The Who and Why

"Edward? He was banned from here as well, Major." Aro told him.

"We know that, Aro. That is why we met you out here. Tell them, sweet pea." Jasper turned to her.

Madelyn-Mae nodded. "Well, after Edward was banned from Volterra, I went to visit my uncle and his mate as I hadn't seen them for a while. It just so happened that Peter had gotten a glimpse of something going down at the Cullen house. Edward was being all mopey up until six months after I had gotten there, when he decided that I would be an excellent distraction for him while he thought of how to get 'his' Bella back." She said air quoting the word his. "He started talking to me and just hanging around with me. I didn't mind it, at first, having heard about Bella and her being taken against her will by the Volturi, amongst other things. I didn't know, however, that Bella had been human when all this had happened. I also didn't believe half of what he said, as we all know he hates y'all. I thought I would help him get over her. After all, they weren't mates. So, Carlisle invited me to go on a hunt with them. Anyway, Edward came up to me, after I had finished and said that I had the makings of a good vegetarian. I laughed and said that I would stick to human scum. He growled and came closer until he was practically touching me. He said and I quote "You're really pretty, but then again, you are a southern belle. I might even call you beautiful, but no one is as beautiful as my Bella." I smirked at him, and went to find my uncle, having been creped out by Edward. A week later, I declined going hunting with them, as had Edward and Uncle Jasper. Uncle Jasper went to his study, which, by the way, is right underneath the guest bedroom, where I was staying. I was in there reading a book about a Southern family during the Civil War."
"A Civil War buff, just like her uncle." Peter chuckled.

Madelyn-Mae rolled her eyes. "Edward came in and said that he knew what my gift was and wanted me to help him get his Bella back. I listened politely to his scheme, having no intention of actually helping him. After a while, I got bored, and when back to my book. Edward got mad at my lack of interest and pushed me into a corner. He shoved his lips to mine and saying how I would give him the edge he needed. He did a lot of other stuff that needs not be mentioned. In short, if Uncle Jasper hadn't come in when he did, I would've been raped by Edward." She shivered, her face wrinkling in disgust. "Uncle Jasper and I waited for Aunt Alice in his study and then left after packing up our belongings. We were gone by the time the rest of Cullen's came back. While en route to Peter and Charlotte's, Uncle Jasper and Aunt Alice filled me in on everything, that Bella had been human when she first met Edward, how he had left her, and then put her in danger by going to Volterra. We got to Peter and Charlotte's. Peter, being the know-it-all that he is, already knew what had happened and wanted to kill Edward. Uncle Jasper so elegantly told Peter to join the club." She laughed as Peter glared at her. "And here we are now. Aunt Alice and Charlotte thought it be wise to wait and lie low for a bit, giving Edward time to think that he still has a clear path to Bella."
"And what does that long story of yours mean, besides the fact that he still thinks that my Bella is his mate?" Caius growled. Bella released Alice and walked over to Caius. She slipped one hand into his and used the other to draw designs on his arm. It worked in calming him down.
"It means, Caius, that Edward has no intention of letting Bella go. I believe that he means to return to Volterra, despite the death penalty, and get her back. He doesn't care that she's not his mate. She's his singer and therefore in his mind, his property to do with as he pleases. It's rather foolhardy, but no one ever said that Edward had common sense." Jasper told him.

The Whitlock's all nodded in agreement. Madelyn-Mae let out a derisive snort. "Edward is smart, but relies on his mind reading ability too much. His ability makes him arrogant and self-confident. So much so, that he doesn't know how to fight without his gift. That is where his weakness lies. He is so sure of himself and his ability that he doesn't realizes that those who know of his gift have ways of getting around it." Jasper finished.

"Do you have a plan, Major?" Aro asked Jasper.

"We do. Edward will shortly convince the Cullen's that they need to rescue dear Bella. They shall come here, ready for a relatively easy victory, not all expecting that you've been warned or that we are here. Once they are in Volterra, send Demetri out to greet them, but have Alec and Sweet pea out in the shadows. Sweet Pea will work her magic, and you'll have them right where you want them." Jasper replied.

"'Bout time Edward learned that what he's planning is illegal, not to mention sick." Peter muttered.
"What do you expect from someone who's sick in the head?" Madelyn-Mae replied. "Sick, demented little boy, I shall have fun messing with his mind."
"Do the other Cullen's know that Edward and Bella aren't mates?" Aro asked.
"No idea," Madelyn-Mae drawled, then ducked her head. "Sorry, Uncle Jasper."
Jasper dipped his head in her direction, and then turned back to Aro. "The Cullen's' know that she is his singer and believe that since he didn't drain her right away and is taking an interest in her apart from her blood that she is his mate. He's playing with their belief that he's not a monster, and would never disrespect Bella. I don't know about you, Aro, but I think it's time the mask is lifted and the Cullen's see what kind of a monster he really is."
"I agree with that, the arrogant little twit." Caius growled. "I do have one question, however. If you and your mate knew that Bella wasn't the little twit's mate, then why did you come halfway around the world to save his pathetic skin?"
"It's rather simple, actually. If Bella hadn't come here to save Edward, then the two of you would never have met. And even if you had come visiting, Edward wouldn't have let her anywhere near you. You're welcome." Alice replied.
Madelyn-Mae laughed. "Always the matchmaker, aren't you Auntie?"

"Amongst other things," Alice said as she joined Madelyn-Mae in laughing.