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Ituppy jumped at Shepmany's demanding bark, "I don't want to go," he whimpered, "What if the mean wolfys come back with more, I don't want to fight them, can't I just stay here?"

Shepmany sighed, knowing what to do, he growled sounding slightly devious, "Fine, wait here with the nations and pray to Gott that Antarctica doesn't come back for them…" Ituppy trembled at the bigger dog's growl but still whimpered an ok and hid under Shepmany's front paws looking up at him with innocent eyes and waiting for him to start leaving.

With Ituppy giving an agreement, the dogs started to leave, except for Seapuppy who was now securely in Peters arms.

Ituppy paused at the door, turning and looking at the remaining nations in the room then turned back to the other nation dogs that were leaving. "Shepmany, do you think we should bring them with us? They might know a thing or two about how to get Earth here."

The Shepard cocked his head at him, realizing he was right that they knew nothing about how they would bring Earth there. He turned to the nations and barked. Ituppy joined him with his adorable little yipping bark.

As most humans do when dogs barked at them, they just shushed them and went back to quietly chatting about what to do next.

Their barking grew louder as Ameridog joined them. Jinu chose to stand off to the side quietly whining to the nations, every now and then adding a small yelp or short howl.

Gilbert had enough of the insane barking, clamping his hands over his ears he yelled, "Shut up will ya'? You are giving me a headache!" He turned to Matthew, "Birdieee, make them be quiet." he pleaded to the Canadian.

Matthew sighed and slowly, using his good arm, stood up from his spot on the snow. He walked over to Ameridog and started scratching behind his mini-Nantucket. It effectively made the mixed breed stop mid-bark and started thumping his back foot wildly and panting in content. "Good boy, now hush," Matthew giggled.

Matthew stopped scratching his special scratch spot. "Ameridog quit!" Ameridog had grabbed his pants leg refusing to let go. "Ow, you're grabbing my skin, quit it boy!" The dog just pulled on his pants more forcing him to follow.

Kumajirou, who had fallen asleep in the comfortable cold snow after the story, saw that his master was being attacked by some strange tannish thing. He snarled and jumped in front of whatever it was preparing to tear it apart. His eyesight started to regain from being asleep and he blinked in utter confusion.

"Oh, just you."

"What'd ya' think I was, dude?" Ameridog asked tilting his head.

The bear shrugged, "all I saw was something attacking that guy and he gives me yummy pancakes, so I might need to keep him around." he shrugged again then asked, "What are you doing, eh?"

"Trying to get the humans to follow, wanna help?" Kumajirou looked questionably at him, "come on dude, we're practically bros, you owe me too. Remember the time Canadog and I helped you sneak that bottle of maple syrup?"

Kuma batted at his ear playfully, "that was for all of us, but it was good." He licked his muzzle dreaming of the precious substance. 'Up to me again to translate something the mutts say' he thought before nodding and turning back to Matthew. "Hey, what's your face, albino guy, little kid, come with the dogs and me."

"I am not a little kid!" Peter protested in the background while Matthew sighed and said once again, "it's Matthew Williams; Canada."

Gilbert stalked up to the Polar bear still annoyed at him and asked, "Why should we? You always get me in trouble with Birdie and Arthur when I follow you places!"

Mischievously, Kuma lazily smiled, remember the time he led Gilbert to where Arthur was enjoying a hot tub time, with no clothes on. Oh the reaction on the brit's face when he had pushed the other right on top of him. Let's just say it was priceless to the bear. Remembering that Ameridog was wanting them to hurry, he said, "You'll be able to find the other nations. They captured one of Antarctica's wolves"

That got their attention.

Now that the nations were in tow, Shepmany led the group to their clearing.

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