! That was the sound that Kori had been hearing on and off for the past 5 minutes. If you couldn't guess it was an ambulance. It was coming for her next door neighbor, Richard. He wasn't only her next door neighbor, they had gone to the same school ever since they were 6. They weren't friends, they barely knew each other. They had gotten paired for a science project once but that was it. After that he hadn't talked to her again.

Richard was popular. Not only that but his adopted father is Bruce Wayne. Yes, the Bruce Wayne. The Richest Man in Jump City, Gotham and any other city in a 150 mile radius. Rumor has it that Richard was adopted, which he has confirmed, but no one knows what ever happened to his parents. He was healthy by the looks of it anyway. He didn't do any drugs. He never smoked or drank once at parties. He was completely healthy from the inside out. So if that were true then why did the ambulance come for him?\

While thinking about all this, poor little Kori was sitting on the floor in her parents old room. She was sitting in the corner with her knees pulled to her chest and her hands over her ears, her eyes closed shut. She was scared. The only time that she had heard an ambulance this long was when her parents dying and she was in the truck with them. It was scary seeing the paramedics stick all those needles and IV's into her parents. She was only 13 when that has happened and that was 4 years ago. She felt the tears coming to her eyes. The noises reminded her of her parents. She remembered and ambulance would run by her house how she would run to her parents room and they would hold her and tell her that everything was okay. They couldn't do that when they were the ones in trouble.

What brought her out of her thoughts was the hard pounding on her door. It startled her and made her jump over ten feet in the air. She then opened her eyes and climbed up on the windowsill and peeking outside. They were still there. She guessed that it was one of the paramedics. Kori then had a mental fight with herself about whether or not to answer the door but she finally just went when she heard the pounding again which had for the second time scared her. Before making it to the door Kori made a quick stop at her room to put back on the jeans shorts that she had carelessly thrown on the floor when she had gotten home from school this afternoon.

Kori made a slow walk down the staircase closest to her door so she could have time to wipe her eyes and erase any signs that she had been crying. When she made it to the door she slowly turned the knob and peaked out. She saw the paramedic walking away from her door but then he turned the door, probably getting the creepy feeling that someone was watching him. When he turned Kori could see his face from eyes that were slowly clearing from the tears. He was tall with strong face features. His jaw was tough, looking nothing less of a full grown man, but then again he still looked grown. His eyes were the prettiest shade of blue. No other shade could compare to it. It was like they were exactly in the middle of dark blue and light blue so Kori didn't know what to call him. He had a helmet on so the only bit of hair she could see was the hair from his bangs. It was brown.

He smiled when he saw her and Kori could have melted. When he came closer to the door, Kori opened it wider so he could see her. 'This is ridiculous' she thought. She was acting as though this man who couldn't be over 27 would have any interest in her, a high school girl. Plus, on Koris end, there wasn't much to look at. She had dark red hair that floated all the way to her waist that was in waves today and her eyes were an alienist green color. That would just make him the least bit interested in her. Her skin was the color of sun burnt sand. She always thought that it was too dark but all the girls at school would compliment her saying things like 'What tanning salon do you go to?' or 'I can never get that dark' and the most common 'You have to tell me your secret.' But Kori didn't go to tanning salons. Not once. And every time she went to the beach she made sure to put on extra sun screen to keep from getting any darker. When she told them that they would either roll their eyes or call her a liar.

"May I help you?" Kori asked. When the door was open she felt a light breeze hit her and it almost made her shiver. It was either that or the way that the paramedic looked up close. He smiled brightly at her and Kori almost had to hold on to the door to keep herself up.

"Hi, I`m Gerard. I`m one of the paramedics that is working on the boy that lives right next to you" he said. When he spoke he didn't sound like a paramedic, he sounded like a man that you would dream about that would lift you off your feet and kiss you until you died.

