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Previously in "Enchanted"…

As soon as Caroline fastened the chain around Elena's neck, she dropped to the floor in a mound of purple silk and brown curls, unconscious. Caroline, trancelike, didn't even move.

"Good work, Caroline."

Katherine suddenly appeared from the shadows, grinning like a minx. "I'll take it from here."

… . … . … . … . …

Caroline nodded and had begun to walk away when Katherine, who had been dragging Elena toward the stairs, suddenly hissed and grabbed Caroline's arm; Stefan and Jeremy were coming. "She fainted," Katherine whispered to the poor girl who was being forced to do whatever she said.

Katherine evaporated into smoke, and Caroline sprang into action. "Stefan!" she screeched. "Jeremy! Oh, it's awful; she just dropped…"

Stefan and Jeremy ran forward when they saw Elena lying on the floor. "Oh, my God!" Jeremy gasped, crouching by his sister. Caroline sniffled pitifully. "It could be the corset from the dress… maybe it was too tight…"

"Move," Stefan told Caroline and Jeremy, pushing past them and scooping Elena up, contemplating what to do next. Finally, he decided it would be best to interrupt the festivities and see if there was a doctor in the building. "Help!" he shouted over the music, rushing to stand at the top of the stairs. "Help, someone; Elena fainted…!"

Damon, who had been dancing dully with Rebekah, perked up curiously when he heard the word Elena echo through the ballroom. It had sounded like that dishwater drab boyfriend of hers…

Turning his head to the top of the stairs, Damon's eyes widened in horror. "Elena," he breathed, dropping Rebekah's arms and pushing past her, running for the stairs, shoving other people out of his way. "Elena!" he cried as he rushed up the stairs and to their side. "What the hell happened?" he asked, horrified at how still and pale she was in Stefan's arms.

"I don't know; Caroline said she just dropped. I was looking for Jeremy…"

Damon spotted a red velvet antique couch across the balcony and rushed over, pulling it to where Stefan stood so that he could lie Elena down. Damon thought he might be sick, and that was something he hadn't felt in a very long time.

Rebekah had followed him up the stairs, annoyed at yet another interruption of their evening by Elena Gilbert. Hadn't she made it perfectly clear to that girl to steer clear of anything Damon related? It was as she was thinking this, glaring at Elena's unconscious form that she noticed it; the necklace. The pendant seemed to be giving off a slight green glow, and Rebekah's eyes narrowed as her frown deepened. "Who gave that to her?" she asked sharply, pointing to the necklace.

Caroline, confused and worried, stepped up. "I did. It was supposed to be a gift…"

"It's been cursed, you dimwit!" Rebekah snapped, tearing the chain from Elena's neck. As soon as she did, it turned to black smoke and slipped through her fingers. The group of people around them gasped in surprise and Rebekah glared at them all. "Go away; continue with your party as though nothing is going on," she said, sending out a burst of power strong enough to compel every human in the room. Jeremy and Stefan both started to walk away but Rebekah grabbed their arms. "Stay."

Stefan, not wanting to believe the truth, asked Rebekah, "How did you know it was cursed?"

She rolled her eyes. "My mother was a witch. She taught me the basics of recognizing spells; typically, glowing pendants is a dead giveaway."

Stefan blushed a bit and stopped talking.

Damon ran a hand through his hair nervously. "Who would want to curse her?" he asked, clutching the back of the couch as his blue eyes refused to leave Elena.

Stefan could deny it no longer. "Katherine," he said, and everyone but Jeremy frowned in confusion; Jeremy went a few shades paler as he began to understand.

"Who's Katherine?" Damon snapped.

"Katherine was my girlfriend in high school… she was a witch. A witch with a very strong ability to hold a grudge… she swore I would never be happy with a girl unless it was with her. I guess this is her keeping her word."

Damon's grip on the couch tightened. "This is your fault?" he snapped, very tempted to rip Stefan's throat out. Meekly, Stefan nodded. "It looks like it… for some reason, Elena looks exactly like her, too; I suppose only Katherine would know why that is, though."

"Well how the hell do we break the curse?" Damon yelled, holding the couch so tightly that he snapped a piece off. Glaring he tossed it aside, sending it clattering across the floor.

