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Hayate woke the next day to the changing of his internal clock.

He didn't mind waking up, however. In fact, he was elated. Teeming with enthusiasm, he woke himself up and dressed in a matter of minutes. Today was another day he could earn his way out of debt. The last man smiling is the most diligent and honest one. He had a bit more faith in that belief since Ms. Nagi picked him off the street. He owed her his life.

Smiling, he walked downstairs and headed off towards the kitchen.

Something was wrong.

Maria was missing- Veronica Belle.

Hayate froze. Suddenly, the halls being obnoxiously clean made a bit more sense. The smell wafting from the kitchen indicated that she must have gotten up significantly earlier than Hayate and cleaned the house once over to boot.

Last night. Last night... Hayate vividly recalled Veronica's naked form approaching him aggressively. "Kiss me", she had said. He shivered. Perhaps it was best to avoid the kitchen? No, that wouldn't do. Mistress Nagi asked me to keep an eye out for her, so I intend to do just that.

He opened the door to the kitchen just a bit so that he could peer in at Veronica. She was dutifully working, as she should be.

Nothing was abnormal at all: no trace of fatigue, no impact from his presence in the room, no indication that she had attacked him in the nude last night.

At least, that's what he thought.

He turned to leave her be just before she spoke.

"Do you enjoy spying on maids, Hayate? I never expected something so naughty from a guy like you. But then again... given that there are only girls around here..." Veronica turned from the pancake batter and smirked at Hayate.

Hayate froze. He wasn't sure what to say. She had nearly assaulted him, so he should be angry or scared. But he was just unable to think as she glared into his eyes.

"So have you reconsidered? Feel free to waltz over here any time and make me yours."

"Why would you do that?" Hayate asked disjointedly. Some of the context was missing from his speech.

"What? Try to kiss you?" Hayate nodded, staring at her. It was possible, no, more than likely that Hayate was recalling what she looked like last night without her maid outfit on. "Well, obviously you're hot. You seem nice enough. But I don't understand the freak out."

Hayate looked to the side, any internal thoughts averted. "I am not sure Milady would appreciate me in such a relationship with any of her maids."

Veronica nodded. "That's noble bullshit."

"VERONICA!" A thunderous noise rumbled throughout the house.

Hayate and Veronica rushed to Nagi's bedroom.

Nagi looked at the door as it opened. She was angry, in two ways now. First, Veronica was not there to wake up in the morning. Second, Hayate and Veronica entered the room, together. That was unforgivable.

"What are you two doing coming into my room together?" Nagi bitterly queried.

"Well I was just, uh."

"Helping me cook breakfast. Is there a problem with that, Mistress Nagi?" Veronica completed for the floundering butler.

Nagi glared. Her blood pressure was noticeably rising. Veronica had been so friendly and genuine last night, Nagi couldn't assume that her maid was doing anything wrong with Hayate. But Hayate on the other hand... He was a boy, and boys cheated on girls in her manga.

Obviously Hayate would do the same, given the opportunity.

But, that was another matter. She couldn't be mad at Hayate either. For what would she do? Kick him out? No, he'd only get into more trouble.

She was angrier that Veronica hadn't stayed with her all last night. What if some ghost tried to throttle her in her sleep? She couldn't let herself die a virgin! She needed someone with her to prevent this fate from occurring.

"Why did you leave me last night?" She growled.

Hayate understood; Veronica was filling in for Maria in this sense.

"Well, I don't sleep at a regular time, so late last night, when you were asleep, I rolled out of bed and continued cleaning."

"That doesn't seem healthy," Hayate noted aloud, "that lack of sleep will kill you."

"Oh, I slept, just much later and for much less. I am a," Veronica looked into the distance. "Mistress Nagi, can... can I talk to you?"

"Aren't you now?" Lemon peels wished they could be as bitter.

"Alone?" She motioned with her eyes at Hayate.

Nagi furrowed her brow at her, curious.

