Sasori stopped working when he heard a crash in the other room where Deidara was staying. He abruptly put down his puppet and stormed into the other room, ready to yell at the blonde for breaking something. Sasori stopped at the doorway of the other room and stared at the mess the blonde had made. Deidara had blown up a small bomb in the room and was passed out against the wall while the whole room was a mess, nothing of value was broken but everything was covered in black soot.

"Brat! What did I say about touching my things!", Sasori growled, glaring at the unconscious blonde. Deidara only mumbled something and attempted to sit up.

"Sorry Danna , un, but I was only making art, you can't blame me for it, it exploded on accident, un.", Deidara snapped back, returning the glare from the older man. Sasori just shook his head.

"Art is eternal brat, that bomb was not art.", Sasori retorted.

"Art is a bang, un!", Deidara shouted before jumping up.

"Tsk. Damn brat. Art is eternal, like my puppets", Sasori said while shaking his head at the blonde. "If you need me, I'll be in my room, its in the back.", Sasori said and walked from the room. He would deal with the mess the blonde made after he made a poison that would be sure to kill Deidara.

Deidara watched Sasori leave and slumped against the wall again, his plan had backfired. He had wanted the redhead to help him up and clean the room with him. It appeared that he'd have to resort to other measure to sleep with him. Deidara walked to the back of the house, searching for the room Sasori had been talking about. He was having no luck, but, he saw under one of the doors the glow of a candle and quietly pushed the door open. Inside sat Sasori, leaning over a work bench.

"Sasori no Danna?", Deidara asked, Sasori jumped and turned to face the blonde, the redhead had obviously been out of it.

"Tsk, brat what do you want?", Sasori said, his breathing still a bit shaky from the scare Deidara had given him. Deidara pouted cutely.

"Well, un, its getting late and I was wondering where I was going to sleep, un. You see, the table isn't exactly comfortable, un..", Deidara mumbled.

"Brat I don't care about your comfort.", Sasori said, he wanted the blonde to leave so he could finish his puppet.

"But Danna, un!", Deidara cried, stepping toward the redhead.

"No buts brat, go back to the living room. I don't have time for you right now. I have to finish this puppet or I don't get paid. Now if you're planning to stay here for a while, then I assume you want to eat, correct?", the blonde only nodded, "Good no go and start to clean up so it won't be as much work for me later.", Sasori finished as the blonde pouted again and walked out, slamming the door behind him. Sasori smirked, Deidara was such a blonde, he just didn't want him to see that the puppet was of him.

"Stupid Danna.. Looks like I'll have to take it up a notch.", Deidara said to himself with a devious smile on his face.

When Sasori walked back into the living room to find it clean and he smiled to himself, maybe the blonde wasn't too bad. He walked into the kitchen and began to work on dinner. As he cooked, he pulled out the poison he'd made to kill the blonde, stared at it then poured it into the blondes food.

"Brat, dinner's ready!", Sasori called and the blonde came bounding into the room.

"Smells delicious Danna un!~", Deidara said, taking a whiff of the air. The blonde plopped into his seat as the redhead set his food in front of him. He smiled at the blonde, as if to say 'go ahead', so the blonde did and his plate was empty within a minute. "Yummy~", Deidara sighed. He looked up to see the redhead smirking at him and raised his eyebrow. "Something i should know Danna, un?", Deidara asked skepticly.

"Nothing at all brat, now goodbye.", as Sasori said that Deidara felt his world go black.

Deidara woke up ontop of Sasori's bed, he looked over to see Sasori holding up a puppet of himself, looking it over for imperfections.

"I'm sorry Deidara... I didn't want to kill you, you know... You really did have such a pretty face, but this puppet, he is perfect. If i couldn't have you, I still have him.", the redhead softly said to the puppet and hugged it tight. The blonde frowned, he didn't understand what was going on.

"Danna, why are you talking like I'm dead, un?", Deidara asked and watched Sasori drop the puppet and turn his head to him with a look of complete shock on his face.

"D-deidara you're a-alive? I-i thought the poison had killed you for s-sure!", Sasori stuttered out. The blonde shook his head and sat up.

"Danna, all that happened to me was i passed out, un, why did you poison me? Why did you make a puppet of me? Why did you speak to it so softly, un?", Deidara inquired. Before he could get an answer, there was aa pair of soft lips against his own. Sasori pulled back and looked into the blondes face while gently stroking his face.

