Warnings: Yaoi lemon! That means graphic boy-boy sex, and a little BDSM. If that's not your thing... then why the hell did you click this story? Also Sasuke and Itachi OOCness. And incest, although they don't know it, so... Clancest? Also, warning of little slave Sasuke... and hot seme Itachi... so, master-slave relationship.

Summary: Sasuke was kidnapped as a baby and made a slave to an abusive master. Fourteen years later Itachi finds him and decides he needs a slave of his own. This fic pics up a couple weeks after Sasuke has been 'rescued'.

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"Sasuke," Itachi said, making Sasuke jump slightly. The boy looked up nervously from his submissive kneeling position before guiltily returning his gaze to the floor, as if he was afraid he would be punished for meeting his master's eyes.

"Yes, Master-sama?" Itachi sighed slightly at the title but didn't comment on it.

"Can you please go inside and get the glass vase sitting on the kitchen windowsill?" Itachi asked. Sasuke brightened considerable at the order, and he got to hit feet eagerly.

"Yes, Master-sama." He scurried off, still keeping his head down, and Itachi shifted the bundle of daisies he was holding. A moment later Sasuke reappeared with the requested object, and he hurried over to Itachi and handed him the vase. Just as the elder Uchiha's hand was about to close on the glass object, the wind blew a window open with a loud slam, making the already tense Sasuke flinch. His hand slipped, and Itachi didn't yet have a good grip on it, so the vase fell to the floor and shattered on contact with the hard stone floor.

Itachi sighed, knowing what his slave's reaction would be. Sasuke's eyes widened in fear after the vase broke, and in the next second he had thrown himself into a kneeling position at Itachi's feet, head down, apologizing. He was shaking slightly, and Itachi knew that his old master would probably have beaten the boy for such a mistake; maybe even killed him.

"I'm sorry, Uchiha-master-sama, I beg your forgiveness, I – please no, I'm sorry!" the last bit was prompted by Itachi bending down to pick up a piece of broken glass. The movement frightened the already quivering Sasuke, causing him to cringe and bow lower, his nose almost brushing the ground. Itachi noted that he was trembling, and his breathing was short and irregular from terror.

Seeming to realize that Itachi wasn't going to strike him immediately, Sasuke began apologizing again, keeping his head down and his overly thin body in a submissive posture. "Uchiha-sama, I'm sorry, it was my fault, please do not punish me too harshly." Itachi sighed as the brat went on. Honestly, did Sasuke not realize how appealing he looked, groveling on the ground? He was hot and submissive – the perfect uke. He would have to take care to watch the boy more carefully when they went out in public.

"Sasuke," he growled, using a tone he had reserved for servants when they angered him. Sasuke gulped and paled, falling silent as he knelt at Itachi's feet in a small pile, awaiting his master's wishes. Itachi knew he was frightening the boy, and to be honest, he was quite enjoying it; seeing the brat quivering in terror in front of him was a big turn on.

"M-master-sama," the boy replied when Itachi did not give an order or deal out a punishment. He yelped in fear when Itachi suddenly reached forward and grabbed a handful of dark, silky hair and yanked his slave's head back.

"Sasuke," he snarled again, causing the boy to quake in terror. "You've made quite the blunder this time, haven't you?"

"Y-yes, master-sama," the boy whimpered, perhaps hoping that if he agreed his punishment would be less severe.

"And that means you need to be punished, doesn't it?"

"Yes, m-master-sama." Sasuke had screwed his eyes shut, obviously frightened out of his wits, totally at his master's mercy. Itachi smirked the infamous Uchiha smirk. Inwardly a part of the older Uchiha felt bad for frightening the teen like this, but the other, larger part knew that doing things this way made it much more fun.

"Well then. Get up." He snapped the last words and roughly pushed Sasuke, causing the boy to flinch and scramble to his feet. He stood, quivering, waiting for whatever punishment his master deemed appropriate. "Come with me," Itachi ordered brusquely. He turned and began striding towards his bedroom, glad that the house was empty for the day. Sasuke was white in the face by that point, but he followed Itachi obediently, eying his master with something between pleading and terror. He was shaking so badly he had trouble opening the door for his master, prompting an impatient noise on Itachi's part and yet another cringe from Sasuke.

