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As requested and suggested Sasuke's background story will be told through his diary entries in which Hinata reads behind Sasuke's back. His life from his alcohol days, to rehab days, up until the last chapter will all be told in Sasuke's point of view!

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Diary Entry 1

I honestly don't know what I'm doing. Hell I don't even know why I'm even writing on this freaking stupid journal.

I don't even know where I should begin. Hell I don't even know what I'm doing right now...

All I know is that I'm writing this now, and downing yet another scotch! I guess the alcohol is helping me with this thing.

Hinata's gone. She's gone. I don't why I'm writing about her. But she's gone. She left.

I guess that's my fault. I was a real idiot. I just- I just had a bad day and I saw her with Naruto and I saw RED. Naruto! Naruto! Naruto! IT WAS ALL ABOUT NARUTO FOR WEEKS.


I yelled at her today…I asked if she really was…cheating on me. And she looked so honest, scared…But I couldn't believe her…I swear I saw it with my own eyes that she was with Naruto and getting too friendly…

And I hit her. Yup, the great Sasuke, slapped my now ex-girlfriend across the face…

.But he would be better than me…he has her now… and I let her go.



Hinata closed the journal and set it down beside the table. She was stunned to say the least. Sasuke actually kept a note on how he felt that very day she left. The messy scrawl of his handwriting was violent and harsh against the paper, with dark lines mimicking his rage and confusion. There was even hints of alcohol scent that dripping on to the page, making Hinata shiver inwardly in fear. She set the book aside unsure if she wanted to continue reading from the journal She wasn't sure what else could unfold in the pages of Sasuke's life, and she was seriously contemplating confronting Sasuke about this. She flipped through the pages skimming the text, but grimaced when she saw the writing turned angry and sad, even pages were marred with tears making some entries illegible to read.

Concerned filled her at the thought that Sasuke may have reached worse than rock bottom since their first initial break up.

And what was I doing at the time that Sasuke was hurting? I was with Naruto all along...

Her mind started to argue with her, that she was hurting too, that she was the victim to domestic and verbal abuse for months and that she had a valid reason not to take a chance with Naruto. But she acknowledge that Naruto did his best to put her back together, she just wondered if there was anybody else besides Kiba that helped Sasuke throughout the en-devour.

Did he do through everything alone?

She closed her eyes and breathed deeply trying to will away anymore negative thoughts. It was much too early to think about, and over analyzing everything. She gave herself a couple minutes to collect her thoughts and rolled to her side looking at Sasuke.

Eyes trailed to see Sasuke snoozing right beside her, with the sheets pooled around his waist, exposing his naked chest. Giggling a little, she never understood why Sasuke loved to sleep shirtless, but it's not like she hated the idea.

Her hands trailed around his chiseled chest, while her mind was wrapped around the words that were etched in the leather journal beside her. After finding it the night before, when Sasuke was having a rough night coming in terms of hunting down his brother.

It was bad idea, Hinata thought, I shouldn't be reading in to Sasuke's stuff. He should have the ability to tell me when he feels capable of doing so.

But then her rational mind just seems to pull away when her mind pondered a little more..

Did I pull away too soon when it happened?

"Hmma…whaz times?"

Rolling her eyes, she smiled at the sleepy look on Sasuke's face, his face scrunching up. It had to be one of her favorite moments, sleep Sasuke was just absolutely adorable. She kissed him on the forehead and softly spoke, "It's a little early, sleep some more."

Seeming happy with the idea of sleeping in a bit more, he rolled over to his side, already falling fast asleep, pulling his girlfriend into his chest.

There's just some things that won't change. She thought running her nose against his chest.

Hours Later…

Sasuke couldn't his finger on it, but what it was he knew it had to do something with a certain violet-hair female that is currently giving him soft looks. But it was strange though. After coming back from work today, Sasuke was already drained from giving information out on his past, and had to try to hold back whenever he saw Kabuto lurking around the office.

