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Author: SlytherinPrincess1993

Title: The Bulgarian's Catch

Chapter: 1, Enter, Viktor Krum

Characters: Marcus Flint, Viktor Krum, Harry Potter, Hermione Granger, Draco Malfoy, Blaise Zabini, Dumbledore, McGonagall, Crouch Jr, Crouch Sr, Karkaroff, Fleur Delacour, Cedric Diggory, etc.,

Summary: He's never been one for famous wizards or witches. He's never been one for Mini-Death Eaters. They will discover their own path, together.

Marcus Flint is a 7th year Slytherin at Hogwarts when Durmstrang and Beauxbatons arrive early September for the Twi-Wizard Tournament. He doesn't really see Viktor Krum, but the Professional Quidditch Player definitely sees him, and wants him. But Marcus doesn't see why; Viktor is famous, good looking…so why would he want Marcus, the ugly, brutish oaf of Slytherin House?

Xxxx : Line Break : xxxX

Marcus Owen Flint sat at the Slytherin Table in the Great Hall, hardly listening during the headmaster's speech. Oh, sure. He was looking at the headmaster, but his thoughts were elsewhere. His father had told him something big was going to happen this year, but wouldn't elaborate, leaving the seventeen year old soon-to-be Death Eater wondering.

He couldn't help but be nervous. All summer of practicing to win against the Gryffindork's Seeker, Harry Potter, plus his summer work and his so called 'girl-friend' had taken up his thoughts for anything else.

So when Dumbledore said "Twi-wizard Tournament", his attention snapped up to his Head of House, who gave a slight nod upon see his gaze. He then turned his head back to the Headmaster, who had by then opened his arms wide.

The loud creak of the doors made everyone swerve in their seats to look at the lovely young women with knee-length baby blue dresses and swuave blue hats as they made their debut. He recognized several of them as Veela, but unlike every other male in the room (Minus the teachers and Potter), he didn't drool or stutter, or in Draco's case, twitch like mad in hopes one of them would notice him trying to act cool.

Rolling his dark eyes, Marcus slapped Draco upside the back of his head, causing the fourth year blonde to yelp loudly before glaring at him. He only smirked, and turned his attention to the Headmaster.

"-Proud sons of Durmstrang!" Dumbledore roared, and the doors re-opened to admit about thirteen-fourteen young men who wore all brown with black highlights. About six were in fur cloaks, but all of them had heavy combat boots. When the last entered, Marcus felt his breath catch in his throat, not even hearing the undignified and very unmanly squeal from Draco's mouth.

And when those eyes turned his way in search of the noise, only to lock onto his gaze, they were-

Xxxx : Line Break : xxxX

"Perfect," the Bulgarian murmured softly, laying on his bed in the ship. He kept replaying the scene over and over in his mind, as he had since the announcement of the tournament. He had even asked around, cornering a skimpy little blonde boy called Draco Malfoy, to ask the name of the dark haired boy with delicious dark eyes. Plump lips, perfect pale skin…

He shook himself out of his thoughts as a loud knock echoed in his room, the result of one of his ship mates pounding on the ancient wooden door. He swung himself out of his bed, calling, "Coming!"

Viktor slipped on his boots, not bothering to tie them, and went to his door. Each time his feet landed on the ground, a resounding thump! could be heard. When he finally reached his door, he opened it to find his best friend Adrian just outside with a book from the Hogwarts Library.

"Come in, come in, Adrian," Viktor said, smirking as a grunt came from his friends chest. The other boy dropped onto his bed, and only glanced up after a moment, a sheepish smile on his lips.

" 'ello, Viktor. Vhat are yoo doo'ing this evening?"

"Noffing, Adrian. Vell, I vas thinking about Hogvarts, you know. She is beautiful," Viktor replied softly, looking out his window to see the castle. Adrian, looking confused at his friends back, rose and went to stand beside him.

"Yes, she is beautiful, Viktor. Come now, vhat is the matter, my friend?" Adrian asked, placing a hand onto Viktor's shoulder. The larger boy turned, staring his friend right in the eye, before speaking.

"Eet is a boy, Adrian. A Slytherin boy, by thee name ov Marcus Flint," his tone was almost remorseful, but really, he was already desperately wishing the night could be over so he could see the beautiful boy again.

The other Bulgarian boy only shook his head, "You know ve cannot get involved, Viktor. Eet is better, Karkaroff said so!"

"He…he looks abused, Adrian!" Viktor exclaimed, "He looks abused and upset, I vouldn't doubt his unhappiness due to those eediots!"

"Perhaps that is so, Viktor," Adrian placed a hand on his friend's chest, trying to placate, "But ve are here for the tournament, not for you to find a lover."

Viktor's whole demeanor drooped, and Adrian immediately scowled. Perhaps this 'Marcus' person would be good for his friend, Adrian sighed as he thought. Turning, he pulled his hand from Viktor's chest, picked up his book and left to return to the Library of Hogwarts. He had met a nice little minx there while he was studying some light spells… Perhaps she could help…

Xxxx : Line Break : xxxX

"Herm-i-own-ninny!" Adrian called out, racing through the Library to find her. The bushy haired girl greeted him with a shocked look, placing a finger to her lips. He quieted obediently, and walked to a more secluded spot with her. When they were finally alone and seated, her hand slipped delicately into his own larger hand.

"What is it, Adrian?" came her soft voice, as big brown eyes looked up at him.

"Eet is Viktor, Viktor Krum, you know, yeah? He has found a person here at Hogvarts he vould like to get to know," he answered. Hermione nodded, gazing down at their interlaced fingers, before speaking again.