I think I'm going to enjoy this, Itachi thought wickedly. Sasuke saw the devilish look on his lord and master's face and paled even further, deciding to stop walking and dart into one of the adjacent hallways in a last attempt to escape Itachi's wrath. The older Uchiha ended that plan by grabbing Sasuke's thin arms before he was far enough away and yanking him backwards and up into a painfully bent position. Sasuke yelped and hung in Itachi's grasp, feet hardly touching the floor and soft sobs wracking his skinny form.

"Listen, brat," Itachi growled with false anger, "I'm taking you into that bedroom, and I am going to have my way with you. Struggle and I will make it absolute torture." Sasuke was crying almost indistinguishable pleas for mercy by now, which Itachi pretended to ignore. "However," and here the master lowered his slave back to the ground and unbent his arms from their painful position, "if you accept your punishment as it is, it won't hurt more than necessary." Itachi loosened his grip on Sasuke's quivering form but didn't let him go. Sasuke was obviously still terrified, but at least now he knew that if he just took it without complaining it would be bearable.

From his position in his master's iron grasp, Sasuke trembled in fear. He had made a mistake, and now Master-sama was going to punish him for it, perhaps brutally. Uchiha-master-sama hadn't punished him for anything yet, so Sasuke was even more afraid of what his owner was going to do to him. Perhaps he would refuse to feed Sasuke for a week, like old master-sama had liked to do? Or maybe he would make Sasuke sleep outside in the freezing cold? Maybe he would just beat Sasuke, but then the question became how hard did Master-sama hit? Sasuke didn't know, and he was scared to find out. Sasuke knew that master-sama used to be an ANBU member and a very powerful ninja, so if he decided to hurt or even kill Sasuke, he would be totally helpless. Sasuke had tried apologizing and pleading, but nothing had seemed to pacify his angry owner. Sasuke just hoped that master-sama would show him mercy.

They arrived at the bedroom, and Itachi yanked open the door and dragged Sasuke inside, and then threw the smaller male onto the bed. Sasuke squeaked when his skull hit the headboard, more out of surprise at the abrupt motion than actual pain. Itachi quickly followed, crouching predatorily over Sasuke's small form and caging the boy's body with his own. He straddled the small teen's waist and pinned Sasuke's hands above his head with one of his own. Sasuke's sharingan eyes were wide, and his face was sheet white. This was not like any punishment old master-sama had put him through, and that frightened Sasuke. His thoughts were abruptly cut off when Itachi grabbed a handful of his silky raven hair and yanked his head back roughly, then lunged forward and sunk his teeth into Sasuke's throat, not deeply enough to break the skin, but deeply enough to hurt.

Sasuke whimpered, feeling his master's canines brush against his jugular. One accidental twitch on Itachi-sama's part and Sasuke's throat would be in serious jeopardy.

"Please, Master-sama…" Sasuke broke off with a sound of pain as Itachi tightened the grip his teeth had on the boy's tender flesh. Itachi then eased up on the pressure but kept his teeth grazing against Sasuke's vulnerable neck as a reminder of who was in control. Sasuke gasped in surprise when, instead of hitting him or taking a knife and marking him like old master-sama had threatened to do, Itachi ran his tongue over Sasuke's previously abused throat. A cold shiver ran through the boy's body at the movement, and Itachi chuckled darkly as goose bumps appeared on Sasuke's arms and neck.

"You like that, boy?" Itachi's hand that wasn't tugging at Sasuke's hair slowly meandered down his body; his fingertips pressed against the center of his throat, then down to the top of his chest, lightly brushing Sasuke's milky white skin. Sasuke shivered as his owner's touch traveled down his throat and neck, before brushing his collarbone, but Itachi's fingers paused when they encountered the cloth of Sasuke's worn and threadbare shirt.

A low growl of irritation passed Itachi's lips, and Sasuke froze at the sound. It didn't matter that it wasn't the boy's fault he was wearing something; if master-sama was angry for some reason then surely he would take it out on Sasuke, like all masters took their tempers out on their slaves. Knowledge of Uchiha-master-sama's occupation as S-class ninja flew through Sasuke's mind, and he moaned in fear when master-sama turned back to him.

