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He ran through the battlefield, stumbling over dead bodies in the thick smoke of gun and cannon fire. As he ran, all he could think about was himself, getting out alive, making sure they hadn't burned his puppets. He had to live. Lost in his thoughts he missed the shout to duck and was pushed to the ground. He turned to yell when he saw a man with long blonde hair laying on the ground bleeding, the man had taken a bullet for him. He gasped and rolled the man over to view his wound, it wasn't fatal but he was losing blood fast. He picked up the bleeding man and ran, ran from the battlefield to his home.

He returned to the table where he had laid the man and began to treat his wound. Once the bullet had been removed and the hole patched, he gave the man a liquid to help ease the pain and let him sleep. He left and walked into his room and saw his favorite stuffed scorpion, Hiruko, sitting on his bed, he hesitantly picked it up and help it close. He walked back into the room where the man lay and gently put Hiruko beside him. He smiled to himself and walked back into his room and fell into a deep sleep.

He awoke from his sleep the next morning and walked out to check on the man to find him sitting up, holding Hiruko and looking closely at it. The man turned to face him and smiled.

"Thank you for saving me, if you hadn't I would've just died like all the others, un. I'm Deidara, whats your name, un?", the man said. He just stared at the man now known as Deidara.

"If you must know, my name is Sasori. I was only returning the favor you did for me. Are you okay? I did all i could for the wound but I'll need to check it to make sure it doesn't start to bleed or cause you pain.", he, known as Sasori, answered. Deidara set Hiruko down and pulled up his shirt to look at the wound, the white strips used to wrap the wound had no blood on them so he dropped his shirt.

"It slightly hurts, un, but theres no blood so it hasn't reopened.", Deidara said and stared at Sasori, he didn't look more than 15, but he knew better than to judge by looks. Sasori walked away from him and began fixing the pair some breakfast. He returned quickly holding the plates of bread and rice to Deidara observing Hiruko again.

"Ah, Deidara would you please be careful with that? It was a gift from my parents before they died, its my only thing i have left of them so i would appreciate it if you set it down.", Sasori said with worry evident in his voice, the toy was very special to him and he wished no harm to be brought to it. The pair ate in silence, Deidara was first to finish, he had eaten like he hadn't eaten in weeks.

"Sasori, I couldn't help but notice you appear very young, un, how old are you exactly?", Deidara asked hesitantly, he knew Sasori was probably self conscious about the fact. He could see Sasori visibly stiffen before turning to face Deidara.

"You are not the first to notice my young looks but in reality, i am 35, i was used as a spy by the Akatsuki to gather information on our enemies. You look pretty young yourself, how old are you?", Sasori said while tilting his head and watching Deidara's reaction, he seemed rather shocked.

"Well, I'm 19, un, but there seems to be a problem present, I am your enemy, my village was fighting against the Akatsuki, I have to choice but to kill you, un.", Deidara replied while pulling a throwing star from his sleeve. In no time the star was thrown but Sasori easily dodged.

"Tsk, brat. I saved your life and you turn around and try to kill me. If i had known you were my enemy you never would've made it off the battlefield. Much less to the meal i just served you, which i would've poisoned if you weren't so damn cute.", Sasori said with a grunt, his eyes grew wide with realization of what he had just said. He looked up to see Deidara standing above him, wearing a smirk on his perfect, pink lips that he could just de-NO! Sasori would not think about that with an enemy! Much less a man almost 20 years young than him, Deidara was practically a child! Deidara saw this hesitation and took the time to close the space between them and crush their lips together. Sasori on the other hand, would have none of it. He pushed Deidara away, sending him into the table with a thud.

"Brat, I recommend you behave yourself while I'm letting you recover here, or I won't hesitate to kill you next time. Now stay in here and don't touch anything or I'll reopen your wound and tie you to the table to bleed to death.", Sasori said sternly as he walked from the room. Once Sasori was back in his room he touched his lips, the brat had stolen his first kiss! He sighed and sat at his workdesk and picked up the last puppet he was working on and set to work to tune out the world.

Deidara sat back down on the table and stared at the floor, his long blonde locks falling around his face. He couldn't stop thinking of the redhead in the other room, with his muddy brown eyes and- what was he thinking? The man had threatened to kill him! But still.. Deidara couldn't hold back his thoughts and let his mind run wild while his hand creeped into his pants.

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