Hey guys! Wow. I can't believe I'll be writing in here again. But as you all know, our show just ended, and I'm not sure if I'm really satisfied with how they ended it. It was so...ambiguous. But anyway, I just needed to write this cos I think I'll lose my mind if I don't get this one out of my system. So..yeah. That's it.

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Chuck and Sarah vs. The Lost Memories


It starts with a request. No, much like a gentle order.

"Kiss me."

He couldn't fully figure out the meaning behind her words at first. But once he does, he takes the leap, not knowing how it would affect them after it happens. He focuses on the fact that she trusted him just like he'd asked her to.

It starts out as a simple peck - like they were both testing the waters. It doesn't escalate to a heated-all-consuming kiss. He feels her holding back, but he doesn't want to think about that. It ends when she pulls back. They both open their eyes and the smile on his lips is mirrored on hers. Relief is the first thing he feels.

"Did it work?" He asks jokingly, but also hopeful.

For a second, it doesn't come to her what he's talking about. She's too absorbed and a little shocked in the familiarity of it all, yet her brain seems to think otherwise. She shakes her head and mutters a simple "I'm sorry" along with a small smile.

"Hey, don't be, it was definitely worth the try." He tries to be funny – even making a face – and it earns him a light laugh from her.

They fall silent, and they watch the waves come in and out. Finally, he speaks again. "Someone once told me that even if the brain forgets, the heart never will. It will always remember, Sarah."

His tone is hopeful, and somehow, she can feel the truth in his words. She doesn't say anything though. She just nods, and she sees him smile. He takes her hand and holds her gaze.

"I just want you to know, that I'll always be here for you. For better or for worse. Always." He gives it a slight squeeze towards the end, and she just nods. If it took her by surprise – any of it – she didn't let it show.

She is quite conflicted. Her brain says not to give in to what she's suddenly feeling, but her heart...her heart tells her to jump. When she notices him let go of her hand she felt as if something had been taken from her. She did not like the feeling. It was then that she makes her decision.

"I think I'm gonna stay in Burbank for a while." She's not sure if her intention is to tell him, or if it was herself she's telling it to, but whatever the reason is, the delight in his face cannot be hidden. It can easily be seen on the big smile he is now wearing.

Finally, she thinks, when they both leave the beach at the same time, in the battle of small voices occurring in her head, the voice of her heart won out this time.


A few weeks had passed since that moment at the beach, and slowly, she's starting to remember bits and pieces of what was. It was all thanks to him - to Chuck - who had kept his promise that he'll always be someone she can call. He'd told her about their story, or what she gathers as the summary of it all; cos he keeps saying there's still so much to tell.

She had asked him for space and that is why she's back in what she remembers to be her old hotel room. Her phone rings, and it takes her about 2-3 rings before she picks up. It's Chuck. His name flashing on the screen brings a smile to her face.

"Hello?" She answers, waiting for his voice at the other end of the line.

"Hey, Sarah. It's Chuck." He starts off. "But you probably already knew that...so anyway, the reason really why I called is that..." He realizes he's babbling, and he'll torture himself for that after he gets his thoughts across.

"Chuck." Sarah says, and it stops him, like always.

"Right, right. Well, I was just wondering if you're doing anything for lunch?" He finally asks.

"I don't think so. Why?" Being the spy that she is - and a good one at that - she notices that it's already fast becoming a routine - him calling and asking her about her plans that is.

"Well I was just thinking about driving around town, maybe go to the beach, then pick up some lunch later. Do you want to come with?" When no answer immediately comes, he goes ahead with the babbling. "But if you don't want to, that's fine. I'm a grown man, I can leisure drive on my own."

"Chuck." She says again, and just like always, he stops. It takes her maybe a second or two to contemplate if she should go with him, but the man was just eager for an answer. So instead of thinking, she follows her instincts, her heart if you will.

"I'm sorry, I understand. I won't bother you-" but he was cut off by her voice.

"I'll come with you. One condition though." She tells him.

"Really? Great! Anything, what is it?" He asks, excitement obvious in his voice.

"I'm driving."

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