From his position above the terrified slave, Itachi observed Sasuke cringing and casting him fearful glances. Itachi leaned forward so that their bodies were pressed together, ignoring the fact that Sasuke was stiff as a board, and whispered, "it's alright, Sasuke. When I said I was going to punish you, I did not mean a beating or physical pain." At that he paused, considering, and Sasuke's trembling lessoned a little. "Well, not too much pain, anyway." The boy's shaking returned full-force, and Itachi sighed. He raised an eyebrow when he noticed that the teen seemed to want to say something. "What is it?" Sasuke's eyes widened even further (if possible) and he quickly stammered,

"N-nothing, Uchiha-master-sama."

"Oh come now," Itachi said, shifting the two of them so that he was sitting and Sasuke was sitting partially in his lap, the boy's smooth, round rump resting on the growing lump in Itachi's trousers. "I'm about to fuck your ass, you must want to say something." Itachi's hands trailed down Sasuke's thin arms as he waited for the boy to respond. His hands were big enough to completely encircled Sasuke's arms, showing how under-fed the slave was.

Sasuke shivered as master-sama's hands slid along the flesh of his arms, occasionally wrapping around and squeezing slightly. Sasuke was not sure what master-sama was asking of him when he said that Sasuke must have something to say; after all, Sasuke was just a possession, he didn't have opinions or things to say about anything. Old master-sama had occasionally enjoyed hearing Sasuke beg; perhaps that was what master-sama wanted from him. He decided to give it a try.

"M-master-sama…" he said cautiously, still nervous about speaking without being spoken to.

"Yes, Sasuke? Tell me what you want." Itachi moved his hands to grip Sasuke's hips, and he ground his hard member into Sasuke's soft bottom. The older Uchiha knew he wouldn't be able to hold out for much longer – the urge to pound the boy into the mattress was getting too strong.

"Master-sama," Sasuke took a deep breath and made his voice as submissive and pleading as he could, "please do not punish me too severely. I belong to you and I am ours to do with as you will, but I beg you, please do not hurt your slave." Sasuke tensed as the words passed his lips; he hadn't meant to say so much! Surely master-sama would beat him for an outburst like that. The boy shut his eyes tightly, tilting his head back and exposing his vulnerable throat in a last expression of submission. "Please, master, show mercy." He sat very still, quivering with expectations of pain, but Itachi-sama did not strike him like he'd feared.

Itachi smirked and ran a rough finger across Sasuke's fragile neck. "Very well then." Sasuke shuddered at the contact but couldn't move away. "Since you asked so nicely, I'll take it easy on you. Do exactly as I say and you may even enjoy it." Itachi's hand ran over the boy's thin chest through the material of his shirt and pinched a nipple, enjoying Sasuke's gasp. "Oh, relax, boy. I wasn't really angry with you. I just wanted an excuse to do this –" he broke off and twisted the fingers still clamped around Sasuke's nub; he yelped and suppressed a whine.

The part about doing exactly what his master said comforted the terrified slave somewhat; following orders was his specialty, after all, so if what master-sama said was true then there might actually be some hope for Sasuke. He was grateful that master-sama had listened to his pleading to a certain degree – after all, Uchiha-master-sama owned Sasuke; he could do whatever he wanted with him and his body. Sasuke was thankful that master-sama had decided to 'take it easy on him' as master had put it.

"What – aah…" Sasuke broke off as Itachi's fingers roughly scraped over both his nipples at once, causing pleasure and pain in equal measures. "What is your command, master-sama?"

"For starters, it's just 'master', not 'master-sama.'"

"Yes, master."

"Good boy. Now get off the bed and take off your clothing."

"Yes master." Sasuke hurriedly slid off Itachi's lap and stripped off his shirt, revealing the creamy milk-white expanse of his chest and back. His pants quickly followed, and Itachi's pants suddenly felt several sizes too small as the boy's smooth legs and ass came into view. Sasuke hesitated for a split second before taking off his boxers; Sasuke had never had sex before, especially with another male, so he was a little nervous. Still, the terror of his master lay too close to the surface to hesitate for long – Sasuke finished stripping and returned to the bed, keeping his eyes down submissively and hoping his master hadn't seen his hesitation in carrying out his order.