All of their heads snapped up when feminine chuckling filled the balcony. Black smoke was materializing, and Stefan gulped. "It's her," he croaked. Katherine took form, a cruel smile on her lips. "Stefan, darling; how have you been?"

"What have you done, Katherine?" Stefan snapped and she grinned. "Oh, relax; I just put her to sleep."

Damon found himself stalking viciously toward the witch. "What the hell did you do, you bitch?" he spat at her and she raised an eyebrow. "A feisty little vampire, aren't you? Why do you care so much?"

"What did you do?"

Katherine sighed and shook her head. "Vampires are no fun… alright, I'll tell you; but it won't do you much good now."

"Tell us what you did!"

Everyone looked at Damon, who was beginning to look a bit psychotic. His eyes were wild and he looked ready to pounce at any second if Katherine didn't start talking.

"It's an eternal sleep spell…"

Caroline snorted. "An eternal sleep spell? Like in a Disney movie? What are we, five?"

Katherine glared at her. "Don't speak too soon, Blondie; you were all too easy to manipulate into putting that necklace on her in the first place."

Caroline shrunk back and Katherine continued talking. "As foolish as it may sound, it is similar to a fairy tale; the only loophole is true love's first kiss. But… it has to be done before midnight, which is…" Katherine glanced at the clock in the ballroom below, "in one minute."

Stefan rushed over to Elena's side, crouching by the couch. "I'll wake you up, Elena," he whispered, and Damon looked away when he kissed her. Katherine watched with interest as Stefan pulled away; nothing happened. "How long does it take?" he found himself asking her. Katherine shrugged. "Try it again," she said.

Stefan kissed Elena again; and again, and again, and again; nothing happened.

Jeremy swallowed roughly as the seconds quickly ticked by. "Why isn't she waking up?" he squeaked.

Stefan frowned and looked up, his eyes locking with Damon's. "It's because I'm not her true love," he said, his voice dripping with envy.

Damon's eyes widened. "You can't be serious…!"

"Thirty seconds, if anyone cares," Katherine said, watching with giddy excitement as time was wasted.

"Were you totally out of it all night?" Stefan snapped. "During that dance? She adores you!" he glanced at the clock; twenty seconds. "Kiss her!"

Damon didn't know what to do. "I… I can't…" he said.

"Kiss her."

He looked up to find Rebekah looking somber, but truthful. "It's alright, Damon; just kiss her."


"Kiss her!" Jeremy screamed as the final ten seconds began to roll. Seeing no other option, but unable to believe it was true, Damon took Stefan's place crouching by Elena and brushed a curl out of her face. Without a word he shut his eyes and bent his head, kissing her cool, pale lips. As he kissed her, the clock chimed midnight and everyone held their breath. Even Katherine was a bit interested to see what would happen.

Damon pulled away and gazed down at Elena's pale face, begging her internally to wake up. Seconds ticked by with no response from her. Damon felt tears filling his eyes, and they slowly trailed over. He buried his face in her chest, not wanting the others to see him cry. "Wake up, Elena," he whispered, begging her. "You have to wake up…"

Suddenly, he feels her chest begin to rise beneath him and he looks up, his blue eyes locking with her brown ones as they fluttered open, her long lashes casting shadows on her cheeks. "Damon…?"

"Oh, thank God," he whispered, stroking her cheek. She smiled and leaned into his touch. "What happened?" she asked weakly. "Did I get attacked by another vampire?"

"No," Damon said, his expression becoming disgusted as he turned to glare at Katherine. "Not a vampire."

Katherine giggled. "Aw; the vengeful lover. Go ahead; take a swing, lover boy."

Damon stood up, glaring and breathing heavily. "You nearly killed her," he spat, feeling his fangs extend in fury.

"That was kind of the point," Katherine said, boredom clear on her face.

Damon hissed. "I'll kill you, you wicked little bitch!"

She raised an eyebrow. "I think you mean wicked little witch."

