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Chapter 2

Darkness was all around him, Lord Raptor the man who had it all was now dead. A little mishap with his plan and now everything ended for him. He expected to go to hell for his misdeeds, at least he would be surrounded by madmen just like him, but no this was much worse. For who knows how long he was stuck in the dirt surrounded by eternal blackness, this was true eternal damnation. Nothing to keep him going but his thoughts, but a man can barely maintain sanity for so long with just that.

Just when Raptor was beginning to give up he started to see a dim light, the light was getting bigger and brighter. Someone was opening his casket. He looked up into the night sky and saw that the light was coming from a lamp post, then he started feeling strange. First off how he could be feeling anything practically astounded him. An aura of energy like the one at his last concert surrounded him, but this time instead of pain this feeling was quite pleasant. He somehow managed to stand up, he looked down at his feet and thanked whoever buried him with his clothes on. He stared at his hands and watched the muscles and flesh regrowing itself, when the skin grew back Raptor noticed that instead of a pale white his skin was light blue. He brushed a strand of hair out of his face but then he grabbed a strand and looked at it, his hair was a darker shade of blue. He looked at his reflection in a puddle of water and was surprised to see he had no pupils in his eyes.

"What th' 'ell?", Raptor said while staring at his blue physique.

"Well I am glad you asked", Raptor stiffened and started taking in his surroundings.

"'Oo said that?", Raptor demanded while darting his eyes back and forth. The only thing in sight were miles of tombstones in the cemetery he was in.

"Why I did of course", Raptor looked down and jumped at the sight of what he saw. It was some sort of purple frog think with a large singular eye and an even larger mouth with pink lips.

"'Oo an' what are y'?", Raptor asked staring at that strange looking creature.

"My name is Le Malta, faithful servant of Emperor Ozomu lord of Makai", Raptor's pupil-less eyes widened at the mention 'Makai'.

"Wait you are from Makai?", Raptor grabbed Le Malta and lifted him into the air.

"Yes, yes I am", Le Malta grew a smile of pride from the attention he was getting, until he fell hard onto the cement ground.

"Finally after thirteen years o' waitin' I finally get m' power!", Raptor couldn't contain his excitement and started cheering, laughing, and dancing causing a lot of confusion from Le Malta.

"Thirteen years? Lord Raptor you have been dead a lot longer than that", Le Malta said completely missing what Raptor was talking about.

Raptor's eyes widened and he started looking around for something, he noticed a garbage can next to a bench and he started digging through it. After a couple second he found what he was looking for, he took out a newspaper and looked at today's date. The newspaper read September 21, 1979, Raptor dropped the newspaper back into the trashcan and just stood contemplating this new information.

"Well that was unexpected", Raptor finally said killing the silence. "But it doesn't matter now", he picked Le Malta back up and said, "Now then, I waited long enough, where is m' ultimate power?".

"Well uhm I can't give you the power you want-", Le Malta received a glare from his captor, "but I know someone who can".

"An' 'oo would that be?"

"My master, Emperor Ozomu, he was the one who brought you back to life and I am sure he could give you the power that you seek.", Raptor dropped Le Malta back onto the ground.

"Alright so take m' t' this Ozomu."

"Okay hop in", Le Malta opened his mouth and pointed inside.

"Uhhh, what?", Raptor gave his purple acquaintance a blank stare.

"Well to go to Ozomu's dimension I need to swallow you", Le Malta's body began to expand.

"What? No no no no noooooooooooooo-", Le Malta completely swallowed Raptor's body, then Le Malta started to devour himself.


Le Malta reappeared in a new location, he quickly spat Raptor back out.

Raptor laid there for a few seconds until he sprang up and stomped towards Le Malta, "Why y' little-"

"We're here!", Le Malta yelled causing Raptor to stop in his tracks and looked at his surroundings.

What came to Raptor's sights was a barren wasteland, nothing but cracked dark gravel and bent lifeless trees. In the middle of this dark and depressing landscape stood a menacing castle, as he kept observing he noticed Le Malta heading towards the castle. Swallowing the lump forming in his throat he fallowed the little guy.

The inside was far more intimidating, it had a creepy medieval feel to it with all the renaissance paintings and weapons hanging on the walls, as well as knight armor placed next to every entrance of a long and eerie corridor. After what felt like hours they finally reached a double door which probably lead to a throne room, the doors were easily two stories high.

The inside was just like everything else; cold, dark, and filled with all sorts of medieval trinkets. Sitting in a giant throne was a giant creature, it's appearance was blocked by the shadows of the room. If Raptor had to guess, this being just sitting there could easily be a story tall.

The figure stood up and with a deep and commanding voice said, "Greetings esteemed Lord Raptor, may I say it is quite an honor to meet someone as famous as yourself after all I am a huge fan of your work".

