Chuck vs The Office

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Chapter 1

He was damn sick of two years at the Buymore. Fixing computers for eleven bucks an hour had not been what he planned to do for the rest of his life when he'd first entered Stanford on scholarship, but there was of course that messy matter of being kicked out for something he hadn't actually done. So after applying for new jobs for a couple of weeks, Chuck Bartowski was ecstatsic when he received the call to be be the new Junior Head of IT and Banes and Co. Industries. Ellie was thrilled for her little brother, Morgan- not so much.

Despite knowing it was good for his best friend Morgan was sad that they would no longer ber working together and tried to pull a few guilt trips to make him stay, but Chuck told him that they'd have Call of Duty night at least once a week making the bearded one happy again.

The day had finally arrived and Chuck dressed in a business suit and his trademark Converse All Stars. The building was massive, at least fifteen storeys by Chuck's estimates, he parked his car and headed into the building, he approached a receptionist- a brown haired girl and asked where he should go.

"Excuse me, um would you happen to know what floor IT is on?" he asked politely.

"You're the new guy right? Mr Banes said something about that. Bartruski? Right?"

"Bartowski," he corrected.

"Uh huh," the receptionist says while texting someone back on her phone. "Um fifth floor. Ask Bob for Goodwin."

"Thanks," Chuck replies before stepping into an elevator. He presses the button for the fifth floor, excited and nervous about the new job. Chuck exited the elevator and approached the IT department. There was a man with dark hair looking at a computer screen, he guessed it was Bob.

"Um excuse me, are you Bob?" Chuck asked.

"Yes I am!" the man smiled. "And you are?" the guy was unusually energetic, Chuck thought.

"Chuck, Chuck Bartowski I'm the new junior head of IT, the girl downstarirs told me to ask you for Goodwin?"

"Oh yeah, you're the new kid on the block," Bob replied. "I think Goodwin's done with his meeting, follow me."

Chuck followed Bob among desks and cubicles to an office door. Frank Goodwin, Head of IT it said on the door. Chuck gulped. This was his new boss. Bob knocked on the door.

"Come in."

Bob opened the door and Chuck followed him in. The office was pretty big, there was a glass top desk which his new boss was sitting behind. A filing cabinet, shelf and a mini fridge as well as a bunch of spare computer parts in the corner of the room and a table and chairs for meetings.

"Mr Goodwin," Bob spoke. "This is Chuck Bartowski, he's the guy who got the job."

"Of course, of course," Goodwin said. "Come in." Bob left the room and closed the door as Goodwin ushered for Chuck to sit as he took his seat behind his desk. Chuck examined Goodwin. He had dark hair and looked about in his early forties.

"Frank Goodwin," he said shaking Chuck's hand. "But everyone just calls me Goodwin."

"Chuck Bartowski," Chuck introduced himself.

"Bartowski, huh?" Goodwin asked. "I met a Bartowski about ten years ago. Stephen Bartowski, very smart guy, a bit on the paranoid side though. Any relation?"

Chuck recalled his father's face at that moment, his father had always been paranoid about his work, whatever his work was.

"He's my father."

"How bout that? Small world, tell him I say hi. Anyway, I'm getting of track,' Goodwin said. "You're job here is to take care of any computer problems and update the company's computers, stuff like that. I mean the people here are good at their jobs, but you catually wouldn't believe how many people I this office have computer trouble."

Sounds like a higher paying Buymore, Chuck thought but nodded his head. "I understand."

"Great," Goodwin smiled as the phone on his desk rang and he picked it up.

"Hello? No I'm okay. Just met my new junior head," he sighed. "Yes, another one, Maddock...Oh come on...besides I got a good feeling about this one. So what's up? Computer problem in sales? Seriously, again? Huh, okay I'll send my new guy over, might as well give him some on the job training…No I'm sure he'll be fine...Yeah, guy's got experience fixing computers... I'm not stupid, I wouldn't hire him if he didn't Alright, I'll send him. Bye."

Goodwin turned to Chuck. "There's a computer problem in sales. I need my junior head to go fix it," he smiled. "Sixth floor, just ask the receptionist. You can go to lunch when you're done."

Chuck nodded his head. "Will do, sir."