No such luck. "Sasuke, why did you hesitate?" Sasuke gulped fearfully.

"I – I'm sorry, Master-sama –"

"Just master, and you're not answering my question."

Sasuke cringed, all hopes of a merciful punishment disappearing. Seeing that master-sama was still waiting for his answer, he said quietly, "I – I'm sorry master, it's just that…" Itachi shifted on the bed, causing a nervous pause in Sasuke's words.

"Go on," the older man said, trying to sound calming.

"I have never had sex before," the boy admitted. Sasuke was still expecting master-sama to be angry with him for not obeying his order completely and immediately, so his next words shocked him.

"Oh, is that all?" Itachi was honestly surprised; from what he had gathered from Sasuke's reactions to him, his old master had been very abusive. Itachi had simply assumed that that included sex.

Sasuke nodded quickly, looking as if he were attempting to melt into the floor. He was obviously terrified, and for a moment Itachi almost felt bad for frightening the boy. It almost made him reconsider how he had planned on doing this.


Itachi smirked the infamous Uchiha smirk again, and Sasuke almost wilted in place; he was sure he'd angered master-sama now.

"Well then," Itachi said, sitting up and motioning Sasuke over. Sasuke debated running out of the room, but the punishment for that would surely be worse than what was coming. "I'll make sure to hold back a bit with you. Wouldn't want you to break." At this Sasuke began to quiver again, and tears began to form in his ruby eyes.

"Hey," Itachi said softly, reaching out towards Sasuke. Sasuke flinched and squeezed his eyes shut, but Itachi only brushed a tear away and laid his rough palm carefully over Sasuke's smooth cheek. "It's alright, boy. No need to be afraid. What I said earlier still applies – do exactly as I say, and you might actually enjoy this."

Sasuke glanced at his master cautiously. "Yes… master."

Itachi smirked again.

"Well then." And without further warning, he grabbed Sasuke and swung him back onto the bed, twisting so that he ended up on top of the smaller, naked form. Sasuke yelped at the sudden movement, but Itachi ignored it and bit the boy's collarbone lightly, hard enough to leave a mark and cause Sasuke to writhe underneath him.

Itachi began ravishing Sasuke's milky skin with his teeth and tongue, biting roughly before soothing the area with the wet organ. He quickly located Sasuke's sweet spots and focused on them; the boy was particularly sensitive underneath the ears, directly on his jawline, and Itachi discovered with delight that the slave seemed to enjoy it when he was rougher with him. Sasuke slowly relaxed, seemingly beginning to understand that Itachi was not going to beat or punish him, and he stopped flinching every time his master made a quick move, although the apprehension refused to leave his eyes.

Fuck going slow, Itachi thought as desire ripped through him.

Sasuke had just about relaxed completely when suddenly his master got off him and slipped of his pants, revealing white boxers with a mountainous bulge in the middle. Sasuke's eyes widened.

He's not going to put that inside me, is he? Sasuke's stomach dropped when Itachi took his massive dick out of the confines of his boxers and approached again. Oh gods, he is! I can't take that, I'll tear! "Master…" Sasuke whimpered pitifully and cast his owner a pleading glance when Itachi crawled onto the bed and over top the slave again.

Instead of slamming directly into him as Sasuke was afraid of, master reached forward towards Sasuke's face, and the submissive partner cringed and shut his eyes reflexively. He felt fingers at his lips, and Sasuke opened his eyes and cast a questioning look at his owner.

"Suck them," Itachi ordered. "It'll be easier on you." Sasuke obeyed quickly and opened his mouth, and Itachi slipped his fingers inside while Sasuke suckled them gently. The slave's mouth as warm and inviting, and his master's cock hardened even further at the feel of Sasuke's tongue licking along his fingers.

Soon Itachi was happy with Sasuke's work and pulled his appendages out of Sasuke's hot, wet mouth. Sasuke asked him with his eyes what his master wanted him to do next.

