Vlad P.O.V.

He heard someone scream or more like curse at the opening of the alley. Henry turned to look at him, with eyes that read "did you just hear that?". Vlad took off when he rounded the alley's corner that's when he saw a women around his age laying flat on the ground with a male next to her. Vlad looked stunned. The male..he looked...like a vampire. Did..did he just kill this women?
"Stop! Hey you!" Vlad screamed as he ran up on them. "Did you do this?" he knelt down beside the girl, checking to see if there were any bite marks or blood spill.

Drea looked at the boy stunned. Well what the hell was he going to do now? Wait... he... "Oh thank god..." he sighed in relief. "You are a vampire..." His voice, although relived, was lined with the almost worry as he looked at Luna. She was getting very cold, if he didn't feed her in the next minute, she'd be in a coma for a month.
Without hesitation, he reached into his pocket and pulled out a pocket knife. He got ready to slit his wrist. There was a huge scar on his wrists from doing it so many other times, and now he just barely felt the sting.

Vlad P.O.V.

"No, stop." Vlad said as he grabbed the knife away. He took a look at the girl again and saw she was a vampire as well.
"There's another way, have you tried blood bags? They're more simpler than cutting yourself. I some on ice in my car. I hope she like O positive." Vlad said as he stood up. He nodded to the male and ran back down the alley towards his car. He was back a few minutes later with a blood bag.
"Here, give this to her. I know it's not from the source, but it will make her feel better." Vlad handed the bag to the male.

Drea chuckled a bit. "I'm sorry, but that won't help, I'm afraid. You see, She has a sickness. Blood bags can only help for a bit, to keep her from getting hungry. But over time, she'll get like this. That's why I have to do this. Don't worry. I'm half vampire, so it'll heal quickly, not to mention I've done this about a million times by now..." He then cut his writs and put it to her mouth, massaging her neck to get her to swallow it without choking.

Vlad P.O.V.

Vlad's eyes widen and licked his lips a bit at the sight and smell of the blood smelt like..OB negative..rare...Vlad closed his eyes and held his breath. Wow, he thought of Snow's blood, which the morals truly forbid. He nodded to the male and turned and walked away.

Luna finally came to. He felt something covering her mouth and the sweet taste of OB-. She opened her eyes, though she couldn't see much. She calmed down on the wrist and held it firmly in place. She faintly herd someone wince when she did this, but she was too thirsty to really care.
Drea on the other hand was trying all he could not to pull away. He knew she needed it, and he wouldn't try and stop her. But she'd kill him if he didn't try to ween her off of it.
"Luna..." he said, close to her ear, as she wouldn't be able to pay attention otherwise. "Luna, come on... That's enough, now... Listen to me..."
Luna heard the voice and looked up at the face next to her's. Her eyes were completely back to normal now, a bright but dark shade of crimson. When she focused on the face, she let go immediately. "Drea! I'm so sorry!" she said and hugged him, only to turn into her zodiac.
Drea smiled weakly. "Its all right... You don't have to apologise every time.." He said as he patted the middle head, trying not to cough as the smoke woffted around.

Back In Japan

Tohru P.O.V.

She was laying on the couch reading a vampire book and debating rather or not if vampires were real. When Kyo entered the room in a rather, pissed off mood. Slamming doors and screaming about something.
"Kyo are you-" She began to say before getting cut off.
"Shut up women, damn it can't you see I'm mad?" Kyo screamed.
Tohru's eyes got big and she looked at him.
"Kyo Sohma, don't you think you should apologise?" She said placing her hands on her hips.
"I'm not in the mood, Tohru." Kyo said before running into his room and slamming the door.
Tohru jumped and walked to the kitchen to begin fixing lunch. Maybe some Sushi? ^_^

Drea looked around. They needed somewhere to go. And this time, he'd find the place. He couldn't really do anything at the moment, not while Luna was in her dog form, so he just waited outside where they were, waiting for her to change back. She was currently taking a nap. It was about two hours when he heard the door to the building the boy had went into. He jumped up, hoping they wouldn't see Luna. He turned to Luna and tried to wake her up. "Come on... wake up! Gerrr..." he started trying to push her further into the alley, but she was too heavy. "Oh crap, oh crap... Why the hell do you have to be such a heavy sleeper?" he hissed in a rather loud whisper.

Kyo P.O.V.

Kyo sat on his bed and looked up at the ceiling.
"Damn, Yuki." Kyo muttered.
Then there was a knock at the door.
"This better not be Yuki, because I am going to tear you to shreds if you are!" Kyo screamed.
Then, a chime-like voice spoke.
"Kyo, I have Sushi ready if you're hungry." Tohru said sweetly.
Kyo sighed, "no, Tohru, I am not hungry, but thanks anyways..."

"Finally..." Drea said as he managed to push Luna into the shadows of the alley. Of course, this is when she decided to wake up.
"Wha... Hey, what?" she said as she looked at his increedus and slightly annoyed look.
"You... you... You decide to wake up now?" he shouted forgetting about the reason he was trying to hide her.
Luna blinked and looked at him, cocking her heads to the side. "Damn she's just so cute..." Drea thought to himself. He then remembered he'd shouted and turned to see if the person had herd, but didn't see them. But he did hear something down the all3y. They both turned to see who it was.

Sesime's P.O.V.

She walked out of the mall finally wearing some...very...revealing clothing. She grinned evilly and walked down the street.
"I hope I don't get identified as a prostitute." Sesime thought to herself.
She made her way towards the alley where she last spotted the Pravus, but instead she saw a dog and a male standing in the other side of the alley. She smiled and walked towards them.
"Nice dog, hey, I'm Sesime, by the way." She winked at Drea before leaning down and petting the dog.

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