"Hayate, can you finish breakfast? I have to have a word with this maid in private." Nagi's tone was bitter and relentless.

Hayate let loose a sigh of relief. Veronica might get canned, and his personal problems with her would be resolved.

"With pleasure Milady." Hayate bowed and darted off to the kitchen. Both girls followed him with their eyes.

The moment the door closed Veronica focused her attention on the young heiress.

"Mistress Nagi, while I apologize for leaving you in your sleep, I feel that you are failing to see the potential of the situation." Veronica explained.

"What are you talking about?" Nagi wasn't sold.

"I read up on you a little bit before I came here, and I know you are very afraid of the dark." Nagi was about to protest, "regardless, you have to share your bed with someone."

Nagi tried not to look down sheepishly.

"If not me, then who?" There was only one other person save the chief butler whom we don't care about anymore.

Nagi's head rose to eye level as she began to blush.

Veronica, just for the slightest, infinitesimal sliver of time, smirked. "I would prefer not to. I can work, given that I require less sleep than most people, and have some personal rituals that are best kept to my private life when it comes to sleeping. Besides, I just met you, and I hardly know you.

"Hayate, on the other hand." Nagi's blush extended throughout her whole face as fantasies swirled in her head, "You've known him for a long time, and you were talking about this so much last night..."

"Ha-Hayate sleeps... with me?" This was too sudden. "I-I don't know. What if he doesn't..."

"Mistress Nagi!" Veronica cried out, hugging the girl gently, "He hasn't left yet, has he? Maybe this will be a great time to discuss your internal problems with one another, particularly your problems with him. I mean, after a wild night of-"

"DON'T SAY THAT SO FREELY!" Nagi screamed, turning tomato-red and falling to the floor.

"Even so, you don't have to have sex."

"But... He's going to be sleeping with me!" She shrilly shrieked.

"Nagi." Veronica addressed her informally, "You are ready in here," she poked her head, "and here" she poked her left breast, her heart.

Nagi pondered. This was a life changing decision. If she let Hayate into her bed, while she was asleep, even if they didn't have sex, there was still the possibility that he could take advantage of her. She would be defenseless against him. Everything about her, sacred and non, would be breakable before him. Could she really live with herself if he took her? No, probably not.

But she thought harder. If anyone, then who? Hayate... Her mouth quavered as she said it but she said it all the same. "Ok. I'll have him sleep with me."

Veronica smiled openly, "Mistress, you won't regret this decision. Not in the slightest."

Nagi sat on her bed, gently gripping at it. She fell onto her back and grabbed a pillow. "Oh crap! I'm going to sleep with him!"

"You don't have to if you're scared of-"

"I'M NOT SCARED! It's just..." She had already cornered herself into this hole. She wanted to, but she was definitely scared too. This is no time to back out. You've been dating for nearly a year and a half. It is time to take this to the next level. She looked at herself, smelled herself, and then became worried. "Veronica! Yesterday you said something about taking me shopping to buy perfumes that made me smell like a woman!" She spoke with dazzlingly quick eloquence, "can we go now?"


"Yeah, right after breakfast."

"I guess so. Oh! You want to look sexy for your first-"

"STOP! Don't say a word." Nagi demanded.

"As you wish Mistress Nagi." Veronica smiled gaudily for her, and turned for the first time since she began her private chat. "May I finish helping Hayate cook your breakfast?"

"Yes, I'll get dressed myself." Nagi shooed her away, leaving herself alone with her fantasies about Hayate and herself, together, alone, later that night.

Veronica grinned until she left the room, shutting the door behind her.

The moment the door closed, her composure melted into something angry or exhausted. She let loose an inaudible sigh, patted her skirt down, and regained herself, grinning wickedly as she set off after Hayate.

Hayate had the pancakes prepared by the time Veronica entered the room.

Immediately, he was filled with a sense of thrill and dread. Of course, having Veronica act the way she did was flattering, but it terrified him to think how Nagi would act if ever she saw Veronica coming on to him the way she did.

