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Pairings: SasuxHina, and Established NaruxHina

Future fic based in the modern world

Background: Sasuke and Hinata used to date throughout thier past college years. They met over coffee, while Sasuke was busy typing up paper work. Still hot tempered as ever, he found Hinata's prescense slightly annoying when they first met. But as they continue to indirectly meet over coffee, Sasuke knew Hinata had changed greatly. Her meekness now forgotten, with confidence brimming through her features. And Sasuke knew by then, he was falling in love with her. And eventually after a great deal of wooing, Sasuke got the girl. But it took a turn for the worst.

Sasuke's mother died, throwing him in a depression. Hinata ever so patient, was helping Sasuke to get better.

But then Sasuke started to drink, and get violent. And he knew that his life was over, when he hit Hinata in a fit of drunken rage.

Fast forward: Sasuke now 3 years sober, now recieved a letter in the mail

It was Naruto's and Hinata's wedding. . . His longtime bestfriend, and the love of his life getting married.

And Sasuke, felt his heart break.

I straighten myself, looking over my suit once more, taking a deep breath. My hands went inside my suit jacket, taking out the wedding card in my hand. I looked at my watch, my face frowning.

I had about 20 minutes. Before the wedding started. . .

I tried to relax by practicing my scales, with my voice slightly quivering with each passing note. I loosened my tie in frustration, a growl escaping my throat.

I really hated it. I did not like this one bit. But here I am standing inside of a chapel attending a wedding. But it wasn't my wedding. Hinata, the love of my life is about to get married to someone who wasn't me. And I can't do anything about it. I kept thinking, how did it come to this? Why did I let her leave my grasp so easily?

A shadow was near the doorway, with a figure leaning against the doorframe.

"Are you going to be okay Sasuke?" It was Kiba Inuzuka, one of your best friends since childhood.

I didn't really know how to respond, but just with a shrug of my shoulders.

"You do realize you are singing at her wedding, and you are the best man. . . Seriously are you going to be okay?" Kiba asked me quietly as he dragged me out of the room to help the guests enter the cathedral. "I mean Sasuke…This is it. After today…she's going to be an Uzumaki."

I sighed, and walked to the bathroom, with Kiba hot on my tails. Rolling at my eyes at his persistent gesture, I tried to occupy myself, by checking myself in the mirror and retying my tie once more. I sighed at the tense atmosphere. I thought I was already calm, but Kiba's questions were starting to put me on edge again. That beating in my heart was not just a dull ache with every beat at the thought of the love of my life being married to another man who wasn't me.

"It all came down to this…Am I that much of an idiot to be seriously standing here? At her wedding?" I asked out loud, trying to end my question with a hearty laugh, but my tone betrays me. It was low and broken.

I slammed my hands at the countertop, before facing him with my teeth tightly clenched. My face red hot with frustration, I breathed deeply. "It's my fucking fault it ended up like this. But this…" I motioned toward the altar that was soon swelling with people. "This is beyond me right now…and right now what I want doesn't matter anymore…She's getting fucking married…And I let her escape my grasp. I know my place in her world, I'm not screwing this up for her. I screwed up one to many times…I'm not doing it again."

"But Sasuke-"

"Just leave me, and I'll see you at the reception. I'm going in 10 minutes."

Kiba sighed sadly, and tapped my chest with his hands before leaving me alone with my thoughts. Still at the bathroom, I ran water down my face before taking some calming breaths before I left in search of the groom.

The wedding room looked gorgeous to say the least. Red and white roses adorned the chairs and walls, while green vines mixed with purple sashes were hovering over the altar. The chapel was wide and spacious with light pouring in from the ceiling windows giving the room light and a sense of awe. This was a picture perfect wedding. And it was truly breathtaking. I saw the guest standing with smiles and tears in their eyes as they anxiously waited for the bride to show up.

I walked briskly to Naruto who looked rather pale.

"Hey Naruto, you okay?" I asked against my better judgment. I had to mentally roll my eyes at the question, Why am I torturing myself like this, he's not the one feeling like he's dying…I am.

He nodded quickly, trying to focus on his breathing. "I-I mean…I'm just wow…I'm getting married today." Voice laced with love and shock, Sasuke had to clench his fist as the heart residing in his chest ache once more.

Light airy sounds of the piano began to play, as all eyes locked at the lone door that was separating the groom and the bride. I had to steel myself, trying to prepare what could lie behind the mahogany doors as gasps were heard throughout as the bride made her appearance.

She was dressed in white, with the silk dress hugging her curves just right, as her white teethed shone brightly under the lighting. Her near sheer purple hue hair flowing down in waves, which were neatly pinned up, slighting bouncing as she walked down the aisle.

I had to swallow, and keep myself from falling over, as Hinata walked slowly over to the altar. The tux suddenly felt constricting around my chest, my breaths quickening. She looked absolutely stunning, and here I am almost nearly losing myself at the sight of her. Shaking my head, I forced a smile painfully, as Hinata began her walk down the aisle.

The flower girls were spreading rose petals as the bride made her way along with her father at her side.

"She's beautiful . . ." Naruto sighed with pride. I looked at her and averted my eyes. I couldn't bear to look. Any longer I stare, and I could ruin this whole thing.

"Y-yeah." I choked out lamely. She looked more than beautiful, her beauty rivaled angels, I lamented sadly.