"Turn over," Itachi rasped. His tone was darker and rougher, much less controlled and more domineering, and it sent shudders down Sasuke's back.

The dark-haired boy flipped over immediately, following his owner's order to the letter. Itachi leaned sideways for a moment and slid a drawer in the bed-side table open. He fished around for a moment before he returned to Sasuke, setting an object beside Sasuke on the bed and holding the other. Sasuke couldn't see exactly what was in his master's hand, but he hoped that it wasn't a whip or something like.

The slave was distracted from his fear for a moment when Itachi roughly grabbed his delicate hands with his other free hand and dragged the slave upwards so that he was half kneeling, half hanging. Sasuke whimpered when he felt something snap shut around his wrists and realized that his master had handcuffed him to the bed. Or specifically, the headboard.

Itachi owned one of those big, intricate beds, the type that have headboards that are around four feet high just by themselves. Sasuke's hands were chained to the top of said headboard, which left his bare arms stretched above his head. It was too high for him to kneel but to low to stand, so he just waited uncomfortably. The position gave Itachi a very nice view of his slave's ass, and he gave it an experimental pinch.

Real fear flashed behind Sasuke's eyes when Itachi picked up the other object – or, objects. What Sasuke had thought was one thing was actually two; a blindfold and a black leather collar.

Sasuke cringed and begged with his eyes as Itachi came up beside him and put the collar on, tightening it till it was almost painful. Itachi ignored his slave's nonverbal pleas and went to fasten the blindfold on, but Sasuke jerked away. "Sasuke," his master growled warningly. Sasuke whined in terror but didn't obey, temporarily more afraid of what would be done to him once the blindfold was over his eyes than what his master would do with him if he refused.

Itachi growled and, without warning, plunged two fingers up to the hilt in Sasuke's ass. Sasuke screamed in pain and shock, throwing his head back, and Itachi slipped the blindfold over his eyes and fastened it behind his head.

Sasuke whimpered but Itachi ignored him completely, once again leaving the bed and going over to the bed-side table. He pulled a thin black ribbon out and went back to Sasuke, smirking. Sasuke listened to him move closer, and the bed dipped as once again Itachi crawled onto the bed beside his tied and helpless slave.

Itachi observed the blindfolded and chained boy and smirked. Just one more thing before I can fuck him senseless. Itachi slipped an arm around Sasuke's thin waist and yanked him up, so that he was half kneeling on the bed and half hanging from his handcuffed arms. Sasuke whimpered again, and Itachi could feel the tremors of fear coming off him.

Sasuke gasped and cried out when his master's hand grasped his limp member roughly in an iron grip, making him cringe away from him. Something fastened around the base, and Sasuke realized that it was basically a cock ring. So, master wasn't planning on letting him cum.

Itachi got off the bed but stood close, so that he could touch Sasuke but Sasuke couldn't feel from the dip of the bed where he was. "Spread your legs," he commanded.

Sasuke, fearing further punishment, did as he was ordered and spread his milky thighs wide, allowing his master a clear view of his pink hole and porcelain skin. An ordinary person would be ashamed by this point, but Sasuke was so used to being degraded and punished that the situation he found himself in was hardly embarrassing. Yes, he feared what his owner may do to him, and he certainly did not like being tied and blindfolded, but it was better than being beaten unconscious or whipped till he passed out from pain, like his previous master had enjoyed doing.

Sasuke's thoughts were abruptly interrupted as Itachi crawled onto the bed behind him, Sasuke facing away from him, and ran a finger across one pearly white ass cheek. The elder then started massaging both fleshy cheeks with his hands, spreading them and squeezing them, alternating rough and gentle.

Then, Itachi slapped Sasuke. Not hard, but the slave jumped and yelped in surprise. The patch of skin on Sasuke's behind that Itachi had hit turned a delicious rose color, and with that Itachi lost the remains of his control.

Sasuke's saliva had long since dried off his fingers, so Itachi quickly spat on his hand before ramming two fingers into Sasuke's sensitive ass. Sasuke arched his back and let out a pained groan, hands gripping the headboard. Itachi began pumping his fingers quickly, sliding the digits in and out of Sasuke's wet heat.

