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Zabel Zarock was born in Australia on the year 1889. He was born into a very abusive family that never believed in his ideals. Ever since Zabel was little he wanted to be a musician, always practicing on whatever instrument he get his hands on but he never got support for his practice. Through a lot of work and a scholarship for his self attained talents Zabel managed to get into a well respected school for the musical arts.

It is currently the year 1909 and Zabel is 20 years old. He is 5'11'' with a well built yet skinny frame with long black hair, his appearance had caused heads to turn several times in the past. Zabel is currently working on his next song when his instructor/manager Charles Wallace, a short pudgy man he hated almost more than his parents, walked in with a furious look on his face.

"What the bloody hell is this?", demanded Charles carrying Zabel's latest attempt at a masterpiece, oh how he hated that man.

"What do y' mean?", Zabel was trying to not to sound agitated but was failing miserably, something that didn't go unnoticed by Charles.

"I'm talking about the garbage you placed on my desk yesterday", Charles yelled in fury which left Zabel unfazed.

Zabel's anger became replaced with confusion,"What's wrong wit' it?"

"What's wrong with it? What's wrong with it! Everything, this is probably one of your worst works yet! I mean what were you thinking? How many times do I have to tell you the people want something new and exciting not this trash!", Zabel's anger started to rise again at this man's continues banter, so much in fact that he managed to block out the rest of Charles' rant.

"Zarock are you even listening to me? If you write another piece of crap like this I am going to have to let you go.", Charles' last statement diminished all of Zabel's anger into shame and self loathing.

With a simple grumble of Yes sir Zabel sat down ready to begin his next 'masterpiece', Charles with a smirk of victory walked out saying," I want it on my desk by tomorrow morning."

Zabel watched Charles walk out the door waiting until he was sure Charles was out of earshot, when he was sure Zabel out of anger picked up his chair and threw it at his wall shattering it into pieces. He felt so much rage for being such a coward and not standing up for himself, all his life people pushed him around and talked down on him. Sighing Zabel got a replacement chair and got back to work on what may be his last piece of music he will ever wright.

Later that night

Zabel was walking to Charles', even though he was told to give his new composition to Charles tomorrow morning Zabel finished early and wanted to get the humiliation over with. Zabel walked up to the gates of Charles' home, the place was no mansion but it was an impressive sight what with its large size and beautiful outward appearance would make anyone envious. Zabel walked up to the front door and knocked, after waiting a couple minutes and after no reply knocked again but with still no answer. He then tried the door knob surprised to see it was open, stepping inside Zabel could here some noise coming from upstairs.

"'Ello?", Zabel called out but still with no response so he started walking up a flight of stairs hearing the sound voices and music getting louder until he could hear it clear as day.

"-anyway that idiot believed me, thanks to that moron I am one of the richest men in the county.", Zabel recognized the voice belonging to Charles but the next one stumped him.

"Don't you think he will get suspicious?" asked a feminine voice perking Zabel's interest, making him wonder who else is in their with Charles and just who they are talking about. He walked down the hall of the second floor to a door that was slightly open, he peered inside and noticed Charles speaking to two couples by the looks of it.

"No he is too stupid to ever figure it out, just my luck until he showed up I was going bankrupt but now thanks to that idiot he has practically paid my retirement funds." exclaimed Charles."Once he gives me his latest piece I'll get rid of him and roll around in the money he made!"

Then it hit him 'They...they're talkin' 'bout me', after realization struck Zabel was left with mixed feelings shock, confusion, irritation, anger, and fury. Zabel never felt this angry before, then he felt something snap. All thoughts and logic disappeared leaving only instinct and adrenaline, with that Zabel opened the door slamming it to the wall to his right. All the attention Charles was getting inside what looked like his studies was moved to Zabel.

"Z-zarock? Wha-what are you doing here", Charles seemed shocked and scared to see Zabel but then he grew a slimy smile and said,"Oh well I was going to tell you this anyway but judging by the look on your face you got the general gist of it." Noticing the blank stare he was getting from Zabel Charles started to get irritated,"What? You still here? Go on then get out of my site you stupid piece of shi-ACK!", Zabel grabbed Charles by the throat and lifted him into the air.

All Zabel could hear was the occasional muffled noises coming from his victim and various screams for him to stop, but he didn't want to. Before he could even comprehend what he was doing SNAP the room became silent. Zabel dropped Charles' lifeless body to the floor. He heard a scream and noticed one of the women was running for the exit, Zabel kicked a chair in her way causing her to trip and crash through the window and fall right onto the spears of Charles' gate piercing her flesh. One of the men jumped onto Zabel's back attempting to restrain him, Zabel grabbed the man and through him into Charles' fire place then he shut and locked it burning the man alive. Zabel noticed the other man was about to rush him so he grabbed a fancy looking knife on Charles' work desk, that was probably purchased with Zabel's stolen money, and rammed it into the man's throat. Zabel noticed the only one left was a woman cowering in front of a large book case. Zabel tipped the book case and slammed it on her screaming frame crushing her to death.

Zabel just stood there staring at his work, after the adrenaline wore off he was filled with realization and horror at what he did. He made a run for it. He just kept running not really sure where he was running to, all he knew is that he wanted to go somewhere. Zabel eventually stopped to catch his breath, he just stood there staring at his hands in disgust. Then disgust turned into something else, Zabel grew a smile and started to chuckle. Then he bursts into a maniacal laugh. The laugh lasted for a good couple minutes until it was nothing but a giggle, with a satisfied smile Zabel started to head home.

On his way home Zabel got an eerie feeling, he looked around and noticed there was no one in sight which was weird. Another thing that was weird was a fog started to roll in making it hard to see, before Zabel even knew it he was standing in an alleyway. The fog was so thick he must of walked here by mistake, Zabel noticed a small run down hut that just seemed out of place. Zabel didn't know why but he was compelled to go in there, so that's exactly what he did. The inside wasn't pretty, it was plain creepy, strange looking statues, paintings, and books decorated the walls and shelves. He noticed a magenta curtain and pulled it back, what came into his sights was a round table with a small sphere in the middle.

"Sit down, sit down", commanded an elderly voice. A petite elderly woman appeared out of nowhere startling Zabel. " Are you hear for your fortune?", asked the old gypsy.

"Uhh yea' sure", was Zabel's reply sitting down hesitantly.

"Now then let us begin", the woman waved her hands over the sphere and to Zabel's surprise strange images were flashing inside the crystal ball. "Oh my you have a very dark future, you will make a lot of bad decisions and you will fall far from what you once were", said the decrepit gypsy woman.

"Yea'? An' what do y' expect me t' do 'bout it?", questioned Zabel, he never really believed in fortune tellers.

"Take this and all will be reveled", the old woman handed him a thick black leather book with strange symbols on the cover.

"Yea' okay so 'ow much do I owe fo' this", Zabel said while taking out his wallet.

"No charge is necessary, it was my pleasure", the woman said while shoving him out her front door,"Now I am afraid it is closing time, have a nice night".

The woman closed the door behind him leaving Zabel outside, he just stood there looking at the cover of the book before he finally opened it. "'Ey 'ow do y' expect me t' read this? It's not even in freakin' english!". When he turned around to his surprise there was nothing there, just a dead end. Zabel looked away and started to walk home pretending he didn't see anything, the leather book held firmly in his grasp.

Back Home

Zabel opened the book and to his surprise he could read the book as clear as day, the shock he was feeling when he realized he could read it transitioned to shock over what he was reading. He just kept reading well into the next morning, when he finally finished he had a sadistic smile on his face.

'If they want new an' excitin', I'll give'em new an' excitin'.'