Hey all! Thanks so much to everyone who reviewed, it really means the world to me. Here's a little something I wrote a while back (And I do mean little, it's really short) and I figured I'd throw it in here just because. It's set sometime after Itachi and Sasuke first get together but before the aquarium scene, not even sure exactly where.

"Keep staring like that and your eyes are going to fall out of your head." Sasuke huffed a breath that was somewhere between a laugh and an embarrassed protest, tearing his eyes away from the TV.

"Well, I've got a lot of catching up to do." It remained unsaid, but the fact that Sasuke hadn't had the opportunity to watch much television as a slave weighed heavily in the conversation.

"Guess we'll just have to fix that then. But maybe later." Itachi gave the slighter male a little smile and came to sit beside him on the couch, leaning over to give him a kiss. "Those eyes are far too pretty to waste on telly. And not just because they're the sharingan sometimes."

Sasuke blushed a bit at the compliment, still unused to receiving them. "Yeah, well, it's not like-" Itachi kissed him again, and he smiled into the kiss, before continuing, "not like I had much of a -" another kiss, and Sasuke was losing his train of thought - "Much of a chance to catch up on Firefly-" one more kiss, and god damn it, Sasuke was hooked.

Itachi smirked shamelessly at Sasuke's annoyed huff, before moving so the younger could climb onto his lap, things on either side of his waist and lips almost touching. "You're distracting," Sasuke muttered, laying a barely-there kiss on the corner of Itachi's mouth.

"I could say the same," Itachi responded, running his hands up Sasuke's sides, then down to his waist, stopping just above the swell of his ass. The younger whined in annoyance, before a sly look entered his eyes and he ground down with his hips, sending a cascade of sensation through Itachi's groin.

"Little tease," the ninja muttered, pulling Sasuke closer. He kissed him again, harder this time, in an effort to wipe the smug expression off his face. "I'm going to have to get you back for that one."

Sasuke smirked, the expression making his face look eerily like Itachi's. "I'm counting on it... Master."

Oh, god. It didn't even matter how many times they did this, how many times they had wild, kinky sex, that always got Itachi hard.

"And I reiterate. Little tease."

Both of them gave a small, breathless chuckle, weirdly in synch, and then words were lost as they started moving against each other, kissing, pressing closer, Itachi's hands moving to grasp Sasuke's rounded ass, Sasuke's touch sliding up and down his seme's chest.

In one motion the two of them lay back on the couch, Sasuke on his back, Itachi caging his body in with his arms, the gesture at once both dominant and possessive.

"I love you," Sasuke murmured, and then froze, realizing that throughout all the time they'd spent together, all the times they'd had sex, all the times Itachi had said it, the younger had never actually brought it up. But then Itachi was giving him one of his rare smiles, the ones that meant he was truly happy, and he leaned down to brush their noses together, the motion decidedly non-sexual.

"I love you too, little one. So fucking much."

Sasuke blushed again and ducked his head into Itachi's chest, effectively hiding. He felt the older's body move with his quiet laugh, and he moved with him easily as Itachi shifted the two of them so they were laying down. Sasuke was half on top of him, curled up on his chest, and Itachi had a hand draped over the uke's waist, his other arm curled up around Sasuke's head and fingers stroking through his hair.

The previous sexual feelings of the scene had abated somewhat, forced aside by the one thing that was more important. It was kind of nice, actually- the two of them'd been having so much bedroom time recently, it was almost a pleasant change just to spend time together without things going in that direction.

"Oh, if my father could see me now," Itachi muttered, nuzzling into Sasuke's neck. The younger Uchiha bit his lip at the ticklish sensation and cast him a curious glance. They'd been together for a little while now, but Itachi still rarely talked about his family.

"What would he have said?"

Itachi didn't respond immediately, choosing instead to bury his face in Sasuke's dark locks and breath in his scent. "He would have liked you, I think. Well, I mean-" he broke off. "He wouldn't have liked us together, continuing the line and all that, but he'd've like you."

Sasuke nodded, considering. That was actually something he hadn't considered – the continuation of the Uchiha line. Because if he and Itachi-sama were the last (or at least, the last that weren't rouge) did that mean they had some sort of responsibility to re-populate? God, he hoped not. "Does that -" Sasuke hesitated, still unused to being able to ask questions whenever he wanted, especially sensitive ones. "Does that mean that one day you're going to have to have a kid with someone?"

"Wh-" Well, of all the things for Sasuke to say, Itachi hadn't been expecting that. "No, of course not. Maybe a hundred years ago it would've been expected, and if the clan was still functioning properly it'd be implied, but – no. Sasuke," he said seriously, tilting his head down so he could see the other's face properly. "I love you. And I have no intentions of being involved with anyone else. Ever."

Sasuke nodded, jealous instincts sated for now. "Good." And then he added, just in case there was any doubt, "Me neither. Obviously."

Itachi held back a smirk and agreed, "Obviously."

The both of them fell quiet after that, just basking in the closeness and affection of the other. Itachi's been lonely for far too long, and Sasuke hadn't been touched without pain in years... so neither of them had any qualms about spending the next three hours curled up on the couch together, and when the show they were only half-watching ended they spent the rest of the time whispering quiet, sappy nothings to each other, revelling in this new, bizarre thing they had together.

"We should do this more often," Sasuke muttered sleepily, head resting comfortably on Itachi's shoulder. The elder hummed in agreement, not bothering with a coherent response. Sasuke snorted quietly in amusement at how easily the other was dropping off, arms wrapped firmly around his middle. "And you claim to be such a badass ninja."

Said badass ninja cracked an eye open, mock-glaring at his smirking boyfriend. "Damn straight."

Sasuke let out a quiet chuckle and snuggled in more securely, and Itachi tightened the embrace he had around the other's middle, perfectly content for the first time in what felt like forever.

Damn, the elder thought just before he dropped off to sleep. Sasuke's right, we definitely need to do this more often.

All fluff, no sex. I'm sorry, it's been so long since I wrote anything graphic I'm afraid I'm kind of out of practice. There will definitely be more lemons later though.