He turned to me with gratitude in his eyes, his hand around my shoulder squeezing it, "Thank you Sasuke. For being here for me as my best man and being here for her. . . even though I know, about your history with her. But we are past that now, right? Even now, I know that you are struggling…but I promise I'll take care of her."

His determination, almost makes me want to laugh at the cheesiness of the statement. But I couldn't bring myself to reply right away. But that determination, is the reason why Hinata deserved a man like Naruto…I wasn't enough…

I forced myself to smile and gave him a hug, while at the same time trying not to choke in tears. "Treat her well, better than I did. . . and I'm always here for you guys."

The priest now stands with the Bible in his hands, as his voice echoes throughout the church.

"Who gives this bride away?"

Hinata's father bows, and offers Hinata to Naruto, "I do, her father."

I watched quietly, as Hinata give her father a tear filled hug, before moving to Naruto's side. But it was not before her eyes locked on to mine. And I swear at that moment, the world just stop just for a moment. I was doomed. I was pretty sure of it. I was doomed to see those eyes haunt me forever, because of my stupidity. I would no longer have herin my arms or in my life any longer…

I tried to avert my eyes, but her eyes. Cursed violet eyes…always holding on to my soul…but that's just part of the beauty of it all. One look and your smitten, and if you were in my shoes, you can't help but fall in love with them.

She gave me a small smile, and I returned it with a strained smile of my own. She knows how hard it was for me to be here. Damn right it was hard. The night before the wedding, I honestly thought I was going to run, because it hurt too much. But, the wedding note was personally sent from her, with her note asking me to at least be happy for her.

I swallowed again, trying to keep my hurt feelings inside. It's her best day of her life. I refuse to ruin her wedding day, with my useless tears. Still the pain in my chest, only seemed to magnify.

Then the wedding started. And it continued, with my breathing, slowly turning painful as they spoke their vows with my heart still breaking at every word. I imagined myself being in Naruto's shoes, speaking the vows instead. But Hinata looked so happy . . . and I knew by then I already lost her.

"Before we end this holy matrimony, I believe a young best man had requested to sing."

Naruto and I shared a laugh, "Sorry to stop your wedding again Uzumaki!"

I tried walking straight, but almost stumbling my way to the podium, where I took the microphone in my hand. This is it.

I looked at the guests and they all looked at me with disbelief and shock. I can feel their prejudice in their eyes, but I ignored it and forced myself to smile for the love of my life and my best friend.

If I'm going to fix everything between Hinata and I, this is my last chance.

I cleared my throat, "Well . . . Evening everyone. As you all know, this lovely woman right here is going to be married at the end of the night to my best friend Naruto Uzumaki. As his best friend and his constant cockblock in his life, its right for me . . . to give up my brother from another mother and hand him over to his . . . wife. "

I took another deep breath looking at Naruto who smiled at me and gave me at thumbs up.

"This man deserves a woman like Hinata, and excuse me for saying, but there's no way that even hell itself will break this couple apart ever!"

There was laughter, and that made the tension disappear, making me breathe a little easier.

"And yes, sorry to break it to you Naruto, I'm not serenading you. It's for . . . "

Hinata to tell you how sorry I am, and that I still will love you forever

I cleared my throat, "It's for the both of you, and I'll always support you both."

Naruto laughed and held her hand high, "ALWAYS!"

I sent her a smile, and I felt ready. . .

The piano began to softly play.

And I began my final words and final farewell to her.

As I sang, I looked to the audience who started to smile, and lean into the words. As they were humming to it, I made sure to focus my attention to the couple. Especially Hinata . . .

Everything, and every memory I had with Hinata just seemed to slap me in the face, as the song continued. The lyrics . . . they were shouting to the world, that I still WOULD do ALL THESE THING for her. But it's too late.

I tried to focus in on her emotions, but I couldn't see anything. Her emotions were too hard for me to decipher. I hope she won't take the song the wrong way. But I had to let this out, at least so we can both get closure.

I really do wish you all the love Hinata. I really hope you have a fulfilling life and a happy marriage.

I can feel my voice softly breaking, and my tears slowly coming out. The pounding in my chest could only push me to finish this song.

I heard applauses, but what shocked me was that even the bride and groom was clapping. Yet again i forced myself to grin and step away from the podium and returned to my place next to the chairs. The priest finally clapped and signaled the closing prayer.

"You may now kiss the bride!"

I turned away . . . feeling my heart finally shatter as the cheers echoer around me celebrating the new couple. The wedding died down, including the reception, with time feeling like a blur for me. I hadn't realized the time passed until I had to bid the couple a heart dropping farewell as they set off to their honeymoon. I made sure I said goodbye from afar, not bothering to even look at them in the eye. Naruto just gave me a sad smile, his arm around Hinata, confirming Sasuke's ultimate fear.

"I'll see you guys around."

"Take care of yourself Sasuke." She whispered, her voice still music to my ears.

Then they whisked away, to start their new chapter in their life.

Throwing my suit jacket over my shoulders, I began the long walk home.

"And the song birds keep singing, like they know the score. And I love you, I love you, I love you. Like never before. ." I sang quietly, with tears streaming my eyes.

The song used for the insipiration of this story: Songbird-Fleetwood Mac

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