It's the itchy feeling of always being watched. And he sure as hell had a reason too. All he knows is that at any moment he can be attacked again. Not just him the city too. Not to mention he had a girlfriend he had to protect.

He just received information from Anko that the two Akatsuki that nearly blasted him to bits were holding out in an abandoned town, and were not budging. And so far, no sign of activity. Sasuke bit his lip in worry, because it's been too long since they were last spotted. When time is not on their side, in this case, Sasuke needed to make a move and fast.

What are the odds that they are? He thought bitterly. I can't let them escape. I got no choice.


Moments Later...

"Sasuke are you absolutely sure about this?" Shikamaru asked quietly, as the men began to assemble bullet-proof vest, and their guns.

Sasuke noticed Shikamaru's hesitation, and he could tell why. His good friend and fellow leader never follow a plan unless there is a definite success in their favor. He likes to plan things through, and work out the obstacles easily. Too bad it wasn't the case this time.

Sasuke's plan consisted of a break in to the hide out that the Akatsuki were located at. It would mean that by breaking in, there would be an enclosement, leaving very little chance that the enemy can escape, granted that everything goes according to plan. Because of Anko's recon mission, they were able to find a perfect location to start the mission, without the chance of getting seen. However it was imperative that every force of men have to move swifty though. A small group consisting of Sasuke and Kiba's forces would be the one infiltrating the target location, while Shikamaru and Anko and the rest of the men would be providing cover in the highground and back up if nessacary. Having an air recon, wouldn't do them any favors this time around, they wouldn't want to give them a chance to escape before the troops get their chance. All they need was quiet entry and the cover of darkness.

Sasuke chuckled a little, "Getting cold feet now Shikamaru?"

"This is mad! Have you even – did you even talked about this with Hinata? What if this plan goes to hell?" Shikamaru argued, getting a little bit anxious at Sasuke's nonchalance about the situation.

His friend's eyes narrowed, but Shikamaru noticed the fire that was burning in the black orbs.

"I swore to her that I won't leave her!" Sasuke's voice was sharp, making Shikamaru gape a little, "But this is more than just her. It's the whole fucking city! If we don't do this now, who knows what could happen. They know my identity Shikamaru…They KNOW my relationship with Itachi. And I'm pretty damn sure that they KNOW that Hinata is the one thing that matters most to me in this world. If they get the chance…they would get their hands on her. And I'm not going to take that risk. No one should be ripped from any ones' arm when the Akatsuki are still loose in the city wrecking havoc."

He paced the floor, his hands shoved deep in his pockets, looking at Shikamaru every now and then trying to plead with his friend that this is the only path that they can take. He shook his head, his hands tight on the pistol that was in his hand, "I haven't talk to her about it no…I'm protecting her this way but this is ultimately for her. I will protect her and this city!"

Shikamaru relented, and finished setting himself up to what could be his last battle alongside Sasuke and Kiba. He watched seeing the raven hair man leave the room leaving Shikamaru alone with his thoughts.

Shikamaru watched as his friend left the room, no doubt trying to stay steady with his idea. "You are fucking crazy Sasuke." whispering to himself, Shikamaru pinched the bridge of his nose, trying to calm his nerves.

"You do realize that Sasuke does know what he is doing." A voice echoed from the doorway. Shikamaru didn't even need to turn to realize whose voice it was.

Shikamaru stood up and faced the man that was leaning against the doorway, "You have a lot of faith in him…Kiba. It's just this plan is a bit of a long shot. I wished we had more time to figure it all out…so we wouldn't lose more lives, or even our own."

"It's unlike you to feel this strongly about this Shikamaru," Kiba lightly commented, bumping shoulders with him,"Temari made you all soft."

Shikamaru closed his eyes and his thoughts trailed back to his own lover that was possibly waiting at home for him. "I guess you right."

"All the more reason to try to end this part of the war against terrorism," Kiba replied, seeing the recognition and eventual determination in his friend's features.