"Do you know who it is?"

"Marcus. Marcus Fli-"

"Flint. I know him. He's a seventh year Slytherin," the fourth year Gryffindor supplied, smiling. "I don't know him personally, however. But I'm sure I can get him to meet Viktor for you."

"That vould be vondervull, Herm-i-own-ninny," he struggled a bit with her name, earning a bit of giggle from her.

"I'll see what I can do, Adrian," the girl promised.

Xxxx : Line Break : xxxX

"Flint!" rang into his ears, and he faltered in his steps to turn back, "Hey Flint!"

"What, Granger?" he asked, bored out of his mind already. He had had to have her tutoring help already, in preparation for his NEWTs.

She bit her lip as she grabbed the sleeve of his robe and dragged him to an unoccupied classroom.

"Granger, why the devil to did you drag me here?" Marcus hissed, his dark eyes flashing dangerously.

"Well, Flint…I was talking to one of the Durmstrang students. Adrian? He, uh, he came to me asking for help and I sort of need your help to help him," she blurted out. Then flushed a delicate shade of red, which he smirked at.

"And what does Adrian need my help with?"

"Viktor Krum may, uh, well, he may like you. Just a little bit?" she squeaked, pinching her forefinger and thumb together. He could only gape.

"Viktor Krum, Bulgarian Seeker, may like me?" he ground out, before barking out a harsh laugh that wiped her small smile off her face, "What a joke, Granger. Congratulations. You actually had me fooled for a moment there. Nobody, not even Krum, could ever like me. I'm ugly. I'm hideous, I'm mean, and I'm cruel. Not to mention, I'm to be marked after I leave Hogwarts." He hissed at her. She drew back, slightly frightened.


"No buts, Granger. Go tell the Bulgarian I'm not interested," huffing, Marcus turned stalked from the room. He was late to class, but didn't care.

After class, he appeared in the Great Hall, and tried to eat something. But knowing Snape was looking at him, and having Draco next to him deep in conversation with Krum (he snorted), he was having difficulty. So, without finishing anything on his plate, he stood up in the middle of the end-of-night speech and without looking back, walked from the great hall.

He never even noticed when a certain Bulgarian stood up abruptly, much to everyone's shock, and strode out after him.

"Marcus!" came out loudly, and he cringed, his step faltering. He would have tripped, had a strong, muscled arm not come out and wrapped tightly around his waist to prevent it. From that simple touch alone, time seemed to stand still until he tilted his head to look at the person who had saved him the humiliation.

He almost fainted when he saw it was Viktor Krum.

"Are you alright?" came rumbling voice of the Bulgarian.

"Y-yeah," he answered shakily, detaching himself quickly from the older boy's embrace.

"Are you sure?" Viktor asked, showing concern clearly on his face.

A scrambling was heard as four sets of voices, no FIVE sets, came floating out of the hall. He turned chalk white, glanced at Viktor, and then fled.

The strangled cry of "Marcus, wait!" from Viktor, and the cries of "Flint! Stop!" from Granger and Draco were lost on him as he ran. He couldn't face them. Not after that joke Granger had tried to play.

But, after what Krum had just done, he thought as he ran, was it really a joke? Or was he genuinely interested in him?

He came to skidded halt just outside the portrait hole of the common room, and gasping out the password, raced inside. He cast a silencing spell around his curtains and dove onto his bed, the constricting feeling of his chest only getting worse as tears now threatened to overwhelm his eyes. Before long, the Flint heir was steadily crying.

He knew he wasn't good-looking. He also knew his personality was shit, and that he wasn't something anyone wanted to look at. Hell, he was worthless at magic, too! Why would Viktor-Bloody-Krum want anything to do with him?

Easy enough to answer, Marcus thought angrily, wiping the tears from his eyes, He just wants to get my hopes up. He only wants to use me, then throw me away!

At this thought, he clutched a pillow tightly to his chest and buried his face into the soft white fabric, allowing the tears to come freely, allowing a single, heart-wrenching sob to be forced from his chest.

Yes, he liked Viktor Krum. International Bulgarian Seeker… And there was nothing he could do to stop this slowly but surely growing attraction he had only just allowed himself to start feeling after years of hearing he was a worthless-no-good-son-of-a-hag nothing.

Xxxx : Line Break : xxxX

What had he done? He had asked Adrian, Adrian's Herm-i-own-ninny, Harry Potter and Potter's little Redhead, Weasley. He had no idea what had made the seventh year run off, looking like he wanted to cry.

Only when a boy named Hugh came out with another Slytherin, also named Adrian, did Hermione, Potter and the Weasley pounce, demanding the two go after Marcus and forcing him out of Slytherin.

Needless to say, both seventh years ended up looking extremely bad with all the hexes the three young Gryffindor's had unleashed. They scampered off, yelling back that they'd get Marcus right away, both with fear in their eyes.

"Vhat did I do, Herm-i-own-ninny?" Viktor asked the girl, but it was Potter who answered softly, placing a hand on his shoulder.

"You didn't do anything wrong, Viktor. Hermione didn't get a chance to tell you guys, but I had followed her when she went to talk to him. He's…he's convinced you three are just trying to pull a joke on him. He's never dated, never had anyone go up to him. Pretty much everything towards him has been negative. But…for more, go to Draco Malfoy. That annoying blonde prat that had you immersed in Quidditch," the raven-haired boy said truthfully. Viktor looked shocked his Marcus had never had anyone before.

Well, Viktor decided, he was going to change that. And he wouldn't take no for an answer.

Xxxx : Line Break : xxxX

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Title: The Bulgarian's Catch

By: SlytherinPrincess1993

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