I've kind of run out of steam on this one, so this may be it for this story :c. I'm honestly only posting this because, hey, it was written, and it couldn't just sit on my desktop and give me puppydog eyes. So here you are. I may possibly pick this story up again later but I'm pretty sure no one really cares about it . . .

"This way!"

Amy followed the meter (for Rory was now quite convinced that she was correct) left and right across the playground, stopping at landmarks to add to their pile of clues. Every new bit of evidence came with a story, which Amy told animatedly and Rory listened to in rapture. They soon had amassed a small collection of treasures, which they tucked into their pockets before heading home.

Rory carried the blue box and Doctor doll in one hand for Amy, so she grabbed the other as he walked her home in the growing dusk. She jabbered in his ear the whole way, and the two of them formulated a plan to get rid of the aliens as soon as possible, with as few casulties as they could. Amy also insisted that they attempt to locate some alien communication technology, though Rory was wary.

When they arrived at Amy's house, she took back the box and the doll and unloaded her pockets into Rory's hands. "Here," she said, handing him the last oddly shaped stick. "My aunt won't let me bring stuff in the house." She made a face, then waved at him before going inside.

The next day, at school, after she said hi to Mel, Amy sat herself down directly in front of Rory. "Did you bring the" - she lowered her voice - "alien tech?"

"Uh." Rory grinned sheepishly. "I didn't think we'd need it today . . . "

"We might not," conceded the other, nodding as though this was completely reasonable.

The two chewed silently on that subject for a minute, Amy undoubtly running possible scenarios in which the oddly shaped sticks would be of vital importance whist Rory did a quick mental inventory and realized that he did, in fact, have the meter.

After a few moments, Amy broke the silence. "Oh! We have a sub today. I forgot to tell you."

"Ew." Rory stuck his tongue out at her. Amy giggled.

Their sub walked in at that moment - a youngish woman who appeared completely ordinary in every respect. As everyone turned to the front of the class, Rory smiled upon hearing Amy's exasperated sigh.

"Why is everything so boringly normal?" She muttered, thinking no one heard her, as the sub began struggling through the role call.

Rory didn't know why. But maybe things were better that way.

"Right," the sub said, as she finished calling role. "We're doing a bit of a . . . project today."