They both gave each other smirks, before leaving the room together, reuniting with Sasuke at the cars along with their fellow men that were prepared for the fight of their lives.

"We are too stubborn to leave this world just yet. But we are taking this one step at a time. And we will see everyone we hold dear again. Count on it."

Back at Home...

Hinata waited patiently for her boyfriend to return home, but when a text came from Sasuke that they were planning a long expedition, she felt a little bit unsettled. She didn't question it though, trusting that Sasuke would come back safely to her.


Feeling the vibration on her leg, she pulled out her phone seeing a text message from Sasuke.

Don't wait up for me! I'll be back home tonight! – Sasuke.

Even if she received a message notifying that Sasuke would return to her. Then why does she have a dark feeling that there's something bad happening right now?


Later that Night

Sasuke, Kiba, and Shikamaru found themselves pressed against a beat down truck, crouched with their guns against their chest. The cold night air wasn't enough to cool down their beating hearts, as adrenaline rushed through them. They could see it, the beat down shack at maybe 200 meters away. The very same shack that could hold the bodies of Sasori and Deidara…

Sasuke gave a small prayer, before silently signaling Shikamaru to take the east troop to double back and to take the high ground that was behind the shack. It would provide Sasuke and Kiba's forces much needed protection and firepower if Deidara and Sasori planned to attack. It was also a good advantage because Sasori and Deidara were mostly range fighters, but since they are barricading themselves, it would be in their favor if they chose to escape, because Shikamaru's forces will rain bullets at their bodies.

Sasuke hoped that his hunch was right, but turned to Kiba with determination in his eyes. "Kiba, there's an entranceway in the left side of the shack, I need you to bear down there with your troops and wait there. They might show up there, and if they do, show no mercy. I'm taking the front, with 3 men on my side, and we are going to infiltrate. On my mark, and you will know, you will follow me in there. But be on your guard you don't know what kind of traps they may have in store for us."

"It's me who they want anyway. There wouldn't kill me first without breaking word."

Kiba held Sasuke's shoulder, "We are getting out of this alive."

"I have no intention of dying in this shit hole." Sasuke smirked.

Sasuke looked over his shoulder, quietly motioning Kiba to get in position. Light footsteps were then heard but with silence following after. Sasuke felt cold sweat drip from his face, his hands reaching for the doorknob that was separating him from the murderers that were inside. Holding his breath he opened the door quietly, stepping in.

The floorboards creaked with every step, making Sasuke cringe at the possibility that the enemy were already aware of their presence. He turned back seeing the men that was behind him tremble a little, and gave them a stern look to remain vigilant. It was no time to be a pussy now.

He pressed against the wall, peering over the corner to see the coast was clear. But he noticed a faint wire that was barely noticeable coil at the corner that he was about to cross. And he felt cold sweat drip from his face once more. He swallowed deeply, shuddering.

That's way too close…

But it was too hard to maneuver a group of 3 men, not to mention Kiba's men without tripping if they have to fight, it would be an immediate death sentence. But he was not willing to sacrifice his position and his comrade's life.

He needed a distraction, to offset the trap, but also not give away his presence.

"Sir! We need to back up and regroup, it's too dangerous!" One of his men hissed in worry.

Sasuke shook his head, his two fingers pressing forward, "We need to make this through, just watch your step. Follow me."

They slithered and slink through the halls, each man braced against one of the many doors, with their hands on the knobs. Sasuke was at the door at the end of the hall, looking back at the men with vigor. They would all turn the knob at the same time and open the door, and if they found the sight of the enemy, open fire.

But they stood there in silence, but their hearts were beating like crazy.

This is it. They might be behind these very doors.

Sasuke took a deep breath and turned the knob slowly, and let the door swing open.


Sasuke felt the world shift into slow motion, feeling the adrenaline pump through his veins. He felt his hand on the trigger press; he felt the glock in his hand kick against his palm letting the bullets fly into the room. Even as the flashes of the muzzle were only visible in the dark, he felt the presence in the room. And he knew that he hit his mark.

