Earlier in the forest, Brick was by himself, not knowing what direction to go. Usually he depended on higher ranked soldiers to guide him. He was shivering, even though it was warm and sunny outside. He shivered from fright of no direction.

"Is anybody there? Anyone…?" The soldier in training pleaded nervously, needing a sense of direction. Brick began to become anxious, and pleaded out for the others out in the forest. He heard some wrestling in the bushes, he spun around in surprise.

A figure popped out of the bushes, and the military student yelped, wetting his pants a little, "M-monster!" "Where?" Yelled out a recognizable voice, startled and unaware of what Brick was talking about.

Brick was just as confused still and scared out of his mind. He still thought the unknown person was a monster. Then Brick began to flail in panic, "please don't hurt meeeee!"

"Where's the monster? Where?" The voice was just as puzzled and scared as Brick. Then the person tripped on a broken tree branch on the ground, rotting with forest green moss growing over the overly large branch.

As the mystery person fell, the person went thud; startling the Brick house. Brick began to cry and wail and beg for mercy, but then the person got up and wiped off the dirt from the ground they fell on.

"It's me Dakota," Dakota brushed her hair out organizing each strand of it and getting rid of the knots, "Now where's the monster you're talking about? Is it here?" Brick was too busy being theatrical to notice, and continued to scream in horror.

Dakota couldn't figure out whether she was annoyed, or concerned, "Where's the monster? Did it follow me here too?" Brick was still freaking out, Dakota then added, "You idiot shut up and answer my questions!"

Dakota shouted so loud that Brick stood there and cried out, "Please just don't hurt me Mr. Monster sir!" The blonde stomped up to the Brick house and flicked his nose so he'd be quiet for at least a second. "Ouch," he wined, rubbing his nose from Dakota's index finger.

"Ok," began Dakota, "now where's the monster?" Brick just scratched his head and thought about it for a second, he then came to a conclusion, "Oh, I guess it was only you, hehe!" He laughed a little knowing it wasn't really a monster, but instead, it was only Dakota.

"You idiot, this is a serious situation! Everyone's in danger, we need to find the others, and Sam," Dakota yanked Brick towards her and complained to him about how everyone's lives were in jeopardy and such.

"Wait…" Brick's words would not let go of his lip and escape his mouth, "…So there's a real monster out there…?" The solider let go of his lingering words and let them drop to the ground in literal shock.

Dakota nodded, and sighed, "I just ran away from it, but I don't know where it went. For all I know it could've eaten Sam…" Then the drama queen thought for a moment, what was this deep cutting feeling she felt? Whatever it was, she shook it off and just sighed again.

"Do you feel sorry for Sam?" Asked Brick, suspecting she did anyhow. Dakota tightened her fist, "No way! Gross! I just…Let's go find the others!" Brick raised his hand and saluted the perfectly tanned lip glossed girl, "Yes ma'am!"

Dakota spitefully pushed the tree branches and bushes out of her path, biting her lips with her long perfected eyebrows fiercely pointing downward. Every step she took made the buzz cut recruit nervous, aware she was rather annoyed.

Brick also thought about the monster she described to him, it sure seemed scary. Just thinking of it made him twittle a little in his already wet pants. Oh well, maybe it was just a misunderstanding of some sort? There can't, be a monster like that lurking around the forests.

Leaves were falling down, being pulled by gravity as they skidded down to the gravel. Some of the trees didn't have any leaves and looked rather twisted and wicked. The sky was colored different shades of pastel blues; the clouds covered most of the sky like a blanket.

The cadet was looking up to the clouds; he gulped down his fright and couldn't help but be a little homesick. He lifted the front tag on his necklace and looked at the imprint carved into the metal.


This made the cadet smile a bit, those were the good times, and then he whispered to himself, "Lucky, that's what I am."

The blonde model was rather impatient and didn't want to give up; she was so worried and wanted to find Sam. Then her eyebrows scrunched up, she bit her lip a bit tighter and she had a worried look in her aqua eyes.

What if it was too late? What if Sam was gone, and what if she was just wasting time? She looked back in guilt, if only she wouldn't somehow get rid of the monster and faced it. Dakota had to do something, and the light bulb hovering over her head lit up.

Why doesn't she call for help, on her cell phone? Seemed like a great idea during the time, but when the Barbie clone flipped open her cell phone, it had ran out of battery. She had the charger but no plug. She needed some house or something that had electricity and a plug.

