Hey! So, just finished Son of Neptune yesterday. Total epicness. In celebration, decided to give a crack at my own version of Mark of Athena! :D I'm just improvising and wildly guessing at how the real MoA, coming out Fall 2012 btw, is going to be like. Well, that's all! Tell me what you think of chapter 1! xD

Disclaimer: Nope, characters and series belong to Rick Riordan, brah.

Reunion; Percy

Percy finally had his arms around Annabeth for the first time in what felt like forever. Her blonde curls tickled his face, but he didn't mind. It'd been a long day.

His back was still sore from when Annabeth had full-on tackled him to the floor, the minute she sprang off of the Argo II.

"Remember me, seaweed brain?" she laughed.

"You were one of the few things I remembered," replied Percy.

After Annabeth, three other demigods filed out of of the warcraft. One was beautiful, almost as pretty as Annabeth, with chocolate brown hair and blue eyes...or were they green? Now they just looked brown! Percy came to the conclusion they were multicolored.

"Hi, I'm Piper, daughter of Aphrodite," she smiled. That explained her good looks.

Following her was a tan, curly-haired boy with a baby face, similar to Frank's. That must've been Leo, the kid whose video scroll he'd received from Ella, a harpy, hours before. Behind him, Percy could hear Hazel, one of his new best friends he'd made at Camp Jupiter, softly gasp.

At the sight of the other Roman campers, armed and eying the Greek demigods skeptically, Leo's face showed panic.

"Whoa! I'm guessing you didn't get my video telling you guys we come in peace?" he said, putting his hands up. Leo strolled up to Percy and stuck out his hand.

"'Sup, I'm Leo, son of Hephaestus! Manipulator of fire and fixer of many things, you may call me Captain-"

"Repair boy!" chimed in Piper. Leo stuck his tongue out at her and muttered the words "beauty queen."

Hazel broke out of Frank Zhang's grasp and tentatively walked toward him.

"You look just like... What's your last name?" Hazel asked, somewhat demandingly.

"Uh...Valdez," Leo quizzically responded.

Hazel made the face she usually did before her blackouts and stumbled away, Frank frantically chasing after her.

"Erm... those were my two friends, Hazel, daughter of Pluto, and Frank, son of Mars," Percy nervously chuckled, peering into the direction that the two ran off in.

The last demigod to come out of the Argo approached Percy. He had blonde, short hair and stormy blue eyes reminding him of...

"Thalia. That's her brother," said Annabeth.

The guy had this powerful aura to him, very electric... Well, if Thalia was Zeus's daughter and he was her brother, that made him a son of Zeus, Percy thought.

"Jason. Jason Grace, son of Jupiter, and your cousin. Sort of," he added, giving Percy a solemn but friendly nod.

"Jupiter? So you're Roman? But Thalia's Greek," Percy wondered aloud.

"Long story," laughed Jason. "Zeus met my mother when he was in his Roman form-"

"Jason!" cried a voice, belonging to Reyna, the stern and mature daughter of Bellona. She was also a praetor.

Percy saw that quick sparkle of joy in her eyes, the same look she'd given him after he brought her sister, and Amazon queen, Hylla to Camp Jupiter. Reyna regained her composure and shook his hand.

"Reyna, long time no see," grinned Jason. Reyna was obviously blushing. Glancing at Piper, Percy could see the surprise and curiosity in her face, with an edge of jealousy. Piper's fingers sped up as she fiddled with her hair a bit more aggressively.

"Well, then. Jason, son of Jupiter, has returned!" Reyna declared. The Roman campers cheered, becoming slightly at ease. Their grips on their weapons loosened.

"And I think it's safe to say that these Greek demigods are no threat," Reyna said, after a long afterthought. Octavian muttered the word "graecus" as he passed by Percy.

"So... Not to be forward, but I haven't eaten since 11," Leo nonchalantly yawned.

"Oh, of course. I guess a feast is in order to welcome our guests!" smiled Reyna, still looking at Jason.

Percy, whose arm was slung over Annabeth's shoulder, followed the crowd to the mess-hall. He was going to forget the fate of the world and the rising of Gaea, just for this one moment.