But the enemy wasn't giving up the fight. Even in pure darkness, Sasuke knew that they guarded themselves well. As soon as the guns were fired, they were met also by heavy gun fire.

He remembered yelling to his teammates to push back, as the bullets were whizzing over their heads, barely nicking few of his men. Feeling a grenade in his pocket, he pulled the pin and threw it in the far back of the room and rushed back into the hallway yelling for everyone to duck.

Before he knew it, he felt the ground shake underneath him and the throbbing in his head as the shockwave pulsed throughout the home.

He could barely breathe, his vision was shaky with his body barely responding to the demands that he wishes to make.

The plan was going all wrong; it wasn't going according to plan. They had waited too long, and now were trapped within, with no escape. He could hear the cries of his men as they were caught in the booby traps that was behind them all along.


Kiba…that's Kiba…right? Sasuke's mind couldn't recall, it was too cloudy too unfocused to think.

He tried to reply but his voice felt weak, and something was pressing on him, cutting him from air,"You bastard! Don't die on me right now! SASUKE!"

Sasuke felt a rough hand on his chest startling him awake, before he felt a pressure being released from his chest, causing to lurch forward and spat out globs of blood. "Ack! *cough cough cough*"

Kiba wiped his forehead, and cried in relief to see that his friend was still alive. See that Sasuke wasn't lucid, he roughly tapped Sasuke's chest, to get his body to start again, forcing Sasuke to wake up and get the hell moving. "Damn it Sasuke, come on!"

Staggering to his feet feeling a second wind, he gather his gun and rushed back into the room, by passing Kiba determined to finish what he started. His muscles wanted to disagree from all the pain, but he knew he couldn't just give up here. He needed to end it now!



"DO IT!"

Kiba gritted his teeth seeing his friend disappear in the smoke and gun fire, and wanted to follow him too. But he can only pray that his friend makes it out alive. "FALL BACK!"

Immediately catching sight of his red-hair adversary Sasori, who was busy reloading fore a second wave of bullet rain, Sasuke threw his whole body at him, catching him off guard as they tumbled to the ground together, pushing Sasori's weapon away from them.

Deidara was stunned to see the battered cop take Sasori down, raised his gun trying to assist his comrade, "Sasori!"

His comrade made a solid punch to Sasuke's jaw, before looking over his shoulder with a knowing glare, "Don't you dare Deidara, he's mine!"

But before Sasori could get another word out, he heard rapid gunfire just outside the walls that was barely piercing through the window near his head; they were seriously outnumbered, and were at a clear disadvantage.

Deidara was not pleased to be dismissed as easily like that, but nonetheless returned to fire back at Kiba and his men who were still in the hall way. Seeing the weakened man, barely standing on his knees, Sasori charged at Sasuke engaging him in hand to hand combat. Hearing his heavy footsteps, Sasuke willed his body to press on and keep on fighting; he put his fists up and met Sasori dead on.

"He's mine! Just get rid of the others!" Sasori yelled, kicking Sasuke back sending flying into the wall. Sasuke felt his head smack against the wall, leaving him dazed once again.

"I'm not doing the dirty work. Keh! If that's what you think!" Deidara chuckled darkly; he raised his gun pointing at Sasori and fired two warning shots into his arm.

The red hair man felt sharp pain in his arm, and threw back his head, howling in agony. His purple eyes glared at his betrayer feeling hatred in his veins. They were supposed to work together, not double cross each other at the moment of near death.

"AHH! Deidara you bastard!"

"Ta-Ta!" Deidara pulled a hood over his head, and slinked back into the darkness. His former friend couldn't keep an eye on him, for the pain in his arm was too great to focus clearly.

Sasori gripped his bicep feeling the blood drip in torrents, nearly crying out on the devastated state of his arm. It was shot clear through the bone, with the bone peeking out from beneath the skin. His stomach churned, almost leaving Sasori laughing in disbelief. "I can't believe this is happening."