Sasuke tensed at the first intrusion, but soon he realized that if he relaxed it hurt less. So he just stayed in that kneeling position, only spreading his legs wider when ordered to by a very horny Itachi. So far, it was not too painful, and Sasuke was just beginning to think that perhaps this was all there would be to this punishment, when Itachi hit something inside of him that made him see stars.

"Aaaahh- AAAHH!" the slave screamed, unconsciously trying to move away from the fingers striking his prostrate. However, his bound position made it impossible to move far, and Sasuke had no choice but to lay there as his master continued pumping his fingers in and out of his hole. Sasuke's tied cock began to harden, but the ribbon fastened at the base would prevent him from cumming till his master allowed it.

Itachi added a third finger, and Sasuke tensed again and whimpered at the larger object in his ass. The slave moaned wantonly as his master hit his sweet spot, and his voice went straight to Itachi's member.

The older Uchiha withdrew his fingers, leaving Sasuke's ass looking rather empty. However, hardly had the human possession had time to relax and catch his breath when Sasuke felt something much larger than three fingers pressed up against his entrance.

The memory of his master' massive size came flooding back, as well as all the fear that had disappeared with Itachi's fingers pounding his prostrate. Itachi pressed forward, sheathing just the tip of his cock in Sasuke's entrance, and the boy whimpered an incoherent plea. "Master…"

At the small sound, Itachi paused. Sasuke's naked, pale body was flushed in places and milky-smooth in others, and the entirety of the small form was trembling. With a small sigh, Itachi leaned forward so that his front touched Sasuke's back and whispered in his ear, "It's alright, Sasuke. I'm not going to hurt you, just play with you a bit. Make things interesting, and maybe I'll let you cum."

And with that, Itachi jerked his hips forward fully, completely encasing his eight-and-a-half inch cock inside Sasuke's virgin entrance. The master moaned in bliss and the slave shrieked in pain, both unaware of anything besides the powerful sensations swirling through their bodies. Sasuke tensed around the intrusion and instinctively tried to close his legs, but Itachi grabbed his thighs and held them apart firmly.

Itachi didn't wait long for Sasuke to adjust; he simply pulled out and slammed in to the hilt again, making Sasuke cry out in pain. "Aaaah, master!" Sasuke wasn't even sure what he wanted anymore; the pain was immense, but there was a faint hint of pleasure as Itachi-master-sama pounded into his ass, still forcefully holding his legs open. Still, the agony of being torn from the inside far outweighed any pleasure the slave was feeling, and for the first time in a few minutes, Sasuke considered the possibility that master-sama really did mean to hurt him.

Sasuke lost all coherent thought when Itachi's length hit something inside of him, making his hips jerk backwards and his back arch, screaming. "Aaaah, ah! Mas – oh, MASTER! Aaahh…"

"Does that feel good, brat?" Itachi demanded roughly. When Sasuke didn't reply immediately, Itachi fisted a handful of his silky black hair and jerked it backward, making Sasuke yelp in between his moans. The master did not slow his fucking as he pulled on Sasuke's hair, using the grip to thrust that much deeper into the boy's tight heat. "I asked a question, brat! How does it feel?" To demonstrate his point Itachi thrust particularly deep and stayed pressed inside, his balls firmly pushed up against the slave's tight hole.

Sasuke moaned in ecstasy as his master's dick pressed up against his prostrate and stayed there, making his legs tremble and his mouth open in a silent scream. He tried desperately to find coherent words in an attempt to answer his master's question. "It – aaaah, master… it feels amazing… master…" Itachi shifted inside him, and Sasuke whimpered in a mixture of agony and mind-blowing pleasure.

"That's right, it feels good," Itachi snarled into Sasuke's ear. "Tell me how good it feels!" He pulled out and pushed inside again, going slowly. He then reached around Sasuke's body, and his calloused hands found Sasuke's nipples. He pinched and squeezed them, causing Sasuke to gasp and buck against his hands. Itachi smirked and then thrust deeply inside his slave while at the same time twisting his nubs cruelly; Sasuke screamed and convulsed, collapsing against the headboard so that the handcuffs were the only thing keeping him up.

