"... and then you'll be done!" said a smiling nurse as she babbled on and on about what would happen during the surgery. She was so cheery that she even made the risks sound good. Richard just listened and nodded at appropriate times. "Any questions?"

Richard thought for a moment. Then he remebered Kori waiting for him in the waiting room "Am I allowed to have a visitor for a few minutes before its time to go into surgery?" he asked as the nurse put the blue cap over his hair.

"Yeah sure!" she said cheerfully "who should I send in?" she picked up the phone and started dialing the front desk.

"Her name is Kori Anders" Richard said looking at the nurse. She smiled at him.

"Could you send Kori Anders up to room 204? Thank you!" the nurse turned to him. "She`ll be here momentarily. Is there anything I can get you, you know, besides food and water?" Richard shook his head. " Okay, I`ll leave and give you two some privacy" whit that she smiled and walked out the door.

Just before the door closed Kori came sprinting into the room and over to Richard. She had tears in her eyes. She wrapped him in a tight hug. "I didnt know if they would let me see you or not. I was so scared."

Richard grinned. "Why are you crying? I`m the one going into surgery"

"Because i`m scared for you" Kori whispered in his ear.

Richard took Kori's arms and put her at arms length. He looked her straight in the eye and said "Kori, you can't be scared. You're gonna have to snap out of it. I`ll be fine. As soon as I`m out of this surgery, I`ll be running strait to you. And then we`ll get on with our life, together. Understand?" Kori nodded but she still cried. "Don`t be sad. You're the one that got me here in the first place."

"Excuse me" the nurse was back. They turned to her. "I`m so sorry but its time Richard."

Richard looked back at Kori and smiled. " you being scared makes me scared. So don't be and I`ll be just fine." Richard kissed a trail from her forehead to her lips and then on both cheeks. "He brought her head down to his mouth and whispered "I love you". When he looked into Kori's eyes she didn't look the least bit shocked. All she did was whisper it back.

Kori left and Richard was wheeled into the surgery section of the hospital where they put a tube in his arm and everything went black.


Richard woke to a soft 'beep..beep..beep'. He looked around for a second. He was in a room. And all white room. His vision cleared and he noticed that it was actually a hospital room. He groaned. 'How did I end up here again?' he thought. Suddenly the door opened. A man came in with a red headed girl behind her. Who were these people? These strangers? But then it hit him like a ton of bricks. That girl was not a stranger. She was the one that was there for him when first got here, while he was on the ventilator. She was the one that visited him everyday to make sure that he was okay. And he had fallen head over heels in love with this stranger. His Kori. And she had cared enough to come more then his own adoptive father did.

The man started talking as they stepped towards him. He wasn't really listening. He was too captivated by the red headed girl with the green eyes. All he really heard was the doctor telling him not to wear himself out with talking to much. Then he left saying something about privacy. Kori stepped forward and stroked his cheek with the back of her hand. "Richard?' she asked.

"Kori?" his voice cracked. Damn, it hurt to talk. His throat was so dry and soar.

"Don't try to talk to much. I`m sure that it hurts. How are you feeling?" Kori asked.

Richard scanned her body. It was then that he noticed the slightly larger then average bandage on her arm. He took her hand and examined it "what happened?" he asked.

Kori smiled. Tears pricked her eyes. No no. He hoped he didnt make her sad. "There was a close call during the surgery. You were losing blood fast. They needed more so I volunteered. They took about two pints out of me. I`m fine just a little light headed." Kori grinned. "Didn't think that I would literally be your perfect match. We're both O-."

Richard was shocked. This was the girl that he loved. She was so giving and so beautiful. She had taken two pints of blood from herself and put it in his body. Her blood ran through his vains. It entered his heart and it pumped it back out to the rest of his body. He was going to put a ring on her finger someday. Because this was his Guardian Angle. "I would have died without you. You saved me. And that is why I love you." he didn't care how much it hurt. he was expressing his love to his Kori. Damn and he couldn't get enough of it.

Kori smiled and more tears ran down her cheeks. "I love you too. I love you so much Richard." she kissed his cheek.

Richard grew tired now. He had barely said anything. Was his talking making his grow so tired. He should have listened to the doctor. "Hey, what time is it?" Richard yawned.

Kori looked his strait in the eye. "Its time to breathe."

***********************THE END**********************************************