He turned his sight to see Sasuke who was standing once more, preparing to fight him. "You're dead!"

"You first!"

Sasuke threw the first punch, aiming for his head, but Sasori deflected it by stepping inward into Sasuke's space. With his body exposed, his red-hair enemy placed two jabs against his ribs with his good left hand, knowing that Sasuke still hadn't fully recovered from their last encounter. Sasori smirked at the cries of pain that breached from Sasuke's throat and continued to wail on that specific area.

"Ah!" Sasuke cried out, but even as he staggered, he was determined not be beaten by Sasori. Throwing his right arm around the back of his neck, he latched onto, pulling Sasori to the floor, and straddles him, punching him rapidly in the face as best as he could.

Sasori felt his blows on his head, and tried to shield himself with his left arm but was thwarted when he felt the cop's elbow crash on to the side of his head, rendering him dazed and helpless to the oncoming blows. His fist started to feel raw and his energy depleting, Sasuke thought it would fine to let the punches cease. That was until he felt a strong blow to his chest push him off, making him fall back on his back gasping for air.

Sasori winced as he pulled himself up to his feet, trying to scramble for the gun that was just in the middle between them. Their eyes met.

Stygian black orbs met purple, as they smiled darkly at each other, knowing that in a matter of moments one of them would lie dead in a pool of their own blood.

"It's a shame that it had to come down to this Lieutenant Uchiha."

Sasuke lips curl to a frown, "And what does that mean Sasori…You know it had to end one way or another. Just surrender and you may live…rotting in jail for the rest of your life."

Sasori circled the room, with Sasuke copying every single step, "Nawh, that's not the life for me, Lieutenant…I rather spend my time reaping life from your saving arms."

"I will not let that happen again." Sasuke affirmed, wiping the blood from his chin and smirked, "You know I have back up waiting for me, all I have to do is say the word, and you would be dead right where you stand."

Silence then enveloped them once more.

"You wouldn't kill me," Sasori taunted, causing Sasuke to growl, "Not when I have valuable information regarding your older brother, Itachi."

Sasuke took a cautious step forward, his curiosity and rage getting the better of him, "I demand you to tell me what you know about my brother!"

"I thought he wasn't your brother, I thought he was just another criminal." He mocked yet again, causing Sasuke to blink back tears, but his body was filled with rage. Just a little bit more, fall for it little Uchiha.

He couldn't be baited like this; he had more will power than that. "I could say the same for you bastard. You're only ally just deserted you, leaving you nearly dead." He pointed to Sasori's mangled arm, now just hanging limp against Sasori's side,"I'd say you have less than an hour to live…just surrender!"

"Like I would ever surrender to a bloody cop!"

Sasuke knew he had to keep this guy a live as long as possible, "You get to live, you can bring Deidara down for betraying you, you can have a way out Sasori it doesn't have to be this way!"

Sasori eyes were hazy, reluctant. "We can work something out, for the both of us."

"It's too bad Lieutenant I might just seem to reject your offer."

Sasori turned to the wall, and pulled out a bomb, obviously made by Deidara, and set it alit. Sasuke's heart started to beat wildly at the prospect of being nearly blown to bits by a grenade.

Sasuke stepped back and shouted at him with disbelief, "No! Don't do this! Don't do it!"

Sasori gave Sasuke a regretful smile, "Sorry Lieutenant. When you see Deidara for me, mind sending him after me will ya?"

Sasuke couldn't give him second look, before running out the room, screaming for everyone else that could've been in the building to leave right away. He caught sight of Kiba rushing to get his teammates out, and immediately yelled for his friend to follow.

They were nearly out now.

On the hill on the horizon, the earth trembled as the lone house on the hill collapsed and burned in a ball of fire.

Hinata anxiously waited for her boyfriend to return home, and was pacing the floor of his apartment glancing at the clock every so often. She had called Temari a couple hours ago, but was disheartened when she heard that Shikamaru and Kiba haven't returned home either. Temari assured that the Sasuke, Shikamaru and Kiba were probably getting shit face at some bar, and told Hinata not to worry because they would look after each other.