Itachi moved his hands and yanked the boy's back half up, giving him better access to the little pink hole, which he began to fuck ruthlessly. "Tell me how it feels," he snarled again. He let out a moan as Sasuke clamped down on his length again, but other than that he stayed in control.

"I – it feels – Aaah, master – so good – please – master- more, please master, give me more -"

Itachi smirked at the barley understandable response.

Sasuke's body thumped dully against the headboard from the force of Itachi's pounding, but the slave was not aware of anything other than the searing pleasure. Without even realizing it he was moaning and gasping for his master, and his own dick, limp till that point, began to stiffen and harden.

"Who does this body belong to?" Itachi growled, shoving his cock deeply into the slave's hole, earning a gasp and a loud moan. "Who do you belong to, brat?" Sasuke's hands clutched fruitlessly at the headboard as he struggled to respond.

"Uuhh – you, master! I belong to – aaahh! – you, master – ah! Master!"

"That's right," the older Uchiha snarled. "Mine. My little fuck toy, my property."

"Yes – master," Sasuke gasped out.

Itachi fell silent after that and focused on pounding his slave into the headboard. Sasuke's dick was painfully swollen by that point, and Itachi was surprised that the boy wasn't complaining; but then, the slave was expecting this to be a punishment, so perhaps he thought submitting himself to Itachi meant not complaining about the discomfort.

Itachi spread Sasuke's legs a little wider and lifted him up higher, giving him a better angle. He then doubled the speed with which he thrust into his slave's tiny little ass, and was rewarded with a piercing scream of pleasure.

"Ooh, Master! MASTER! Aaahh, please…"

"What do you want, slave?" Itachi breathed heavily into Sasuke's ear. "Tell master."

"I want to – aaarg!" Itachi thrust particularly deep, and Sasuke quivered and arched his back. Itachi was sure that if he hadn't put the cock ring on the brat, he would've cum by that point. "Please master, I want to cum. Please, master – ah!" Sasuke broke off with a gasp as Itachi reached around and began stroking his length, while still pounding into his ass. Sasuke was reduced to a whimpering, moaning mess, crying pleas for his master to please, please let him cum.

"You wanna cum?" Itachi rasped, scraping his nails lightly over Sasuke's throbbing member and sending jolts of pleasurable pain though the smaller body.

"Uh – yes, master, please may I cum? Please, master... uhh..."

Itachi smirked and undid the ribbon, but pinched the area before his slave could release.

"Uuuuaaaahhhhhh, maaaassteer!" Sasuke moaned and arched his back again, wordlessly begging Itachi to stop torturing him and let him cum.

Itachi thrust harder, going deeper, faster, harder, ruthlessly pounding into his slave's tiny hole. Sasuke was screaming constantly now, eyes squeezed shut and legs spread wide.

Soon Itachi felt his own orgasm coming on and shifted his grip on Sasuke's dick to hold onto his round hips for better leverage. Sasuke screamed louder as Itachi held his hips still and plunged his massive cock even deeper into his entrance. Then, Itachi had an idea.

The master began to channel chalkra into his thrusts, giving them more power and speed than he would normally be capable of. The pleasure reached new heights as Itachi's dick pounded repeatedly into Sasuke's prostrate, causing them both to groan.

Itachi felt his release coming and released his fingers, which were still pinching the base of Sasuke's member.

"Cum," he snarled roughly as he let go, Sasuke shaking uncontrollably as he did so. "Cum for your master!"

Sasuke's head was thrown back and his entire body tensed and arched against the handcuffs as his orgasm overtook him. White flashed before his eyes, and he spasmed uncontrollably and convulsed in the throes of his release as cum sprayed from the end of his abused cock. Then the hot walls of his hole tightened around Itachi's thrusting dick, sending his master over the edge as well. With a grunt Itachi thrust in deep one last time, shoving his entire cock into Sasuke; his balls tightened and pressed against Sasuke's smooth ass and his cum spurted deeply inside the slave, filling him.

After his orgasm Sasuke collapsed, exhausted and over-loaded. He hung limply from the chains on his wrists, cum and a little blood trickling from his ass and down his thighs, breathing heavily. His head slumped forward, raven hair surrounding his face, and his knees buckled. Itachi wasn't even sure if the boy was still conscious anymore.