"Hi, I`m Kori Anders, nice to meet you" Kori was surprised that she got that whole sentence out without even on stutter. He held out his hand to her and she didn't even think about passing up a chance to get to hold his hand, so she took it. It wasn't soft like she had hoped but then again, have you ever meet a paramedic whose hands where soft. But to think about it, you've probably never met one at all. If you haven't then lucky you. That means that nothing has ever gone terribly wrong somewhere in your life.

He chuckled and Kori almost lost her feet "Nice to meet you too" he let her hand go "I think I'm going to have to take you back to the hospital but just to answer some questions, just to see what he has or any type of personal info." Kori wanted to say that she didn't know much but he smiled and she just stood their and nodded like an idiot. "Come with me please" he said. Then like a zombie she grabbed the red peacock jacket that she had thrown on the couch when she had gotten home and followed him to the police car.

The ride there was mostly silent except for every now and then when Gerard would speak into his walkie-talkie. 'Gerard' she thought. His name reminded her of her favorite band, My Chemical Romance, and how the lead singers name was Gerard. Kori snuggled up in her jacket thinking about him. Gerard was sexy, and if you didn't know which one she was talking about she was talking about both. They didn't look much alike but she knew that every time she would watch one of their music videos or hears one of their songs, she would think of him (the paramedic). She had begun to remember the first concert that she went to for My Chemical Romance. Then she leaned back and silently started singing 'The Ghost of You', one of their songs, when the car stopped. But it hadn't stopped at the hospital, it had stopped at the police station. If she had known that this is were they where going then she wouldn't have gone (like she had much of a choice).

She opened the door softly and slowly stepped outside. When she closed it, it slammed behind her and she jumped in the air. Maybe the slam had something to do with the fact that the wind was blowing very hard. She gave the paramedic an apologetic look and he grinned at her. But she didnt faint this time. Maybe then slam had knocked the stupid out of her. She began to walk when she noticed that her legs were freezing. It was only a few days into the end of September so why was it so cold. But then again, she was dumb enough to come outside with a jacket in with a pair of shorts. Who does that? She quickly rushed into the station where she had seen Gerard walk into. He was holding the door for her. When she got there she had felt a burst of warmth and she almost smiled.

Gerard had motioned her to follow him so she did. When they stopped, they stopped in front of a room. There was a window so you could see inside it. Inside the room, the walls were gray and the only window was the gigantic one that she was looking through right now. There was a table in the room. At one end sat a man that was very muscular that was wearing the suit that she'd always saw the police man around Jump wear. He was sipping a cup of steaming coffee. From where she was standing she couldn't see who was sitting at the other side. Gerard then put his hand on her back and almost did faint. Maybe that slam didn't scare her well enough.

He lightly pushed me into the room after opening the door. He then closed it behind him after he walked in. The man put his cup down and smiled at me. He motioned for me to sit down and then said "Please, have a seat" with a warm smile. He seemed nice, which was weird. Kori thought that all police mean were rough and tough and said few words but apparently their not all like you see on tv.

Kori took the empty seat across from him. There was a cup of hot chocolate in front of her and Kori took it without thought and drank some down. She didn't feel in burning her throat. She only felt it melting the ice from her cold legs. The man chuckled. "Now please tell me, what is your name?"

"Kori Anders, sir" she said looking at all his badges. She spotted his name tag that read, Police Chief, Michael. She shivered. She thought that only serious criminals, well that's what she had guessed. But if that were some how true then why was she here. Did they think that she had something to do with whatever happened to Richard. She was no where near him when this happened. She didn't hear anything. If so then what could have happened.

"Don't be scared" Chief Michael said, obviously seeing her horror. "Your not in trouble. We just want to ask some questions."

"What happened to Richard?" did that seriously just pop out of her mouth?

"Richard has a serious lung disease. He was planned to have a lung transplant three times already but he keeps turning them down. He's been taking his inhaler but its not working much for him. He says that he still has trouble breathing on occasions, but he refuses to have a transplant. None of his doctors know why. Apparently, Bruce even tries to bribe him sometimes. But that doesn't work. Now its gotten serious. He had an attack and he couldn't find his inhaler. So he called the cops and he only made out a few words before he was out."

