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The warnings for this chapter include - Pokephillia lemon

BW: Welcome to 'Ditto's Show'. This brand new show features anyone and everyone who is willing to try to arouse the pink blob-like pokemon. No human has ever had sex with a ditto, just because they can't turn it on enough to figure out how. But it'll prove to be the best sex anyone can dream of if they win! I'm your host, Bradi Wood, and I have our first contestants. Now, please tell our viewers your names.

HT: I'm Haley Thomas, and this is my Treeko!

BW: What are you going to do for us today?

HT: We're just going to go at it like a normal couple.

BW: Well, I wish you luck. Have fun!

Haley pulls her Treeko into the room with her. She pulls off the little clothing she has on, and smiles at the damp spot in the crotch of her panties. Already wet, and she hasn't even started.

Treeko watches her innocently as her can, his small, yellowy-green penis starting to stand. He doesn't touch it, knowing that it'll be better if he waits.

She starts to cup her breats to herself, and squeezes her already hardening nipples. Treeko, being his small unpatient self, rushes over to her. He knocks her down, being careful not to hurt her, and starts to lick her nipples. Haley moans loudly at the wet tongue on her sensitive mounds. Her fingers wander to her damp womanhood as she starts to tease her clit.

Treeko rubs his small, but hard, member against the girl's side needlingly. Haley opens her mouth and Treeko doesn't wait a second.

"Trrrrrrrree!" the little grass pokemon cries out happily. He turns to where he can lick his trainer's nipples as she sucks greedily on the cock.

Haley knows that Treeko, since he's the first in his line, most likely won't last long. As the pokemon begins to buck into her mouth, she pulls him away from herself.

Her sticky fingers, wet from her own juices, along Treeko's side only make his needing erection pulse even more. Haley licks his balls lightly before moving the pokemon's face to her vagina.

Seeing his trainer, deliciously wet, takes the pokemon's attention away from his throbbing penis. He starts to lick feverishly. Haley writhes under his tongue, which flicks against her clitoris in an agonizingly sweet rhythm. She starts to wiggle her hips along with his tongue, and he slips his paw/hand into her. She shouts curses and jerks against the hand and tongue, working together to please her pussy.

The Treeko stops, leaving her writhing for more. He knows what to do. He puts the head of his little penis at her sopping entrance. Haley braces herself, and Treeko pushes in.

They both are more than ready to release, after spending too much time in foreplay without cumming. Treeko rams into her mercilessly, and Haley screams for more.

"Oh Treeko!" Haley screeches.


"Treeko, I'm cumming!"

Treeko yells out his own name as her pussy clenches around his small cock. Her shoots a load of seed into her and pulls out.

Haley sighs contentedly, and looks over at the host.

"Ditto is not impressed."