Chuck wondered what that conversation that Goodwin had on his phone was about. What did he mean 'Yes, another one'? Chuck shook his head. I probably just have to get used to the new job, he told himself as headed to the sixth floor where he asked the receptionist about the computer problem, she then led him to a cubicle, simillar to the ones he had seen in IT.

"Miss Walker," the receptionist spoke. "This is Mr Bartowski, he's the new junior head of IT, he's here about the computer problem.

The woman turned around and Chuck got a good look at her. She was blonde with blue eyes and he found her very attractive. Quickly he decided to play it cool.

"Um…I'm Chuck," he said sticking his hand out.

She smiled and shook his hand. "Sarah."

Sarah. He thought. It suits her. "So er…what seems to be the problem?" he asked approaching the computer. It was a Macbook Pro.

"It keeps freezing randomly," she replied. "So I can't get into any of my files without having to restart it and I have a couple of sales reports to submit."

"Okay, let's see," Chuck said booting up the computer. "Does it have the same problem with the internet?"

Sarah nodded. "It has the same problem with everything."

"Alright," Chuck said loading the computer, she didn't seem to have much on it. Internet, Microsoft office, Adobe shockwave, not a huge amount. "Okay, when did it start freezing up randomly?"

"About a week ago," she said.

"Have you downloaded anything recently?" he asked. She shook her head. "Well then I guess it can't be a virus," he muttered. "Could be a hardware problem..."

"Hey, Sarah," a red head called walking in.

"Hello, Carina," she replied rather flatly.

"Do you have the sales report for April? Karlsberg wants to know how the products went."

"Oh yeah, sure," she said fishing it out of her desk and handing it to Carina.

"So after work, you wanna hit Castle?"

"Nah, I think I'll just go home," Sarah replied. They seem to have forgotten Chuck was sitting near the desk trying to fix Sarah's laptop. He was never one to eavesdrop but he couldn't help hearing what was happening.

"Oh come on, you aren't still hung up on him, are you? He's in DC, Walker and it's been a month. Drop the feelings for erm...Bruce?"

Sarah rolled her eyes, not bothering to correct Carina. "I don't have feelings for him, I'm just focusing on work right now and I'm not dating."

"If you aren't still hung up on him, then come with me to Castle after work," Carina said. "Don't tell me you're still into him."

"I'm not," Sarah replied adamantly. "He's a cheater and he can go to hell. And I didn't move back to LA so we could re-live our sophmore year of college and go party every night," she said, sounding surprisingly calm.

"What every night? We went twice to Castle," Carina raised an eyebrow.

"You've been asking me to go to Castle after work like every day since I arrived in LA."

"You're no fun anymore, Walker."

"Um...Sarah?" Chuck said. Sarah turned to him and remembered he was fixing her computer. Carina noticed it for the first time. "I'm not sure if it's a hardware or software problem, so I can try transfer your files to an external hard drive and reformat your laptop, but I don't have an external hard drive on me now so I'll have to take it down to IT, unless you have one."

"That's fine, Chuck," Sarah replied.

"Who are you?" Carina asked.

"Chuck Bartowski, I work in IT."

"Carina, marketing. Wait a minute, IT, you wouldn't happen to be Goodwin's latest, would you?"

"Um, latest?" Chuck asked confused.

"The latest Junior Head. The last one only stuck around for a month. Longest anyone has is two months. Hope you don't get canned and if you do you can always come visit me in marketing," she said seductively. "Good luck, Chuckles. See you, Walker," she said before heading off with the sales report.

"Okay...that was, um...weird," Chuck said.

"Yeah, sorry about Carina," Sarah replied. "She works in marketing so she seems to think very persuasively. Although sometimes that requires getting under your skin."

"What's Castle?" Chuck asked.

"It's a bar, Carina's favorite I reckon."

"What did she mean, latest? Do people in IT get fired a lot," he asked, a bit scared. He had just gotten this job, he didn't want to loose it. And Goodwin seemed pretty friendly.

"It's kind of long to explain." Sarah said.

"Actually, I'm on my lunch break after this. You wanna get some coffee and you can explain and I'll fix your laptop when we get back?" Chuck suggested, then he remembered what Carina said about Sarah's ex in DC. "Like as colleagues, or friends...n-not like a date or anything," he added rambling slightly.

Sarah smiled, she kind of found his rambling cute. "Sure, let's get some coffee."

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