"Wow" that wasn't supposed to come out "I mean, is he okay? Are they going to make him do the transplant?"

"I don't know but I do know that I'm going to ask you a few questions. Is that okay?" she nodded "good". And that was it before he asked her questions about what she knew about his family and friends. He asked her if she had ever seen him do anything, like smoking of drinking, that could have made it this bad. But she told them that he was a squeaky clean guy and she had never ever seen him smoke. Not like he was dumb enough to try it knowing what condition he was in.

"Thank you for all your help" Michael said as he lead Kori back to the lobby. "This means a lot knowing all this and being able to use it. If theirs anything you need just ask."

Kori knew that he was just being friendly but she took up his opportunity anyway. "Actually, theres this one thing" he looked surprised "Could you take me to the hospital to see him? Richard, I mean"

He gave her a warm smile and drove her to the hospital in silence. It was scary being there for the first time in four years. She sighed before opening th door and closing it behind her. She looked back at Chief Michael and he smiled at her before driving off. Kori sighed once more. The only reason she started walking was because her legs were starting to freeze again. Her hand rested on the door handle before she finally pulled the door open from the begging of her legs. When she walked in she felt the same as when she first set foot in the police station. There were people in the waiting room, just sitting their and reading magazines. There was this one woman who was crying so hard that her husband had to hold her up so she wouldn't fall on the floor. The doctor was talking to them and the more words he spoke, the harder she cried and the more work her husband was put through.

Not being able to watch anymore, Kori walked to the front desk, desperate to get away from her horrible crying and whaling. "Umm, excuse me, what room is Richard Grayson in?" the woman smiled at her and played on her computer a bit before sending her to room 204 on the top floor. Kori rode the elevator with a business man, two doctors, and one male nurse. When Kori got to the top floor, she was all alone with the business man. She smiled at him before walking out and he walked out to. It was awkward because it was like her saying goodbye and then walking in the same direction. Kori got to room 204 right after the man stopped following her. She was relieved when she noticed him going into room 197. Not knowing whether to knock or just enter, Kori knocked softly and then popped her head through the door. She smiled brightly even though she was probably more scared then Richard.

He was laying there in bed, with this thing hooked up in his throat. She knew that it was supposed to help him breathed but that didn't stop it from scaring her. Richard turned to her when he noticed she had closed the door behind her. She smiled brightly at him not knowing exactly what to say at this point. She wasn't even sure if he could talk with that thing in his throat. Kori opened her mouth to speak when she heard the door. She jumped slightly. She turned toward the door and saw Dr. Lambert (or at least that's what his name tag said) come in. He was looking at a chart. E had glasses on and his face was manly. Yet you could see the many years that he has lived in his face. He was handsome with his black hair and gray eyes. He looked just like any average doctor that you would see in movies. He looked up and saw Kori, and the he took off his glasses and smiled(just like in the movies). He held out his hand and Kori shock it as he introduced himself.

"Kori Anders, nice to meet you" Kori smiled as brightly as she could let herself with the situation she was in at the moment.

"Hello Kori" he said smiling. He scratched the back of his head and Kori had not noticed the gray streaks in his hair until that moment. He looked back at his chart. He then looked back up at Kori. "So, you must be Richards girlfriend" he looked around Kori and smirked at Richard and said "Lucky man" in a way only a guy could do.

"What? Oh no no no no no! Richard and I aren't dating we're just friends." Liar. That wasnt true at all. How could they be friends when they barely knew anything about each other, they lived right next door, but Kori never talked to him, with him being a cool kid and all. She knew that she probably wasn't any where close to the top of his FAVORITE PERSON list.

"Ahh I see" he said before he walked over to the other side of Richards bed, leaving with her eyes closed in frustration, facing the door, while clutching her jacket. She then opened her eyes and turned to the bed. "So how are you doing Richard?" Richard tried to respond but there was just this horrible sound that sounded painful. Kori flinched at this. "Yeah" the doctor said "don't try to talk, you wont be able to."

