Hi there! This is my first fanfiction posted on here! It's Naruto! Well, more to the point, Sasuke and Sakura! In truth, I've actually been working on this story for months and I've been wanting to do this story for a long time! This story is actually based off a SasuSaku doujinshi called "Shishunki No Tawamure". But of course, this isn't the same story. I hope you like it!

Note: The first two chapters will be in Sakura's p.o.v. but the next two will be in Sasuke's p.o.v.! So chapter 1 and 2 = Sakura, chapter 3 and 4 = Sasuke, and this will go in that pattern! Hope that's clear!

Chapter 1: Steamy Dream

I was in my room, lying in my bed, and thinking. I smiled; thinking tomorrow would be a great day. I closed my eyes and drifted off to sleep.

I was sleeping in my bed and a hand was placed on my shoulder and it shook me gently. There was a soft male voice that said quietly, "Wake up, Sakura..." I sat up from my bed to get a closer look at who it was. My eyes went wide at who it was. Sasuke was here before me.

His eyes met mine. My face turned a rosy pink as I looked at him. He was dressed in his regular clothes. He had on a blue jacket, shirt, jeans, and tennis shoes. Everything about him and his aura is incredible. I suddenly felt turned on by seeing him.

My eyes met his and I began blushing fire as we looked at one another. I asked him stuttering in a shy voice, "Sasuke-kun…? W-What are you doing here…? H-How did you…?"

"Shh, my dear…" He whispered in a husky tone. "Don't speak…" After those words, he placed his hand under my chin, raising my head up. With that, he placed his lips against mine and he wrapped his arms around me.

The kiss started gentle and pure, but it slowly started getting hot and heavy. I moaned softly in total ecstasy and pleasure. There was one thing for certain though; I wanted him so badly. The gentle innocent kiss turned into a sexy French kiss.

He moved down to my neck, sexily but also gently caressing it. The hickeys he was giving me became so much naughtier. He started pushing my nightgown's long sleeves off my shoulders and I moaned once again.

I decided to seduce him just as much as he was seducing me. I decided to push the jacket off his shoulders. With that, I pulled his shirt off. I ran my hands down his chest and abs. They were almost that of a man's. I memorized everything. He was so sexy, I couldn't deny that.

With that, he got on top of me and said, "You're so shy, you know that?" He smirked. "But I really love you, you know that? You're the only girl I'd want to make love to…"

I couldn't agree more because in truth I was beginning to fall for him as well. I said in response to his words, "I-I've always been shy…You know that…I-I love you too…Sasuke-kun…"

We both smiled a gentle smile. With that, we started to kiss and caress one another once more. I knew it was about to get hot and heavy. I thought to myself, 'If this is a dream, I hope I never wake up!'

I sat up in my bed with beads of sweat running down my face and my face burning red with a very flushed blush. I looked at the clock and it was about 4:00 am. I tugged at my nightgowns long sleeves. Then I buried my head in shame and embarrassment. I thought 'Aww, it was just a dream. Damn it I wish it was real…But I had a dream of Sasuke and I...doing THAT?'

Okay! Chapter 1 is done! Oh god, this dream sequence was so embarrassing to do! But at least it wasn't too explicit! I hope you like this story is good! Hope you like it! Chapter 2 will be up really soon! Please review it and feel free to give me any suggestions, ideas, critiques, etc. Thank you!

-The Shy Sweet Lolita

Edit 8/7/2015: I deleted some of the chapters in this story as I wanted to do a complete revision of this story. I am working on it, but it may take time. Thank you!