, much to Spike's shock. Rex yelped and flailed about wildly and Spike barely reached out and caught the poor fellow. Harmony was desperately wiping at her face and sputtering incomprehensibly.

Spike held the trembling dog as Harmony glared at the animal. It had barfed all over her new clothes she'd literally killed for. It was beyond irritating. Here she was, trying to look good for Spikey and the dumb dog ruined her efforts. She sighed dramatically and made a show of just how soiled her top was. She opened her usual drawer and was puzzled when all of her clothes were gone.

"I threw it out, since you were gone and all. What's wrong with you woman! I don't want dead dog on the floor. It'd be a sore sight." Spike told her, deciding he might just have to kick her out. She was irritating him and he wasn't known for being patient or able to deal with her usual Harmony shenanigans.

"B-but Spikey didn't you miss me?" She asked with tears burning in her eyes. She didn't like rejection, especially from Spike. She tried so hard to impress him and he never even noticed.

"No," he stated simply. Rex began growling and squirming around when Harmony stepped close to Spike. "Harm, I think it would be best if you leave." She gaped at him incredulously. He was kicking her out again!

"Fine! I'll go find somebody who actually cares about me! You'll regret this!" She stomped upstairs, the sound of the door slamming echoed through Spike's crypt.

"About bloody time. Another second of that and I'd be cleaning dust up off of the floor," Spike told the dog, and then shook his head. Why was he talking to a dog? Spike figured he was finally starting to lose it. He needed to go kill something. Grabbing the leash and collar from his bag of dog supplies, he stuck a studded black collar on him and then connected the red leash to it.

"C'mon boy, let's go for a little walk." Spike walked out of his crypt, carrying Rex rather than having him walk. He was starting to like the mutt for some reason. Must've been him barfing all over Harmony. Whoever made her a vampire was a bloody idiot. He didn't understand the vamp's thought process. Shaking his head, he set Rex down once they exited the cemetery. The dog sniffed around happily as they kept walking. The little excursion was rather uneventful until they reached the park. Apparently it was ghouls' night out. There were demons out and about in droves. It looked like a helluva party. The one who seemed to be in charge of it had large horns jutting out of his head and Spike sighed. This must be the demon Buffy had been talking about. He glanced down at Rex who was sending a death glare towards the demons. Spike shrugged and rolled his shoulders, ready for a fight.

"Hey boys, mind if I join in?" Spike asked, knowing his reputation as a demon killer would be enough to send them at him, their fists flying. His hypothesis was proven correct seconds later when the group all whipped their heads towards him and growled, bearing fangs. Spike grinned, shook his head and bared his own fangs as his face morphed. Rex glanced at him curiously, but sat down where he was when Spike dropped the leash on the ground and leapt towards the demons in the park. Rex watched with interest as Spike sloppily punched the closest demon who was obviously the runt of the pack. The demon flew back into the group that was slowly approaching Spike.

He growled as one of the demons landed their own blow to his jaw. Another demon grabbed Spike by the duster and threw him to the ground. Reaching a pale hand up to his mouth, he felt blood coat his fingers. He licked off the blood and then shot to his feet. Grabbing the closest demon, he snarled and twisted its neck, causing a loud 'CRACK' to echo around them. Ignoring their fallen comrade, the two closest demons leapt on Spike and started pummeling him. After a decent beating, he shoved one of them off and into the others in the group. Pulling out a stake, Spike decided he might as well use it. It didn't just kill vampires.

Rather than try to stake the demon through the heart, he shoved it into its neck, and then he immediately yanked it out. The demon's eyes widened in shock as it clutched its neck. The fight between Spike all the other demons continued until there were four demons left, and an extremely tired and beat up vampire. Spike just couldn't keep up any more. He was on the ground getting the crap beaten out of him and the demons were chortling and kicking him in the ribs and stomach. He groaned, trying to get up, but was knocked back to the ground mere seconds after.

Fed up with his new owner being so injured, Rex growled. The demons glanced at the puppy and laughed even harder. One of them left Spike and kicked the puppy in the side. Rex let out a high-pitched yelp and was knocked aside. Now the pup was pissed. With an unearthly growl, he opened his mouth, spewing bright orange flames all over the demon. It screeched and swatted at his now flaming flesh. The others noticed this and directed their attention away from Spike. Gingerly getting up, he stared at the dog, shocked. He should have known he couldn't have ended up with a normal puppy. It had to be some weird hell beast.

While the demons were still distracted, Spike ignored the searing pain in his side and picked up his stake from where it had fallen to the ground. He grinned and shoved it into the back of the leader's head. Using all his rage, it easily penetrated the demon's thick skull and he nearly immediately fell over, dead. The two leftover demons stared at their fallen leader and then bolted. Sighing wearily, Spike sank to the ground. He was going to feel even worse in the morning. One of his eyes was almost swollen shut, the other had significant bruising. His ribs ached and at least two of them were cracked, making Spike grateful he didn't have to breathe.

As he assessed his wounds, Rex approached him and licked his hand. Since the dog had just saved his life, he smiled at the mutt. Spike reached his hand out to pet Rex, but groaned at the pain the movement caused. Rex nuzzled Spike's hand and then gently hopped in his lap, licking him. Spike sighed, pushing the dog's head aside so Rex wouldn't lick him, but he was resigned to letting the dog sit on him.

He didn't know how long they sat there, but Spike needed to tell the Slayer and her friends that the leader of the demons was dead, and he needed to figure out what Rex was. As if sensing his master wanted to get up, Rex eased off of the vampire and waited for him to stand. Spike hissed in pain, but was finally back on his feet after a few failed attempts. He gathered Rex in his arms and they slowly made their way to the Slayer. The tuckered out pooch settled into Spike's arms and quickly fell asleep, the exertion from breathing fire tiring him out. Spike shook his head, nothing on the bloody Hellmouth was normal.