Note: This is a story purely written for fun; I kind of stole the plot line of Disney's "Enchanted" and gave it a Vampire Diaries twist. A few changes have been made character wise, though; first off, I had to change Stefan's last name from Salvatore to Edwards (Edward being the prince's name in "Enchanted") because he and Damon are not brothers in this story. Secondly, Katherine is not a vampire in this story; she's a witch. Not a TVD witch, though; your classic fairy tale "I can turn into stuff!" kind of witch. Yes, she still looks like Elena, but I haven't quite figured out how that's going to work in this story… I'll let you know when I do. :P Also, the name of the town "Fell's Church" is taken from L.J. Smith's novels "The Vampire Diaries" where the town was not known as Mystic Falls. Hmm… I think that's about it. If I forgot to mention anything and you get confused, send me a message and I'll be more than happy to clear things up. Other than that, enjoy! ~Charlie'sLostVampire

Elena Gilbert was your average nineteen year old girl. Fresh out of high school, she was the perfect girl and the object of desire for most of the boys in Fell's Church. Of course, Elena was beautiful; she had perfect dark brown hair, with eyes that matched and complimented it perfectly. She also had the elegant features of what her mother had always told her was royalty, because of her high cheekbones, dainty nose, naturally perfect arched eyebrows, and soft, pink lips. Yes, Elena Gilbert's life was perfect… and then it wasn't, at the same time.

Three years ago, when she was sixteen, both of her parents had tragically died in a car accident, leaving her and her younger brother, Jeremy, to fend for themselves. Of course, this wasn't a problem for Elena once she got past the terrible grief she felt. She was determined to take care of Jeremy, and make their lives just as they were. Yes, she was aware that it would never quite be the same without her beloved mother and father, but a part of her wanted to believe that everything was going to be okay.

In truth, only one thing kept Elena pressing on. One thing in her life she dreamed of more than anything was finding true love. Meeting that one boy who complimented her perfectly and was everything she had ever dreamed of. Sweet, kind, funny, and, although he didn't have to be, Elena secretly hoped he would be attractive. After all; when was the last time you read about an ugly prince charming?

Well, that day had finally come. The day when all of Elena's dreams would come true; the day that Stefan Edwards moved to Fell's Church. He was everything she had dreamed her prince charming would be. He was handsome, with soft brown curls and hazel eyes, and very, very sweet. She bumped into him for the first time while on her way to work at the local library. He had been walking down the street, enjoying the scenery when she plowed into him, a pile of books in hand.

"Oh!" she gasped in shock, dropping them all at their feet.

"I am so sorry…" Stefan apologized, bending down to help her retrieve them.

"No, no, it's fine, really…" she glanced up and her eyes widened. She didn't recognize him.

"A great way to make a first impression in a new town; plow down pretty girls and make them drop their…" he raised an eyebrow. "Electro physics books."

Elena blushed, smiling. "I work at the library. I was just bringing over a few books the school donated…"

"Ah." Stefan nodded. "Makes sense. Well, I really am terrible sorry Miss…?"

She smiled as they stood up. "Elena. I'm Elena Gilbert."

"Elena Gilbert." He repeated, smiling. "Well, Elena, could you use a hand carrying those books? I wouldn't mind seeing this library for myself."

Elena smiled. "Sure. Thanks…?"

"Oh," Stefan laughed. "How rude of me… I'm Stefan Edwards. I just moved to Virginia from Washington."

"The capital." Elena observed, nodding appreciatively as she passed him a few of her books. "I always liked all of the fancy monuments there when my parents took me and my brother."

"Oh… I'm not really from D.C. I lived in a smaller town a few cities away."

"Huh." Elena nodded as they walked. "So, you're a small towner, too, then?"

He laughed. "You could call it that."

The pair continued to talk as they made their way to the library, and they didn't reach the uncomfortable topic of parental figures until they were making their way up the steps. "So, your parents must be really proud of you working this hard." Stefan said as he held the door open for her. Elena's smile slipped. "Um… no, actually. I like to think they would be, but they… died in a car accident a few years ago. It's just me and my little brother now."

Stefan's eyes widened. "Oh, gosh; I'm sorry, Elena…"

"No, no; it's okay. You didn't know."

"I know how you feel, though; my mom died when I was little, and my dad just passed away a few months ago. That's actually why I moved here. To get a fresh start and all."

"I wish I could have done that… I couldn't leave Jeremy, though; all we have is each other."

Stefan's watch beeped and he glanced down at the time. "Shoot; three thirty. I have to go meet the moving truck at my new place, but… I would really like to see you again."

Elena smiled at him. "I'd like to see you again, too. Actually, there's this really cute little café on main street I could meet you at later tonight; it's impossible to miss."

"Really? Why is that?"

"Well…" Elena grinned. "It's sort of the only restaurant in town."

"Oh." Stefan laughed. "The café it is then. What time should I meet you?"

