Buffy snuggled further against Angel's broad chest. Her fingers traced the muscles of his abs. Slowly the vampire opened his eyes, and smiled when he saw her. "Morning" he whispered to the young blond Slayer curled against him. "Morning" she whispered back, and tilted her head to kiss him. He returned the kiss, light and chaste. She returned her head back to his chest, not wanting to move; afraid moving would lead to the inevitable 'him leaving' that was the typical pattern for the men she loved in her life.

"Comfortable?" he asked with a smile on his lips. "Shh. No talking. Words lead to conversations, which lead to discussions, which lead to arguments and those lead to you leaving." She hugged her arms tighter around his chest, as if her strength could keep him anchored to her forever. His arms snaked around her as he lowered his head and kissed her lightly on the head, "I'm not going anywhere, Lover." He told her, his tone conveyed all seriousness. "Hmm, Good. I plan on staying like this forever." She mumbled into his chest. "Forever." He agreed.

He ran his hands along her back, kneading the tense muscles and enticing a groan from her lips. His actions slowly began to ignite the burning passion within her, a moment later; she was straddling his abdomen, lips locked with his in a desirous kiss. Buffy's back sank into the soft mattress as he rolled atop her, his body pressing seductively against her. His kisses wandered, her lips, her breasts, down her stomach and finally back to her neck. "Angel!" she cried into his ear, her desire for him growing beyond his foreplay. He grinned into her neck and as he entered her, whispered "Thanks, Buff." Pleasure pushed all other thoughts but him aside in her mind, her hunger for him outweighing everything around her. "For what?" she managed to ask as he worked inside of her. His lips left a fevered trail against her neck, her heart hammered in her chest, nearly matching Angel's movements within her. "For shedding me of that rancid soul."

His words lingered for a moment in the air, blocked from her ears by the orgasm that that consumed her body. "Wha?" she tried to say, but her mind was jumbled. 'Did he just say, his soul was gone? But that would mean…o god…no…please no.'

Angel's face came into her line of sight, his lips red, too red. "No" she whispered as she gazed into the too cold eyes. They weren't Angel's eyes; his warm chocolate orbs were gone. "How? When? Why now?" she whispered, her strength sapped from blood she hadn't realized she'd lost. Angelus grinned down at her, his tongue licking her blood from his lips. "Been gone for hours now Buff." He leaned down to speak into her ear, his body keeping her pinned to the bed, "Rocked rat boy right outta this world."

Tears began to stream down her face; she felt violated. "GET AWAY FROM ME!" she screamed into his face, hate rising up, giving her strength. Rage wasn't enough, he merely laughed, "What's wrong lover, you liked what I was doing a second ago." He taunted her. She tried to throw him off of her, to punch that awful smile from his face, but his hands were clamped tightly on her wrists, his bulk crushing her down. "Don't struggle love, I'll only enjoy this more" he whispered into her ear. She felt his tongue lick at the fresh punctures on her neck, the wound Angel made reopened.

Buffy couldn't move; her head swam from both physical and emotional trauma. Her tears increased, it was all she could do, cry, cry and await her fate. "Shh, don't cry Beloved" He whispered into her ear. A second later, his lips returned to her neck, and he drank. 'I'm sorry Angel' she thought, and then darkness filled her vision.

Angelus bit into his own arm then placed the bleeding wound to Buffy's quivering lips. She tried to fight him, to seal her lips, to resist the darkness. She failed. He smiled down at the dying Slayer as she drank greedily from his arm, "Soon, you'll have your forever."