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The group ventured out into the desert, they looked deep into the sand most of the day, soon moral was low and arguments broke out. Rock and Meyla stood there; they wore what the tribes wore, turbans and shawls round their combats. Meyla shook her head as she watched the group argue, she sipped the water bottle and handed it to Rock, he sighed and said, "I don't think we'll be getting much more out of them…" Meyla turned at look at him and blinked, she started gibbering as she saw it moving silently towards the. Rock looked at her and looked behind him he looked at the wall of sand, swirling towards them the roar getting louder. "Run!" he yelled, grabbing Meyla's hand and running towards some cliffs, the whole group yelling and screaming with fear as the sand storm washed over them, wind howling and roaring. Blindly, Rock found a small opening and pulled Meyla in with him, they pulled the turbans over their faces, feeling hot as they roar deafened them. For along time, they sat crouched up against each other, sand building up against their bodies. Soon the storm subsided and they stirred. Meyla coughed the sand from her mouth, she clawed at the sand that scratched her skin, Rock grunted next to her as they dug their way out, they squinted in the harsh sunlight and looked around, the landscape had changed, the familiar dunes have been moulded into new, strange shapes. They weren't alone, nearly all of the group have survived, only three died. The bodies laid submerged from the sand. Meyla felt a sob rise in her throat, she killed three men! She looked at their bodies and was attracted to something reflecting, she started running, ignoring the shouts behind her, dropping to her knees she started digging, revealing glass windows and metal. By the time the group surrounded her, she have dug away the sand to reveal a vehicle door.

"Well I'll be damned!" Smith gasped. Soon, nearly all the vehicles have been dug up, amongst them were five tanks. Meyla looked at them as Rock walked onto it's turret to figure out how it work it. "Any ideas?" she called out. She watched a little boy named Scrat, son of Huji's son, jump into the cockpit with Rock. "They say it's so easy to operate even a child could do it…fat chance!" Rock replied, at that moment the engines roared as Scrat chuckled with glee. Rock grinned and turned it off and pulled the boy out. Meyla grinned and walked towards the group, she frowned when an injured man limped towards them at his fastest speed and yelled, "Hellirems! Run!"

"Shit!" Rock called out, Hellirems were small spider like objects that fly at fast speeds, they kill people by injecting them with a deadly virus. He sure didn't wish to fall victim to one of them.

He saw their small silver bodies flying through the air towards the scattered group. He ducked as one narrowly missed him, they flew past as the group flung themselves onto the floor. They laid there still, sure that they were gone, and the group got up. Meyla walked towards Rock as he got up. He saw a sleek silver bullet heading towards her as she walked, unaware towards him. "Meyla!" he shouted, too late the hellirem found her and shot her in the back, she screamed as she fell, the poison already spreading round her body. She slumped unconsciously onto the floor as Rock ran up to her. No! This shouldn't be happening he thought as he tried to revive her, he looked down at her sickly looking face and realised, perhaps it was too late.

Rock looked at the unconscious body of Meyla, lay out and dressed in a robe. Huji looked on sadly, they did all they could. He remembered something and pulled out a small hand held device from his back pack, he looked at it and sighed. Steve walked over to him and said, "Is that what I think it is?" Rock nodded, Smith looked at him and said, "What is it?"

"It's a remersance stone, what I have to do is enter her…" Rock said, Smith looked at him strangely, "not in that kind of way! In her mind! Though its dangerous to the user as it drains them."

"And only you can do it…" Steve said, Rock looked at him and nodded, he was right. He breathed out and knelt next to Meyla, she was scarcely breathing; he held the stone in his hand as he placed another hand on Meyla's forehead. He blocked out all thoughts and felt himself being sucked into a dark vortex.

Meyla could here whispers around her as she ran down the dark maze, lost and confused, pain searing through her body. She felt someone with her, she turned to see Rock standing there he looked at her as she backed away. What was he doing here? She could feel her blood freeze as she started to run. He was a killer, she could never trust him. She ran but he caught up with her, "Meyla…" he said softly.

"No!" She screamed as she pulled away from him, "What are you doing here?" she yelled, feeling her blood boil, "I'm trying to save you…" he said, she shook her head and lunged at him. He disappeared, he could feel everything swirl around him, and he could see an image ahead of him. He looked and realised he could see her deepest thoughts, her dreams as well as her fears. He could see Meyla with a man in bed, making love. He looked closer and realised that the man was him, it dawned on him that she must really hate him, her worst fear in front of him. He could see other memories in front of him, Meyla talking to him, Meyla laughing with him, Meyla hating him. He felt a pain ripping through his limbs as if he was being torn apart. He screamed and fell into darkness.

Meyla felt the pain in her body subside, she stirred as she awoke. She lay alone in a room, she sat up and looked around, her last memory was of Rock he was with her in her mind but now he was gone and she was alone. She climbed out of bed and limped down the stairs, she walked into the main room. Huji looked up and ran over to assist her. "Where's Rock?" Meyla asked, her mind was scrambled, she needed to see him. "He's been separated from you, it'll be dangerous for you to see him…" Huji said, "Why?" Meyla asked.

"During the connection, you two formed a strong bond between you. This can kill you. Your minds are one right now…he'll be fine." Huji said, Meyla could feel pain tearing through her body, she could hear Rock's cries of agony in her ears. She knew he needed help and ran up the stairs to find him. She flung open the door. Steve stood up and started yelling at her to leave but she ignored him, her eyes focused on Rock's body. He lay there unconscious. She knelt next to him and placed her hand on his head, "Dwayne" she murmured. She could hear his screams of pain as she closed her eyes and focused on his voice. She found herself standing in front of Rock; he looked at her as he moved closer. "What are you doing here?" he asked. Meyla hushed him and said, "I know this can kill us but I need to know that you'll be there for me?" He looked at her strangely and nodded, "You know I will…" he said. "But there's one thing I must ask you…why are you so afraid of me?" Meyla looked ashamed, "I guess it takes time of me to see you for who you are…what made you ask?"

"I've seen your fears, that you and I will become something more…" he quietly said, she looked at him and shook her head, "No, you're wrong, that's one of my dreams, my fantasies, not my fear." She gave him a little smile and shrugged embarrassed that he knows her fantasies. He moved closer and leaned forward, "You got to learn to trust me…" he whispered. "I know…and I do." She whispered back, he tilted her face to look up at him and kissed her softly, she felt herself melt into his arms…

Rock bolted upright from his bed, he looked down at Meyla who sat next to him, she looked up at him. Her eyes wide as she breathed in deeply. Steve rushed over and looked at them. "Are you ok?" he said. Rock breathed out heavily and said, "We're fine, can you leave us for a minute?"

Steve and Huji left them, she looked up at him as he closed his eyes and swallowed, and he tried to moisten his dry mouth. "Are you alright?" Meyla asked softly, he nodded and opened his eyes. "Thank you…" he said and hugged her, she felt his warm chest against her cheek. "You did the same…" she replied. He looked down at her and said, "Did what just happened, happen?"

She nodded and sighed; he looked around the room and said, "What happens now?"

"Let time do its job…" She said, standing up, she looked at him and walked out the room. He placed a finger on his lips that was all too real.