Chapter 2

Deadpool was running.

Hey why are we running?

"Yellow boxes? Where did the writer go?"

I gutted him. He took way too long to update, why are we running?

"Little girls and older woman chasing us" Deadpool as panting heavily as he ran while speaking to himself.



%$#&ing writer

Deadpool ducked down an alley, he could still hear the shrill screams of the mob behind him. Dropping the body to the floor he kneeled oversucking in lungful's of air.

Who's the stiff, we kill someone?

"No, opposite" Deadpool picked up the unconscious body and threw it over his other shoulder. He looked to the buildings on either side. His eyes scanning the skyline. The mob was getting closer.

Oh hey isn't that?

Sometime time before the time the above events transpired

Life had been worse than usual for Deadpool after the Steph killing. At first he had enjoyed all the attention. The fan mail, the groupies the tons of parties he had been invited too. Sure there had death threats but he was used to that. There had also been a few crazies but Deadpool liked having the insane around it made him feel just that bit more sane. It was all good until missycullen142 entered the picture. The president of the New York Twilight club or Overmother of the Twilight chapter in New York as they preferred to be known. She had emailed him a warning.

-gona gt u dp no who u is wat u do WAT U DID 2 HER gona gt u-

'Pool had scoffed at the threat replying

-Sorry wrong number-

What was one little teen Overmother of a fan club do to him. Unfortunately he would soon find out.

The first contract he wrote off as a freak incident, some girl running in and blocking his only shot at the target. Then it happened twice more, two different girls warning his marks as if they knew about 'Pools contract. The penny finally dropped during a contract to take out a Jersey Shore cast member. A woman had jumped in front of the bullet just in time to save Snooki. When Deadpool rolled over the woman she spat in his face shouting "Cullen forever I go with the Overmothers blessing" before bleeding out. In her pocket he found a membership card to the New York Twilight chapter.

They got braver once they knew he was on to them. Started calling him up on fake contracts. Luring him to public places then openly mocking him. If only they knew who they were dealing with. The young ones he couldn't kill but he cut up their hair, left them stranded on rooftops really whatever he could come up with. The woman however, the over hormonal soccer moms who read twilight with one hand, he made examples of them. Eventually 'Pool grew tired eventually and they never stopped. It was strange they all shouted threats about the Overmother and they almost seemed happy to die. He was tired they had screwed up his contracts and now people would not hire him. None of the woman had given up the address of the chapterhouse no matter how much of their guts he spilled. Eventually 'Pool just Goggled it.

'Pool now stood outside the gates of the chapterhouse a classy uptown apartment complex.

"Allright missycullen142,time to play"