Name: Luna Leveir
Age: 500 (looks 16-18)
Appearance: Short black hair with two long- what ever under color she has- strips reaching to about her knees. She wears black with the 5 poison colors: Red- the main one- green, yellow, purple, blue. She has crimson red eyes, but if she does not get enough blood, they dull slowly, like a corpses. She also gets paler then normal and colder too- basically, she's dying. She is 5ft 7. Her favorite accessories is buckles so you'll see them on her almost constantly. On her boot-steeled toe on her jackets, (fingerless) gloves, shirts, pants. Every where almost.
Powers: Luna is the long lost dog of the zodiac. Know one knew what happened to her, only that she disappeared and soon after a new dog was born, so they all assumed she'd died. Only, she just turned into a vampire. She has all the problems she had when she was living, only now she can change when she wants. She is known to very few zodiac as the dingo of the zodiac, though they have only ever seen her from a distance, and she'd disappeared afterwards, so they were never sure it she was there or not. She is a legend among the members. Along with her ability to change into a dog/wolf she looks like a wolf- she can do all the other things the vampires of Elysia can do, but with her odd DNA as a human, she made for a slightly different vampire, as she has very many sicknesses- i.e. the "you gonna die if you not drink".
Relationship: She travels with a half vampire- only half because he has some of her blood in him and it is because she is a different bread of vamp. that she can make half vamps.- who acts as a doctor and gets blood for her, though it is not enough. She has to get it from the source and will only do that when she gets too weak- when she's in a coma and can't do anything, while Drea, her guy, gives her blood.
((if I forget anything else then I'll just tell you later on...) You go first! ^_^)

Name: Sesime (Last Name: Unknown)
Age: 20 (She ages slowly)
Appearance: She is EVIL! She has long black hair with lime green wears her hair down most of the time, but you will sometimes see her wearing green chop-sticks in her hair, which is up in a bun. Her eye color is light green with aqua blue flakes. Her eye color changes when she is in a bad mood and the color will turn a very dark brown almost black. She wears a black crystal around her neck that she has had since birth. The crystal will sometimes begin to glow if she is in danger. She usually wears a long black jacket with a few silver chains hooked onto it. Her attire underneath the jacket is a lime green corset and a pair of very worn out skinny jeans. She is half demon half vampire.
Powers: Her main power is healing. She uses her her crystal, which contains some power that is even unknown to her. She touches the crystal to where ever the wound is and she whispers
"NATA O iyasushi, anzen chitai NI hoji koisuru. Kesshō kara dengen O te~tsu ni, sorera O iyasu. Īe kai narasa reta NI karera WA watashi ni koishi totte tokubetsudesu nai. Karera WA, shōrai - mato jū NI anzen' na taizai kanōdesu. Anata to GA suishō kansha, anata GA sugurete iru wa kai narasa reta." Which is a Japanese phrase that is unknown to the English language. After she says the phrase the wound should go away..unless the one with the wound is evil. She has another power which is foretelling the future (only the future of one that is wounded)
Relationship: She has been alone since she could remember.