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Storm Chaser


"Mom…there's something wrong with me.", Kim Possible's voice hitched as she spoke to her mother over the Kimmunicator.

"What do you mean honey?", Anne asked her nervously stammering daughter.

"I'm having dreams…ferociously bad dreams…since graduation and they've been getting worse. It's getting so that I'm afraid to go to sleep."

Trying to reassure her daughter, "It's no wonder Kimmie; you were almost taken by those…things. It would be normal to feel that way. If it hadn't been for your Father and Shego coming to get you…."

"Mom…Daddy didn't go with Shego to get me…Sigh Ronnie did…And he asked me not to say anything."

"And I'm just hearing this now?", Anne said incredulously, "Why didn't your Father say anything about that to me? And why didn't you until now?"

"I made a promise to Ron after this all ended…and he also told me the 'Shego and me kicking the aliens' butts story' too. And I saw him saying to something to Daddy right after we finished with the ceremony…..Ron was glowing blue just like he was when he killed Warmonga and Warhok, but Daddy never said anything about it to me afterward.", Kim expelled a frustrated breath as she recounted something to her Mother which went against 'common knowledge' of that day.

"I mean, I never saw Ron actually take on Warhok and Warmonga…just at the very end...when he tossed them into their ship up in the sky. The rest comes to me at night…in bits and pieces…when I'm sleeping.", Kim shakily explained.

A bit overwhelmed over what Kim was talking about, Anne interjected on what was, to her, a crucial point, "Well, maybe Ron had his reasons for what he wanted us to know, but like I said honey it was a very traumatic thing that happened…."

"Not for me Mom, remember I'm Kim Possible the girl who can do anything.", Kim reminded her Mother of how most of the rest of humanity saw the teen.

"Then what is the problem honey?"

"I can't focus at all. When I sleep I dream about that day, but it becomes a nightmare where I hear Warhok say he and Warmonga came to Earth just to kill me…I see Ron killing those aliens instead of what the world was told…that Shego and me beat them and made them leave…and that they died when their failing ship crashed.", Kim said hollowly.

Now, firing off in rapid staccato, "But the difference is that it doesn't seem like this is one of my dreams…or nightmares, instead it's like someone else has placed that dream into my mind instead of my own dreams. And it's driving me crazy!"

Then her breathing rapid and shallow, "In my nightmare I can 'see' me being held up as a trophy…", now disjointed and frantic, "And..and..I can 'hear' them crowing about how the invasion's nothing more than a ruse…just for the purpose of killing me and hanging my spine on a wall…Then I 'see' me being tossed aside…and..Ron takes them on…and he beats them… and..and…he tosses them into their spaceship, killing them…In the 'explosion', I wake up curled up in a corner covered in cold sweat…crying my eyes out.", hysteria now pouring through the connection.

Anne, torn between reacting to this new information from that day, and comforting her daughter, cut in, "Kimmie, it's…normal..to dream about things like this, it was a very traumatic event for you. You almost died that day."

"Yeah, but I was unable to beat them..and..I..almost had my spine ripped out and…and..mounted for Warmonga's trophy case…Mom..I almost died…", Kim's voice trailed off in despair. "And I was unable to do anything about it..Me Mom, someone who wasn't what Ronnie always saw in me, the girl who could do anything.", before she started crying again.

Now wailing pitifully, "I couldn't do anything!", sobbing uncontrollably for a few minutes.

Cautiously, as Kim's sobs subsided, "Kimmie, do you want me to bring you back home? I can have Ronald come and get you in the Sloth.", Anne asked her daughter.

Hysterical, "No!...No don't tell Ron! You can't tell him, Mom! He was so amped about me going and chasing my dreams, he'll see his girlfriend as being weak, a failure. I can't come home to him that way. He'll see me as less than what I've always been in his eyes.", Kim panted, "The best guy in the world needs a fitting girlfriend…. He wants me to succeed Mom.. And I can't fail Mom, I just can't."

"Get a hold of yourself honey; I don't think that Ronald would ever think of you that way."

"I'm trying Mom, I'm really trying..But I need to be what Ron sees in me, so I'm doing something I've almost never done..I'm getting help.", the voice whimpered weakly on the other end, "I'm going to meet with a counselor this week, I'll let you know what she says, but promise me that Ronnie won't find out…Please."

Sigh, "Alright Kim it's against my better judgment, but I'm going to tell your Father about all of this, or I'm coming over there myself. And I will bring you home.", Anne threatened.

"I promise, but make sure that Ron doesn't ever find out. He can't see me this way.", her sobs starting to break through her failing resolve.

"Ronald won't care, he loves you Kimmie.", Anne reminded her daughter again.

"I know he does, but he can't see me this way…it…it would just kill him, I wouldn't be his KP. I'll have failed him.", Kim desperately pleaded with her Mother.

"I…I promise but you'd better go see that counselor, or I will tell Ronald what is going on with you."

Hic, "Thanks Mom, I'll try to keep you updated. I'm sorry about not calling for a couple weeks…"


A few minutes later:

"So what do we do Anne? This is going to be rough, for all of us…But I feel we really should tell Ronald, it's only fair…."

"And take the chance that Kimmie would never trust us again?", Anne cut in, "She'd just put this in the same category of what that Eric,", she spit out with vehement revulsion, "did to her last year, and we'd lose what trust we've got with her in the process."

Looking thoughtfully at James, "Right now, Kim's in a very fragile state of mind. The full realization of what almost happened to her at the hands of those Aliens, that in her mind she couldn't do anything about it, is coupled with nightmares of the incident that she says are not hers! She's not in her right mind right now James and we've got to tread lightly here when it comes to Kimmie and trust."