"How's seven for you?"

"Seven sounds perfect." Stefan smiled. "It was great meeting you, Elena." He bent down and kissed her hand, and she giggled. "It was great meeting you too, Stefan. Seven, then?"

He nodded as he placed his stack of books beside hers on the library counter. "Seven."

"Bye!" Elena called after him as he rushed out the door to get home. He waved at her through the front window before rushing off.

Elena giggled and leaned against one of the book cases; she was fairly certain she had just finally met her prince charming.


Jeremy raised an eyebrow when his sister entered the house, humming a tune to herself that evening. "What's got you in such a good mood?"

Elena giggled. "Love."

Jeremy frowned. Unlike Elena, he didn't believe in "true love" and "love at first sight" and all that mumbo jumbo. If he was being honest, Elena's obsession with it worried him sometimes. What if she "fell in love" with the wrong guy, and he totally took advantage of her… very obvious innocence? "Love, huh?" he asked, following her as she danced around the kitchen, tidying up Jeremy's mess; he was never big on cleaning.

"Yep. I met him today on my way to work. We're going to meet again tonight at the Café at seven."

Jeremy was still frowning. "Who is this guy, anyway?"

She giggled. "Stefan Edwards. He just moved to town, and I sort of ran into him with my books. He helped me pick them up, and then offered to carry some of them to the library for me." She sighed. "He was such a gentleman… and handsome, too."

Jeremy raised an eyebrow. "He's new?"

She nodded. "He had to go meet the moving truck at his house this morning. My guess is he just arrived."

"Huh." Jeremy nodded. "So… I take it I'm ordering take out tonight, then?"

"You guess right." Elena grinned, "Less dishes for me when I get home that way, too."

"Cool. I'm going to go upstairs and find a half decent place to order from…" he said, rushing up to his room before she could object.

Obviously, he wasn't looking up takeout joints. He planned on getting every scrap of information on this Stefan Edwards guy that he possibly could before seven o'clock tonight; starting with where he lived. That part should be easy; hardly anyone ever moved into Fell's Church, so the latest sold home would obviously be his new house.


"Jer!" Elena called up the stairs. "I'm heading out. Do you know where you're getting dinner?"

"Um… yeah." Jeremy called back, agitated. He had nothing on this guy. No bad past relationships, no criminal record, no nothing. Heck, the guy received an award for having the largest bunny farm back in Washington! There was literally no reason why he shouldn't want his sister going out with him.

He sighed as he heard the door shut downstairs, about to close his browser when something caught his eye. "What the…?"

It was a picture, obviously taken a few years ago, most likely in tenth or eleventh grade, of this Stefan guy and… "Elena?"

He read the caption below in extreme confusion. "Stefan Edwards and girlfriend, Katherine Pierce receiving best in Political Science awards. The pair will be finishing eleventh grade with the highest honor record in the school's history…"

"Katherine Pierce? That can't be right…"

Frowning, Jeremy grabbed the piece of paper he had written Stefan's new address on and headed out the door. If he was lucky, maybe he could catch the guy and question him before he left to go meet Elena.


Elena was still humming happily to herself as she walked along the street lamp lit road that lead into town.

"Excuse me, Miss?"

Elena turned in confusion to see an elderly old woman hobbling over to her with a cane, looking distressed. "Miss, could you help me?"

Elena started toward her, confused that she didn't recognize her from anywhere. "What's the matter?" she asked.

"Oh, thank goodness… do you see that fountain over there?"

The woman pointed with a rather boney finger, and Elena nodded, confused. She didn't remember that being there before. "Yes."

"Well, I dropped my house keys in there when I was making a wish. I'd fish them out myself, but my poor old back just won't cooperate…"

Elena gasped. "How long have you been waiting for someone to walk by?"

"Dreadfully long, my dear. Won't you help me?"

"Of course," Elena replied, and the woman gave a gummy smile.

"You're an angel…"

She lead Elena across the street and over to the grey, stone fountain. "Oh, wow…" Elena bit her lip. "It's deep… I'm not sure if I'll be able to see it…"

"Maybe if you bent down and looked…" the woman suggested and Elena, a bit hesitant, did so and reached her hand in. "I can't even feel the bottom…"

She gasped in shock when the woman pushed her forward, sending her plunging into the water. She had been right; it was deep. So deep, in fact, that it didn't seem to have a bottom. Not to mention it had some kind of current that was pulling her downward, away from the dim light of the surface.

"Bye bye, Elena!" the old woman called with a wave a cackle. As she was saying this, her figure turned to a dark mist, and the cackling turned to husky, seductive laughter. She took form again, only this time as a startlingly beautiful young woman who looked much like Elena, but with more prominent and obvious beauty. "Bye bye." She said with a grin before turning on her heal and, with a flick of her wrist, the fountain evaporated as though it were never there in the first place. Katherine gave another throaty laugh, and then was gone.