Itachi considered leaving his cock inside his slave, but the poor boy looked extremely tired, so he pulled his deflated dick out of his entrance with a soft sucking sound. Sasuke didn't react at all, just remained hanging from his wrists.

A powerful urge to just lay down on the bed and sleep overtook Itachi, but he fought it off in favour of finding the key and unlocking Sasuke's restraints.

From his position at the head of the bed, Sasuke's mind was a jumble from the powerful sensations he's just been put through. He could feel sleep tugging at him like a black hole, but he stubbornly refused to go completely unconscious. There was some reason why he shouldn't fall asleep, but it momentarily alluded him.

Then he felt someone's hands gently grasping his waist and lowering him to the bed, and he realised that his hands must have been freed. Then, he remembered why he shouldn't relax; master was still there.

With a jolt Sasuke recalled the last and only time he'd fallen asleep around his first master – he'd been exhausted from a long day of work and then a beating, and master-sama had thrown him to the floor of his bedroom. Instead of crawling away, Sasuke had simply collapsed where he lay, and when Master-sama found him there he'd been very angry with him.

Sasuke instinctively tried to sit up and distance himself from the arms wrapped around his waist, which he realised with some fear belonged to his owner.

"Hey," Itachi whispered soothingly to Sasuke when he tensed. "It's alright, you can sleep."

"But – but master-sama!" the slave protested.

"But nothing," Itachi replied, uncharacteristically gentle. "You're tired." The older Uchiha brushed a strand of ebony hair away from his slave's face, ignoring the way Sasuke flinched when his hand neared his cheek. "You did well."

Sasuke paused in shock. Master-sama didn't just say Sasuke did well, did he? He must have, because that's what Sasuke's ears heard. "Th-thank you, Master-sama?" he replied hesitantly.

Itachi smiled and pulled Sasuke's still-naked form against his own as he lay down. He pulled a blanket over the both of them and pulled Sasuke close, ignoring the nervous tremours running through the smaller male's form. "It's okay, Sasuke," he said softly, laying a gentle kiss on the exposed flesh of Sasuke's neck. "You can relax. I'm not going to do that again for a little, and I won't hurt you." Sasuke nodded nervously and tried to relax his stiff muscles. "Did you enjoy it?" Sasuke froze at the question.

"Wh-what? I, um…" Sasuke trailed off. "I do not have preferences or opinions outside your own, master-sama."

Itachi smirked and smoothed his hand down Sasuke's leg to carasse his thigh, noting with amusement the goose bumps that formed on the boy's pale skin. "It's okay, you can tell me the truth. If you didn't like it, then we don't have to do it again. I won't force you. If, however you did like it…" Itachi stopped with a rather perverted grin. "Well, if you did like it, then I think we've found something better than cleaning the house and washing dishes for you to do."

Sasuke hesitated, a little blush forming on his cheeks, before he said quietly, "Um… no, Uchiha-master-sama, I… I liked it." He looked away, but Itachi just smirked.

"I thought so."

Itachi tightened his grip around the smaller boy, and Sasuke smiled slightly. Sure, he'd just been raped by his master, but somehow, it didn't feel like rape. Sasuke hesitantly snuggled closer, burying his face in his master's chest. Itachi was surprised at first, but then he returned the embrace fully.

That went well, Itachi thought in satisfaction as he looked down at his slave – or his lover – curled up in his arms. "Oi, Sasuke?" he asked quietly, not sure if the boy was asleep or not.

"Yes, master?" Apparently he was not.

"How would you like to be my boyfriend, instead of my slave?"

Sasuke tensed under the covers, but then relaxed again almost immediately. "I – I would like that," he replied timidly. Itachi smiled.

"Good. But you still have to call me master in the bedroom."

A little smile tilted Sasuke's delicate lips. "Yes, master."

The two fell silent after that, and soon Itachi was asleep. Sasuke quickly followed suit, but just before his consciousness faded, he realised something.

I'm happy. It was a strange, foreign feeling for the young, former slave – never before in his life had he been truly happy. He looked at his master's sleeping faceand smiled. Yes, he was happy.

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