Veronica looked at him as she entered, blinked twice, and asked "Well?"

Hayate just stood and stared.

"You're a moron." She concluded, sitting on a stool.

"How?" Hayate questioned, confused.

"Well, you don't know a thing about how to treat a woman right."

"What do you mean I don't know how to treat a woman right?" Hayate asked, cross.

"What do you mean; 'I don't know how to treat a woman right?'" Nagi growled.

Hayate looked up, panicked. Veronica didn't look so scared. "Oh, just chatting about certain things." She winked in Nagi's direction, which seemed to ease the tension in the room.

Nagi looked at Hayate, how he was confused and unaware, and then at Veronica, with her calm collected face, soothed her tumultuous emotions, if but a bit.

"Hayate, is breakfast done cooking?" Nagi snapped.

"Of course Milady." Hayate explained confidently.

"Good, then let's eat. We're going shopping today."

"We- we are?" Hayate questioned.

"Yes. We need to go clothes shopping." Nagi admitted openly.

"Mistress Nagi," Veronica looked at her with a touch of distress, "Do you honestly want Hayate there while you shop?"

Nagi paused. Oh my gosh... she's right. Hayate can't be next to me! He can't know I'm buying clothes for tonight! He can't see me before... before we... Her face turn red as fantasies filled her mind.

"Well, no. Hayate..." Nagi looked down.

"Do you want me to remain here?" Hayate offered.

"No... well... uh... maybe. You should go shopping for groceries so you'll be in the area if I need you." Nagi demanded.

Hayate didn't need to be told twice. "Of course Milady." Hayate agreed, pulling Nagi's usual seat at the table for her to sit down, a platter of pancakes before her.

Nagi flashed a smile, then let her face become devoid of emotion as she pondered through her breakfast.

As Hayate sat across from her, he watched intently. Fruit had been mixed in with some of the small pancakes that Nagi was eating, and he was determined to see how many he could trick her into eating before she noticed.

Veronica, he noted, was not eating.

"Ms. Veronica," Hayate felt that his pancakes would go wasted if she didn't participate in breakfast.

"Yes Hayate?" Veronica gazed over at him, standing a few feet to the side of Nagi.

"Why won't you eat breakfast with us?" He asked sincerely.

Nagi watched with Hayate as something in Veronica's normally cool and collected demeanor broke. Some strange, unseen threshold had just been passed.

"I-Uh-Well- You see..." Veronica stammered for the right words, then froze, smiled casually, and sat down a seat away from Nagi. "Why not?"

Veronica delicately handled two small disks onto her plate, slathered syrup on them, and cut gently through the food. Slowly, she ate her pancakes bite by bite, and finished around the same time Hayate and Nagi had together eaten over ten.

"Milady," Hayate asked, "what precisely do we need from the grocery store?"

"Ugh, this was Maria's job..." A moment of silence followed, "Oh, I don't know, go get something you think I'll like."

Hayate pondered as he gathered up the plates to take back to the kitchen.

"Mistress Nagi," Veronica's mouth quivered ever so slightly,

Nagi looked at her expectantly to finish her sentence.

"May I use the restroom before we go?"

"Of course." Nagi rolled her eyes, what a stupid question.

Veronica disappeared without a second thought.

Once in the bathroom furthest from the duo, she locked the door securely, and knelt over the porcelain waste-remover. She opened her mouth as wide as she could and gripped the ends of the bowl to support herself. Slowly, the two pancakes that had been partially chewed, and curiously not digested, reappeared in her mouth, exiting into the toilet.

"Dad better pay me damn well for this." She grumbled, wiping the syrup from her delicate lips, completely unfazed by the regurgitation. "This masquerade is getting tiresome fast... I better stay away from that food... Who knows what it could've damaged if it stayed in there for too much longer..."

Sighing, she patted her skirt down once more, looked at herself in the mirror, put on a fake smile, and exited as cheerfully as she could muster, leaving with the duo shortly thereafter.

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