Kori rolled her eyes. Well why hadn't he said something before? The doctor continued talking. "You know Richard, this is your 6th visit this year. When are you going to go through with the transplant? You have the money, do you not to live a healthy life, with no restraints?" he had his glasses on now.

Richard just stared up at him. He couldn't say anything but even if he could talk, do you think he would say anything? The doctor excused himself after taking a few tests. Kori was a little relieved, but then again nervous when he did. Kori took a few steps closer to Richard. She noticed that he was staring at her legs. She blushed. "Yeah" Kori said. He looked up at her. "I know what your thinking 'what is this girl thinking, going outside with shorts on and its freakin cold out!' Yeah I know, I know, but it was warmer this morning" she said pointing at him with a grin.

He smiled at her so she felt the need to smile back. "So what exactly is up with you?" Kori murmured as she walked over to the other side of the bed and looked at Richards chart. She squinted, trying to read the doctors sloppy hand writing. Apparently, Richard had some kind of rare lung disease that lead him to have asthma and trouble breathing on occasions. She had already heard it from Chief Michael. She raised her eyebrow at him. He just stared at her, his expression unreadable. She put the chart down and sat the edge of his bed. She didn't know what was making her so daring but maybe it was the fact that she knew he couldn't say anything about anything she did.

"So" Kori started off "Why aren't you getting the transplant?" He shrugged. Kori rolled her eyes "How do you not know, this is your life we're talking about. You do know that, right?" He smirked at her.

Kori shook her head. "SMH" she laughed and he smiled brightly. "So, do you have this incredible suicide attempt or something? Why are you being so naive? Why don't you do something good for yourself?" Richard once again shrugged. Kori let out a really dramatic sigh. "Okay, you got me beat. What can I say to make you want to do the transplant?" Kori asked. He shrugged.

Kori talked to him for a little while. She told him about herself. A lot about herself. Don't get her wrong, she didn't go around talking to people like that and telling them about her personal life. It was just so easy to talk to him because he couldn't say anything. It was just her mindlessly blabbing her mouth off.

"... but I don't really have a sister cause she ran away after..." but she was cut off.

"Excuse me but visiting hours are over" said the same lady from the front desk that sent her here. Kori said okay and put her coat back on. She was halfway out the door before she turned to Richard and waved 'goodbye'. He smirked at her and waved back.

Once Kori got down to the lobby, she relieved that she had no ride home. She cursed under her breathe. She took a long sigh before she stood under the heater in the ceiling for a few minutes. Then she went out to brace the cold. It was a long walk before Kori got back home. While she was passing Richards house she could here the ambulance noise and saw the events of what happened in her head. She squeezed her eyes shut. When she opened them she was on her porch. She reached for her keys in her pocket but they weren't there. She cursed under her breathe once again. She would have to climb the tree again.

Climbing the tree was something that she always did when she was in middle school and forgot her keys almost every day. She was lucky the first time because her mom was home and had let her in. So that day forward she had left her window open, just a crack for when she would need to climb the tree. She remembered this one time when Richard saw here and asked her what she was doing and she explained about how she forgot her keys. He laughed at her but not in a mean way. It would make more sense to say that he laughed with her. Kori sighed. She climbed the old oak tree to the very top, slipping every chance that she got. It wasn't a very steady surface.

Once Kori got to the top, she was out of breathe. Was she really that out of shape. Maybe it was just because she hadn't climbed a tree since her freshmen year. Now she was a sophomore. Kori reached over to her window and slid it open with her three fingers that were long enough to reach it. Then she climbed on top of the roof and slid into her window before she had the chance to fall off the roof. When Kori got into her room, she was shot by a burst of warmth. She smiled as she closed her window. She smiled as she took a shower. She smiled while she brushed her teeth and she smiled while she blow dried her hair. She even smiled when she cuddled up in her warm bed and snuggled a pillow. The only reason she was smiling was because she had just made a new friend. She went to bed that night, silently whispering Richards name. Over and over again.