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The Flock Goes Greek

Chap. 1: Introduction and Welcome to Camp Half-Blood

Max's p.o.v.

Hello I'm Maximum Ride; Max for short. My flock and I have just finished rescuing the adorable mind-reading, 6 year old Angel from the 'school' in Death Valley, California. Charming, right?

"Awe you think I'm adorable." Angel said flying up beside me and innocently batted her eyelashes.

Like I said 2 paragraphs ago; mind-reading.

"Max, I'm tired!" Nudge pouted, "Hey… we're in New York! Can we go shopping? Can we get hotdogs? Ooh! Can we go to the Empire State Building? C…" Her tiredness obviously forgotten I just droned her out. Nudge is the Nudge Channel, all Nudge all the time. The motor mouth 11 year old eventually and gladly ran out of breath.

I was however feeling a bit tired and spotted a grove of trees on what was it called… Oh yeah!

"Long Island 3 o'clock! Let's make 'camp'." I yelled behind me. Fang flew down in front because he's just too cool. I flew closely behind him with others following. When we landed there I said, "Pick a tree and pass out, Ig is first shift." Everyone did just that.

Percy's p.o.v.

I was asleep having a non-dreamy night when someone knocked on the door. If I might add quite rudely.

"Yes?" I asked poking my head out the door.

"I just saw strange bird-like things land in the trees! Right inside camp borders!" Annabeth yelled panicked. 'inside' I thought, 'impossible!' Only demi-gods can come in.

"Chiron and Clarisse are headed over now!" She explained.

"Wait a minute here or there?" I asked.

"There!" Annabeth exclaimed, "Come on!" She then ran off. I changed into one of my orange camp half-blood t-shirts and a pair of jeans. I than grabbed my pen a.k.a. deadly sword 'Riptide', than I also ran off too. When I got there; I didn't see birds… I saw 6 kids sleeping in… trees? (A/N: Percy and any other camper his age is 15) A brunette who looked about the same age as me. 2 boys also around my age; 1 with jet black hair and the other a more strawberry-blonde color. An African-American child with dark brunette colored hair and she looked about 12. A maybe 9 year old boy with blonde hair. Lastly an about 8 maybe? Year old girl with blonde ringlets that looked related to the 9 year old boy. (A/N: The MR cast looks older and taller than normal remember?) I wondered two things:

How did they get up there?

Were they monsters?

"There's only one way to find out." Chiron said as if reading my mind.

"Wait for them to wake up." Peace maker with a knife a.k.a. Annabeth said. (A/N: Doesn't really go together huh. ^^)

"Or…" Clarisse started. She walked to the center of the grove of trees and screamed at the top of her lungs, "wake up tree kids!" It was so loud Annabeth, Chiron and I put our hands up to our ears and all the birds decided to migrate early. Immediately though the bird kids fell out of the trees.

Max's p.o.v.

I heard someone yell, "Wake up tree kids!" So like any winged kid; I fell out of the tree. I saw that the rest of the flock also fell out of their trees. Yes that includes Mr. Strong and Silent. I looked up to see 3 kids and a… horse? No; a man? A horse/man?

"I didn't mean it like that Clarisse." The horse/man said.

"Whatever." The brunette, I'm guessing Clarisse replied grunting. A blonde walked up to me and asked, "Who are you?"

"Who are you?" was my response.

"I asked you first!"

"You're so childish" I retorted. I began to smirk at her angry look. It was the same look the dead but not dead Jeb Bachelor gives when he's annoyed. That's a long story.

"Annabeth Chase." Blondie said with cold grey eyes, "How did you get here?"

"Not even gonna wait until I say my name, just sad." I said shaking my head.

"Just answer the question!" Clarisse yelled at me.

"How'd we get here huh? Quite easily, we flew" I stated too tired to lie. 'Max it's okay, we can trust them' Angel said… well thought to me. 'You sure?' I thought back. 'Yes. They have good in them. However I don't know what a Demi-god is.' She answered.

"What the heck is a Demi-god?" I asked. Annabeth furrowed her eyebrows obviously not expecting that.

"Half-god, Half-human." A boy with black hair said, "To be inside camp grounds you have to be a Half-blood which is the same thing as a demi-god or you have to have permission. But since you don't seem to know anyone here and don't have manners what so ever, I'm guessing that you're the second one." I glared trying to shut him up but he just continues, "I'm Percy Jackson-son of Poseidon, Annabeth- daughter of Athena, grouchy is Clarisse-daughter of Ares, makes perfect sense and the horse-dude is Chiron, a camp instructor and well a centaur. Welcome to Camp Half-Blood." He gestured towards 13 cabins. I have to admit I was surprised… I didn't know we had started walking.

"Well spit it out! Who are you guys?" Grouchy Clarisse didn't ask of course but demanded.

I sighed but then began the introduction, "Sorry for the late intro but… I'm Maximum Ride or Max, Fang is mister silent. Iggy or Ig is umm… blind. Nudge is the motor mouth. The Gasman a.k.a. Gazzy, uh… don't ask. Last but not least is his sister Angel. Ages in order are 14, 14, 14, 11, 8, and 6. Anything else? Oh yeah! We have wings." I concluded un-folding my wings.

"Oh my gods." A shocked Annabeth said.

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