Raptor finally got a good look at the figure in front of him, standing at a close two stories tall he wore a strange purple garb that was probably for royalty. He also wore a matching headdress, the figure had pale bluish green skin and menacing red eyes. His last signifying feature was his rows and rows of sharp teeth, they looked like they could rip anything apart.

"Yeah 'ey, know 'oo are y' an' what business d' y' 'ave with m'?", Raptor asked earning a light chuckle from the large man.

"To answer your question I am Emperor Ozomu lord of this realm, as for your second question you already know the answer to that", Ozomu said earning a questioning look from his guest. "Why ultimate power of course, you said it yourself, you have waited a long time for this moment", Ozomu said sitting back down.

"Well I am ready when do I get my power?", Raptor asked growing excited.

"You already have it", Ozomu stated earning a dumbfounded look from Raptor, "Well why do you think that you have blue skin, the answer is that you are now a zombie".

Raptor's eyes widened at this, " I... I'm a what?"

"A zombie, a powerful being of the undead able to manipulate their body into accomplishing amazing feats", Ozomu said earning a quizzical look.

"But I don't feel any different", Raptor said staring at his hands.

"Well that's because your still in your walker mode, for real power you need to be in the devourer mode for your abilities to awaken."

"An' 'ow am I suppose t' do that?"

"Well that is something you will have to figure out on your own, but what I can do is give you a summoner", Ozomu noticed another questioning look from Raptor. "A summoner is an enchanted item that will force you into the devourer mode, you will use it until you can go into the mode yourself. Now all we need is an item to act as the summoner."

Ozomu started to ponder this wondering what would be the perfect choice, Raptor started to think too. After a while Le Malta walked up to Lord Raptor and pointed at his back, Raptor looked and noticed that his guitar was strapped to his back the whole time.

"'Ow 'bout this?", Raptor said gesturing towards his guitar.

Ozomu picked up the guitar and quickly examined then said, "Perfect!". With that Ozomu began a strange chant and Raptor's guitar began to glow an eerie red.

"Now then, give it a strum", Ozomu said handing back the guitar.

Raptor did as told and strummed the guitar, instantly he was engulfed by the same red aura that erased and brought him back from existence. This one as well didn't hurt, the light began to disintegrate his skin almost down to the bone making his face look like that of a skulls. His hair spiked up and surprisingly he still kept his tongue, but his eyes were mostly gone leaving bright red dots in the middle of two dark sockets. The fingers protruding from his fingerless gloves were dull yellow bone, most of his arm from his hand to his elbows were pale red and his elbows were sticking out unnaturally far. Most of the flesh on his stomach disappeared leaving a red circular shape and the sharp edges of his ribs sticking out, it kind of looked like a mouth. His spine became a lot more noticeable and lastly his shoes incinerated showing off his sharp yellow nailed feet, luckily the rest of his clothes stayed. His guitar even grew a mouth on the side.

"Thi- this is incredible!", Raptor yelled letting out a maniacal laugh of glee. "With this power I can finally take over the world".

"I'm afraid there is a slight problem with your plan".

Raptor stopped his little dance of merriment. "What do you mean?", he asked just realizing how hoarse his voice became.

"Your new abilities won't be enough to take over the world, you didn't think I would make you more powerful than me did you? The reason I did this at all was that I felt pity for you when your little voodoo sacrifice backfired, and because I needed a new soldier. I don't do this sorta thing for just anyone, I will demand compensation. And just maybe I will give you a little more power.", Ozomu said growing a wicked toothy grin.

"Do tell", Raptor said narrowing his eyes.

"You will work for me as one of my top generals, you will go back to the human realm and go back to your rock star ways. You will be completely undetected by the humans, but the others will be a problem." Ozomu said grimmly.


"The Darkstalkers, beings like yourself who have special gifts like yourself. Do not worry you will be able to tell them apart from the humans. Now as I was saying, your mission is to go back and live your previous life. That means you will go back to the rock star career, the killing, and as a sign on bonus all the souls you can eat", this really made Raptor confused.

"Souls?", Raptor asked.

"Yes, to beings like us they are quite the delicacy. Lastly, if you meet any Darkstalkers I want you to dispose of them".

Raptor thought this over, at first he was a bit apprehensive about killing other beings like him but than realized the less competition the better. Ozomu was the biggest competition of them all.

"If I plan on rulin' with an iron fist I need no one t' oppose"

Knowing that he was not strong enough yet he had no choice but to agree, "Deal".

"Oh excellent", Ozomu said growing another toothy grin. "Le Malta!", he yelled.

"Yes sir", Le Malta said standing up straight in an attempted military position.

"Take Lord Raptor back to the human realm, from then on you will act as his guardian.", this being said earned a cheer and a groan from Ozomu's occupants.

"What? Y' don't trust m'?", Raptor asked sarcastically.

"Trust needs to be earned", Ozomu stated leaning in closer to Raptor.

With that said Le Malta swallowed Raptor without warning, both disappeared from Ozomu's throne room. Ozomu grew a large smile and began to chuckle.

'All according to plan'