So uh… This story is now up for adoption, as I have little to no idea with as to where this story is going.

If you would like to adopt it then follow the following instructions… that felt slightly redundant. Okay I am seriously getting off topic here, FOCUS! I am so so sorry; it has been a while since I have been on this site…

So if you would like to adopt this story (okay, how many times have I said that?) then you will need to PM me with a basic summary of where you would take the story. In a couple weeks I will post another update here saying who can continue the story. If I do let you continue the story then please give credit to me.

I apologize to anyone who sent in an OC if they get into the story will be up to the author who adopted it.

I hope someone does want to adopt it, if not by April I will just delete this story.

Oh and to any The Alliance readers, I am still working on that. My computer broke (as in into pieces) so now I have to start over. At least I can use google drive now… which also eliminates any excuse for not being able to write… crap (I'd use a stronger word but I just realized what this story is rated… no cursing)