"Then it's true.. Love is the strongest poison..", Sasori said gently and kissed Deidara again. This kiss was different than the one before, it wasn't just to silence Deidara, no, this kiss was full of passion and care. Deidara hesitantly kissed Sasori back and ran his tongue over the redhead's bottom lip. Sasori opened his mouth for the blonde but pushed his tongue into the blone's mouth. The blonde under him shuttered and moaned.

"Danna~ take me un~", that was all it took for Sasori. He ripped off Deidara's clothes and Deidara did the same for him. The pair took a minute to analyze each other, they were both hard and Sasori was obviously bigger than the blonde. Sasori smirked and smiled down at his soon-to-be uke. He held three fingers up to Deidara's face.

"Suck.", was the only command Sasori gave and the blonde eagerly took his fingers into his mouth, running his velvety tongue over the dry fingers. Sasori almost came at the sight. When he thought the finger's were slick enough Deidara let go of them with a pop. Sasori smiled and trailed his hand down Deidara's chest, earning a moan from the younger man. Sasori leaned down and kissed the blonde passionately and gently pushed his finger into the blonde's virgin heat. Deidara winced in pain at the uncomfortable feeling. Sasori pushed a second finger in and Deidara let out a pained groan. Sasori didn't move his fingers for a second but then gently began to scissor them. Deidara's face twisted in pain when Sasori put the third finger in. The redhead apologized by nuzzling the blonde's neck. The blonde just whimpered and clawed at his back. Sasori pulled his finger's from the blonde, said blonde sighed with relief but froze when he felt something hard and much bigger than three fingers at his entrance. The blonde let out a pained scream when he felt Sasori force his dick into Deidara's heat. Sasori kept pushing until he was in to the hilt.

Sasori leaned down and kissed Deidara's tears away. "Shhh it'll get better, just trust me, okay?", Sasori said and the blonde nodded. Sasori slowly pulled out of the blonde and gently pushed back in, he did this until the blonde cried out in pleasure.

"DANNA! Right there~ do that again unnnnnn~", Deidara moaned out when his prostate was struck. Sasori smirked and moved to an angle where he could hit the blonde's prostate dead on.

"Here brat?", Sasori said and purposely missed Deidara's prostate. Deidara growled and shot him a death glare. Sasori smirked again and thrusted in hard, hitting the blonde's prostate, making Deidara see stars.

"H-harder!", Deidara cried as Sasori continued to hit his prostate. Sasori did as he was told and picked up the pace and thrusted even harder into the blonde beneath him. Deidara was turned into a writhing and moaning mess under Sasori and the redhead began to stroke the blonde's hard member in pace with his thrusts.

"SASORI NO DANNA!", Deidara screamed as he came on his and Sasor's chests. Sasori slammed into the blonde a few more times before cumming deep inside Deidara. The redhead pulled out and laid beside the blonde, pulling him close and closing his eyes. "I love you Danna, un.", was the last thing Sasori heard before he slipped into a deep sleep.

Sasori sat up with a start and looked around the room. Everything looked the same as he had left it the night before, suddenly the redhead panicked when he didn't feel Deidara beside him. Sasori ran into the living room and saw there was no trace of the blonde ever being there. He ran back into his room and saw that there was no evidence of the two making love last night. Sasori howled in anger and ran outside. Once outside he fell to his knees screaming about how unfair it was that it had all been a dream.


Sasori looked up to see the blonde from his dreams standing above him, holding a gun at his head.

"You'd think the enemy would be smart enough not to scream and give his place away, un. Anyway, you just made my life so much easier, un. Now die un.", Sasori sat wide eyed, letting the blonde's words sink in.

"Wait Deidara I lov-" BANG. The blonde stared down at the bloody body of the man he'd just killed. Deidara fell to his knees crying.

"I'm sorry Danna, but that was my mission to kill you, un. I had a dream about you last night, and judging by what you were trying to say I think we had the same dream, un.", the blonde stood up and dried his tears. He looked down at the body once more, he lent down and kissed Sasori's forehead. "Rest in peace Danna, maybe I'll meet you in another life." With that the blonde walked away, letting Sasori's lifeless eyes watch the path he walked down.

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