But that didn't make her fears lessen. Sasuke really made a horrible habit of not checking in with her even though he had given her a very vague text earlier that morning.

The sound of a doorknob creaked and Hinata opened the door hastily, nearly gasping the sight of Sasuke.

He was seen leaning against the wall, holding up a small container of cake, and flowers in his hand. But what made her smile sadly is the sight of new stitches in his forehead, and his well-hidden limp of his left leg made her shake her head, but her eyes were gleaming with relieved tears.

Pulling him in the house, she threw her arms around him, crashing her lips against his, affirming that she loved him. He reciprocated in return allowing himself to get lost in the kiss, relieved that he was alive.

"What happened to you?" Hinata said after she pulled away frowning when she saw the stiches, and the limp he had. Her soft finger tracing his face, going over each cut on his cheek and forehand with great worry.

Sasuke really wanted to tell the truth, but right now, he just wanted Hinata like this, in his arms, never to leave it. "Just a bar fight. Some tourists wanted to start something, and you know, doing my cop duties, I put them in their place." He said in good humor. Even though he nearly got blasted to bits...again, he did have a non-alcoholic celebratory drink (you know recovering alcoholic you know, he made sure he watched himself this time around with the help of Shikamaru and Kiba, he stayed relatively sober), wouldn't hurt to kinda curb the truth.

Now wasn't time to tell Hinata the total truth, he was more than happy to know that he can sleep safely in night, without the thought of Hinata being taken away from his grasp at the hands of the enemy. The couldn't get information from Sasori at all, and Deidara was still on the loose. But it was one Akatsuki down, it was better than nothing. It just meant that there's one less threat in the city.

"A bar fight?! But-"

"I love you." Sasuke said with conviction, there wasn't any hesitation. He could've died again tonight, and he hadn't said those words yet. It doesn't seem right not to have those words expressed between them."I just really love you."

Hinata's eyes widened her mouth parted with shock. It's only been a couple of days, and neither Sasuke nor Hinata uttered those words since they got back together.

She quirked a small smile, and kissed him softly on the lips, letting their lips slide together naturally. "I love you too."

He looked lovingly in her eyes, and pressed their foreheads gently together (minding Sasuke's slightly swollen eyebrow) stealing a kick quick kiss, "I promise I won't leave again like that."

"You know I'm still mad at you." She said with a light hearted tone.

Sasuke ducked his head sheepishly, giving her a sheepish smile, "Yeaaah...I know."

Hinata wish that she could believe that, but she knows that Sasuke will try his best to stick with his promise to the T. But there's always something that ends up coming between them, all she can do right now is just trust Sasuke.

They stood in the doorway for a few more moments hugging each other tightly, before shuffling their way back in the bedroom, where they cuddled underneath the safety of the sheets. Sasuke hummed in appreciation that he was back home and with his girlfriend.

The silence broke and a squirmish Hinata poke d her head out from Sasuke's arms and looked at him with a sheepish smile.

He cocked his head to the side and looked at her with confusion, "What's wrong?"

She bit her lip, and spoke with words garbgled together, barely making any sense. Sasuke laughed and rubbed his lover's arms forcing her to slow her words. "What is it?"

"Um...My dad wants you to join us for dinner tomorrow," She squeaked hiding in her face in Sasuke's chest again,"And he's not taking no for an answer."

Sasuke's mouth flopped open and no sounds escaped his lips. Hinata's dad. Hinata's dad. Her dad invited me, to dinner...Holy shit...Oh my god. I got nearly blasted to bits, not once but twice! And now I have to re-meet Hinata's dad?! Oh my god. Why is my heart beating so fast? Is this a heart attack? Why is there no air in this room?! Holy shit I'm pretty sure I'm having a heart attack!


"Holy shit I'm really am going to die an early death...Fuck me."

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