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Day 29 of my New Year's ficathon (only two more days to go!).

Written during the Season Six hiatus, which means that it's sort of... representative of a happier time, shall we say? A time before The Girl Who Waited and The God Complex.

He was wonderfully strange, and incredibly good

With his box from the sky and his raggedy clothes

He said he'd be back, that he'd just be five minutes

And she's waited twelve years and she still never knows


And she waits, and she doubts

Is he coming?

He's coming, and he'll make it right.

And she waits, and she hopes

'Cause he promised, he promised he'd come back sometime


His body betrayed him and he watched her die

Precious Amy, the woman he'd perish to save

When the slightest chance beckons he stands by her side

Without counting the cost of the slow, dragging days


And he waits….never doubts

'Cause he's sorry, he's with her, and he'll make it right

And he waits, all alone

'Cause he promised, he promised he'd stay by her side


When she's lost and imprisoned, surrounded and weak

With a child she hasn't the power to save

She's brave as a tiger and strong as the sea

'Cause she knows now her boys always mean what they say


And she waits…never doubts

'cause they're coming, they're coming, and they'll make it right

And she waits… never fears

'Cause they promised, they promised and they've never lied

'Cause the Doctor, he promised

'Cause her Rory, he promised, and they've never lied.

Can you tell that this thing has a tune in my head? That's the reason for the looseness of the meter; it wants to be set to music.