The blonde had stopped in her tracks and sighed. "What seems to be the matter," Brick asked, "is your phone dead?" "Yes," Dakota grumbled, "We're stuck here for like, ever!" Dakota grinded her teeth together, upset that she couldn't call for help as she always did.

"Then what do we do, are we still on the mission of gathering everyone? Or are we aborting the mission?" Brick kept questioning Dakota, in response, the tan model screeched, "Shut up! Seriously? How am I supposed to know?"

The leaves were wrestling, and the branch in front of the two teens shook. A red headed rebel fell from the tall tree. "Well," Brick smiled, "there's one of the contestants from total drama!"

Scott, no knowing that he wasn't on the island (thinking he was anyhow), snarled and responded to the military cadet, "Shut up! Now where's that butt chinned freak? I wanna tell 'em that whatever he did to me wasn't funny…"

"Umm, I don't think he's here anymore, hello? Evil alien monster thing," Dakota hissed, glaring at the freckle infested hick. Scott rolled his eyes, "Do yeah think I'm stupid? This has to be one of his challenges!"

The blonde model hissed again, "Do you really think Chris would do this to us?" Brick and Scott just looked at each other, the red neck replied, "Duh! If yeah haven't seen him the previous seasons, he's insane!"

Dakota looked back at Brick, "You believe me right?" The buzz cut cadet didn't really know how to respond. Scott had a point, Chris would do that to them, but Dakota looked as if she really meant it.

The brick-house took a deep breath and then spoke, "I think that maybe you're delusional uhh, Dakota, that's your name right?" He shrugged and then offered to help the ginger up.

The tan blonde wined, "this doesn't even look like the forest of the island!" "Well it has been a couple of years since TDI," responded Brick, it would make sense since it was true.

Scott was just as confused as Brick; Dakota seemed to be over worried. But what Dakota knew that those two boys didn't was the sense of that monster, nearly unreal and not something Chris would throw out there in the game. Of course, they never saw the monster in person…

"Whatever, believe whatcha wanna! I'm gonna find out what our first challenge is and win it, maybe even choose my own teammates, of course," Scott walked up to Dakota, "You wouldn't be on my team, miss mental!"

Dakota's eyes widened and she got pissed off! Brick backed away a little and mumbled, "Yeah, I don't think there's really a monster thing out here like you said…"

Scott began to laugh, then Dakota took her good hand, and bitch slapped the red neck back to the ground. Brick's eyes popped out in shock, as he blurted out, "Oh god you are mental!"

"I'm trying to help you two! I'm dead serious about the monster," cried Dakota, tears were in her eyes and her voice rang in their ears. "Ok, shesh! We'll Believe you ok?" Scott hissed back, making the two italic words more sarcastic.

"Y-yeah! It's ok! We'll believe you," the military cadet nervously added. The red head muttered under his breath, "For now I guess…"

Scott got back up on his feet and brushed off the leftover dirt on his undershirt, "Now which way do we go, blondie?" Dakota rolled her eyes, at least they were going to listen now.

Before she could say, a larger figure was covering the freckle faced teen in its shadow. Dakota's face twisted into fear and anxiety, so did Brick's. Scott slowly turned behind him and he became even paler than the whites of his eyes.

It was the Oni, and in a split second Scott went bye bye, Dakota and Brick sprinted for their lives making sure to stick together, so they wouldn't be separated. They left Scott, without even thinking, and then Brick stopped in his tracks, "Oh crap! Scott! We can't leave him behind! Never leave a man-"

Dakota screamed at Brick, "Shut up and keep running! It's too late! He's gone now, we can't go back!" "But-" "No buts, it's too late; we've got to get out of here!"

Brick didn't want to do this, so he hollered back in a sharp tone, "OH YEAH? WELL WHAT ABOUT SAM? IS IT TOO LATE FOR HIM!" Dakota just stopped in her tracks, and stood there, in shock, tears began to crawl out of her eyes and drop down her face, "Sam…"
Brick lowered his voice, "well now look at what we've done, and all you've been doing is running away from everything, is that how we'll solve this…?" Dakota chocked on her words, "No, this isn't happening…but…NO! THIS CAN'T BE HAPPENING! NOOOOOOOO!"

Dakota cried, and Brick looked back, he didn't know how to feel. He was proud the fact he said those things to Dakota, but felt horrible leaving Scott behind…

Yet again, it was too late to go back like Dakota said…The Oni got Scott, he's screwed now…So they dropped the case and went on their own to find the other survivors, if there were any…