This has sort of a sexual theme here. I figured I could play with the relationship with these two.

Dr. Cockroach is slammed against the wall face first. He shuts his eyes tight and grits his teeth. Sweat rolled off the side of his head and lands on his bare skin. He screams in pain making Link behind him grip his shoulder for balance.

"Hurry up Link, I can't take it anymore!" Dr. Cockroach yelled at him bringing out another yelp of pain.

"Almost done doctor," Link said back grinding his teeth together.

Dr. Cockroach groans as he hangs his head; Link strained and moaned pulling back while still holding onto his pal. He pulls in after a couple of seconds; both breathing hard.

"Why couldn't you let Susan do this?" Link panted.

"I'm afraid she might hurt me," Dr. Cockroach whimpered.

Link sighed and pulled back then in, then back again; every movement made Dr. Cockroach cry out. Finally, Link pulls back once more making Dr. Cockroach scream in agony. His last scream echoed from his room and throughout the facility.

Dr. Cockroach breathed heavily; resting his head on his arm, the cool wall refreshed the top part of his body though his legs was humid and moist under his pants. Link moved pack puffing out large amounts of air. He holds up half a test tube broken at the top with blood tricking down the clear glass.

"Got it," he breathed.

"Oh thank God," Dr. Cockroach whispered to himself.

Link sets the tube down on a table and grabs a rag. He goes over to Dr. Cockroach and begins to clean a bloody wound on his back.

"Next time, be careful on where you do your experiments," Link said, "You could never know where it'll explode."

"I know Link, I know!" Dr. Cockroach said irritated looking over his shoulder, then leans his head on his arm again, "I just never knew a test tube could penetrate me that easily."

"You know what we just sounded like?" he said with a smirk.


"Sounded like we were having some fun time-"

"Oh God Link, that's disgusting!" he exclaimed while Link burst out laughing, "You need to clean out that mind of yours because that's just…" he sighed at his friend's immaturity.


Gross huh? Oh well…If you don't like it I don't really care…But thanks for readin' though.