Besides most emotions, Sherlock Holmes seems to be willing to do anything to relieve boredom. It's almost as if he fears it in some way as he will spiral into a desperate mind-set if relief is not provided quickly. Here is (a stylized version of?) what I see it being like for him.

I've decided to insert a little puzzle: I've put a hidden reference in here to honour Martin Freeman as I don't seem to write much about Watson. It is not related to Sherlock but has to do with work he did a few years ago. I will give a hint in my next story and the story after that will give the answer in the footnotes, if you think you know either review or PM me. (If you put it in the reviews, please also review the story)

Actually, the answer is remarkably relevant to this story in a weird way…I'll pretend that was on purpose…



Huddled figure nestled on the sofa

Cocooned in mellow stillness

He feels it

The burning numbness

The paralyzing movement

The blinding darkness

Sapphire eyes peer into nothing

A void

A vacuum

It approaches smoothly

Gliding on wings of blandness

Always on the horizon

Yet traveling ever nearer

All too soon it is at the door

Invading his mind, even his palace cannot defend

Streaming through the windows

Wriggling into niches

Blocking the exits

Silent as smoke, equally toxic

Engulfing his being

Laughing, mocking, jeering, screeching, howling


Deafening silence

He is suspended by nothing


Ruler of the kingdom of Empty

Minutes, hours, days, nights


He shifts slightly

A crimson glow erupts through the nothing

Measurements of perception



He is swallowed once more

Heavy with the burden of eternity

Mentally convulsing from the agony

Of boredom

"Noting will come of nothing" ~King Lear I.I.92

AN: I understand that King Lear quote has been taken out of context to fit this and I hope it pleases you all and does not upset anyone too much. Would feedback be too much to ask?