After letting out a breath of air that sounds like it came from a released balloon, "As things are now, I'm really glad Kimmie decided to take down her Mission Website before she went off to England. It would have been hard enough for her to keep up with her studies if she had been running missions…But with this happening, she would have been a basket case way before she called us.", Anne said while tapping her foot anxiously.

Then resolutely, "It goes against my better judgment, but I say we don't tell Ron. But I made her promise that if she doesn't get help over there, Ron and I are going to go and bring her home to get help here."

"I know Annie, she's my baby too; but that boy down the street is my Son too. We practically raised him so we at least owe him an explanation. Besides he idolizes the ground that Kimmie-cub walks on, doing this to him will devastate him."

"I know Jimmy; but for now I think its best that we not talk to Ronald or Kimmie's friends about any of this. If we do then the Stoppables will find out about our baby, and so will Ron. And there goes what trust we have with Kim.", Anne shook her head sadly, then sighed, "And I'm going to miss that little girl of theirs."

After thinking on what she had just said, Anne reconsidered, "Well maybe we can still see Hanna….."

"Can we?", James asked, "Annie, if we refuse to talk to them about Kimmie and then we ask for time with Hanna, how's that going to play out? We'll look two-faced, so I think we should rule that out. We're going to be between a rock and a hard place, so for the duration we should just make a clean break with them. I mean there just isn't anything we can do right now."

"I see your point.", she conceded before plopping down on the sofa. "God I wish there was another way.", Anne said, hoping to hell that the relationship that her daughter and Ron had wasn't about to go down the tubes.

Then thinking back on when this started, "If you and that Shego woman hadn't gone up to that alien ship Kim could have been killed right away….", still finding it a bit farfetched that Ron had gone with the villainess instead of her rocket scientist Husband, much less everything else Kim told her about her boyfriend and his handling of those two giant aliens that day.

"Annie, I didn't go with Shego to rescue Kimmie-cub. Ronald did. In all the jumble of my memory of that day, that much I can piece together."

"What? Then…Kimmie isn't imagining things from that day?", Anne said as the final piece of the puzzle fell into place. "From what I can tell she's conflicted with knowing events that aren't as reported to the entire world, not to mention the mental trauma she's undergoing from those space savages nearly ripping her spine out for their trophy case.", she bit out at the end.

Turning to James, "She mentioned something about Ronald going into space and not you…James, what really happened that day?"

"Annie I just don't know. I mean I remember going into space with the green woman…..but I can't remember any specific details from the incident.", his closed his eyes as he tried to remember. "I mean you should have memories about something like that, shouldn't you?", he said somewhat distractedly.

Then facing Anne, he said in earnest, "I've always wanted to go there, you know, into space…and now…I had my shot and it was to save Kimmie-cub. Ronald even told me how proud he was of me too.", his voice fading as his eyes glazed over slightly.

Then in realization, "Come to think of it Ronald was wearing a space suit just like Shego was…If I had gone to space why wasn't I wearing one?"


"Wade can you put me through to KP?", Ron asked, then in a lower voice, "I haven't talked to her in weeks. I need to hear her voice."

"Ron her Kimmunicator doesn't seem to be on, and I don't know why either. It has to be totally malfunctioning not to be sending any information to my computer or the batteries had to have been removed.", the genius informed Ron. "And Kim told me to hold off from trying to contact her by hacking into anything like I used to over here. She said something about the English might not appreciate that, or something."

"Yeah, I can see that being a problem for them, but anyway, are you sure she's alright?"

"As far as I can tell from the lack of reports about her over there.", Wade said as Ron heard what sounded like furious typing coming from his friend's computer in the background while he talked, "I've also searched for any media information about Kim, red heads or anything else that describes her. So far there's nothing coming up so I guess we'll have to wait till she calls you." Now looking to another monitor, "There really isn't anything newsworthy from Oxford either."

"OK Wade, I'll go over to Mr. and Mrs. P's maybe they know what's going on."

"Good luck Ron."

"Yeah thanks."


Two weeks later:

"Wade it's been way too long since I last heard from KP and that isn't right. Not only that, but the Possibles won't answer their phone or the door. Even Jim and Tim won't say anything to me and I just came across them coming home from school…..Nothing, it's like I don't exist.", Ron told Wade.

It was like some kind of 'wall' had been erected by the Possibles between him and them. Deep inside he was beginning to wonder if this was because of something he had done wrong.

Wade thought for a moment, "Ron when Kim got to Oxford the media made a big deal about it…now there is nothing out there. It's like she just disappeared from the media's radar."

"Why would that be?"

"I don't know."

After a sudden thought, "Wade they can't resist Hanna, I'll bring her with me when I go over and talk to them.", Ron said.

"Well maybe…", Wade said, then sheepishly to his friend, "Just a minute Ron…something about this just doesn't add up." Then directly to him, "Did you do anything to Kim?"

"Huh? What are you talking about?"

"Did you cheat on her?"

"Wade I would never do that…ever. I would kill myself if I had ever done anything like that to KP…She's my life.", Ron became a little angry at his friend's insinuation.

"OK, sorry to ask that of you and Kim, but I had to ask. She's my friend too." Wade replied defensively. "I mean if you didn't do anything like that, there's nothing to explain Kim not talking to you for so long. And it doesn't explain her completely shutting anyone else out in Middleton."

"I see your point, Wade, but I never have and never will cheat on Kim.", Ron replied quite strongly.

"I believe you Ron, I do.", Wade said. "Well I hope it goes well in your next attempt to visit with the Possibles. Good luck Ron."

"Yeah thanks, Wade. See you."


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