Rock stiffly walked into the meeting room, he instantly looked at Meyla who sat next to Steve, he looked at Huji who stood up to greet his presence. "Rock, whilst you and Meyla were unconscious, we had a few visitors here, you may know them." She indicated to some men standing there, they wore combats, they were obviously soldiers from the WWFE. He looked closer at their faces and recognised them. He grinned at them as they walked over and hugged him.

"Hey man, how are ya?" Austin asked, he hasn't changed, he grinned a big grin at his friend. He looked at the other men, Triple H, Kurt Angle, and Shane Macmahon. "I thought you guys were dead..." Rock stuttered, the men shook their heads sadly and Shane said, "We've too received the injection my father funded. We were all sent to different sections of the WWFE so we would never knew the others would have existed." "And it's a big place." Kurt grinned.

"What are you doing here?" Rock asked, he looked around at the small group. "We come to help you in your fight against the corporations, they ruined our lives we ruin theirs." Triple H replied. The group nodded with agreement.

"If my father was still alive, I would kill him..." Shane scowled. Huji coughed, gaining their attention, the men looked at the old woman as she stepped into the centre of the circle. "Smith wishes to invite you all to his wedding tomorrow." She said, the crowd broke out into cheers and congratulations were shouted at Smith and his blushing bride. Rock clapped with the rest of them, something made him look at Meyla, he stared into her emerald green eyes. He couldn't shake off that feeling he had since they met in each other's minds.

Rock sat with his reunited friends in a room, they laughed rowdily playing cards. Rock and the tribe have learnt that words have spread over the corporations that Meyla and himself are wanted people and will be shot on sight. Rock's old wrestling chums weren't the only visitors to arrive, several hundred more arrived as well. The word was on the street that a rebellion was to come and they came to join sides against the corporation. He looked at his hand of cards and looked past Austin at Meyla who walked in. "Can I play?" She asked.

"Believe me you wouldn't." Rock said, his friends sniggered as Meyla raised her eyebrow.

Rock showed her his hand, on the cards was naked women.

"Very tasty..." Meyla said, ignoring the men laughing, Rock smiled and patted the ground next to him, "Sit down, make yourself comfortable." Meyla seated herself and took part in the game, despite the rude cards. Rock held out his hand and together they planned their next moves. Meyla enjoyed herself, she laughed and joked with the men. Soon Meyla asked a question, "What is being immortal like?" Silence, the men looked saddened and the mood was sombre. Rock spoke first, "It's not nice, seeing everyone you know die around you of old age, and it's the loneliness that's a killer." The men nodded with agreement Meyla looked at each of their faces, these were trained killers, but she remembered they were ordinary people who once wrestled for a living. "I shouldn't tell you this but there's a document we're trying to translate and we believe it contains the cure for your immortality."

The men looked at her with amazement; their mouths hung open as they looked at each other with disbelief.

"What?! We were told there was no cure!" Austin gasped, Meyla nodded and said, "Steve recognised the logo on the document, it was the old WWF logo but the letters we can't encrypt it is written in some sort of code we have no knowledge about..."

The men's faces fell, "So close yet so far..." Kurt said, Rock looked at Meyla and said, "Thank you, at least we know there is hope..." away from the group he reached out and rested his hand on hers and gave a little smile. She gave a small nod and got up, "Good night guys..." she said, they waved her good night as she left, and looked sorrowfully into the fire. "Do you think we can win this war?" Shane asked, breaking the silence.

"I hope so..." Hunter replied, Rock looked at them angrily, "What do you mean 'hope'? We will win!" he burst out, his friends looked at him for a moment then Shane nodded, "We will my friend, we will..."