Damon made a furious sound and lunged forward at her. Elena squeaked in fear and sat up on the couch just as Katherine turned to smoke. Damon flew right through her and smashed into the wall, leaving a dent. He growled in fury as Katherine materialized before him again. "Two can play at that game, Vampy," she said and Damon stood again and started for her, faster this time. Katherine saw it coming, though, and turned into a rather menacing looking cloud of black smoke, flying at him as well. Everyone gasped and screamed in horror when Damon was flung through the window and fell three stories to the ground, glass shattering everywhere. The black smoke flew out after him and moved upward, out of sight. Elena fumbled to get off the couch, pushing the others out of her way and running for the window. "Damon!" she called as she stood before the broken glass, wind whipping her hair around her face.

He was lying on the side walk below, slowly sitting up and picking glass out of his limbs. He was swearing, and looked up when she called his name.

"Are you alright?" she asked.

"I'm fine," he said, grimacing when he yanked a large shard of glass from his leg.

"Don't move; I'm coming down!" Elena called to him, turning and starting for the stairs.

"Elena, it isn't safe," Stefan cautioned, grabbing her arm. "Witches and vampires; you could get hurt. Just let them fight it out on their own."

Elena glared and pulled her arm away. "Let them fight it out on their own? Stefan, he saved my life three times since I got here; I can't just leave him down there with that psycho!" Elena gulped. "That psycho who looks exactly like me. Why does she look like me, Stefan?"

Stefan shook his head. "I don't know. But you can't go…"

"I'm going, and you can't stop me!" she snapped, dashing for the stairs.

"Elena, wait!" Caroline called, rushing after her. "I'm coming with you."

"As am I," Rebekah said, following after them. Jeremy started to follow, too, but Stefan held him back. "Jeremy, it isn't safe…!"

"My sister is going down there, Stefan!" Jeremy snapped, pulling away. He glanced at the stairwell curiously. "Caroline is going down there. I have to go." He rushed down the stairs and Stefan groaned, left with no choice but to follow as well.

When he reached the lobby, he saw Elena rushing for the glass doors with Caroline, Rebekah, and Jeremy in pursuit. However, when she flung the door open, she froze.

Damon, who had been sitting up pulling the last few chinks of glass from his arm, frowned when she didn't finish exiting the building. "Elena?" he asked in confusion. "What's the matter?"

She was pale and frozen as she gaped forward; Katherine had reappeared soundlessly behind Damon, and had a cruel smile on her lips. From thin air she produced a thick, jagged looking stake, grinning suggestively at Elena, glancing down at Damon. She pulled her arm back to begin her decent toward his heart and Elena screamed. "No!" she cried, dashing forward. Elena's quickness to react so rashly seemed to have caught Katherine a bit of guard and she paused, frowning. Her momentary distraction gave Elena enough time to reach them and lunge at Katherine's arm, shoving the stake backward. Katherine gave a hoarse gasp, her brown eyes wide in shock.

Protruding from her stomach was her own stake, and Katherine glared at Elena. "You little bitch…" she hissed, beginning to lunge at her. Before she could come in contact, however, she exploded into a massive storm of swirling black dust, causing Elena to lose her balance. She fell forward into Damon's arms and both of them fell to the pavement with a thud. The dust continued to swirl loudly around them and Damon pulled Elena's face into his chest, shielding her from the storm. Both squeezed their eyes shut and Damon buried his face in her curls to prevent the dust from targeting his own face. After a few terrifying moments, the dust stopped swirling and settled around them, merely black dirt of the pavement. Elena slowly moved her face from Damon's chest, glancing around. "Do you think she's… dead?"

Both of them jumped when there was a loud clap of thunder, half expecting Katherine to electrocute them both with some kind of lightning bolt curse. Instead, though, it started to pour around them and Elena gasped in surprise, watching what appeared to be left of Katherine trickle from the sidewalk into the storm drain.

Damon was shell shocked. "You… you saved my life," he whispered, gazing at her intensely. Elena blushed a bit. "Well… you saved me enough times over the past few days; I figured I owed you one."

Damon's eyes were wide with what nearly looked like fear. "She could have killed you, Elena!" he gasped out and her eyes grew sad. "I know… I know she could have. But she was going to kill you, Damon; if she killed you… it wouldn't matter if I was dead," the surprise of realizing the truth shined in her eyes and a small smile pulled at her lips. "I love you, Damon."

He continued to gape at her in surprise. "You… you what…?"

"I love you, Damon Salvatore," she said, smiling as the rain pounded down around them. "I thought I was in love with Stefan… but I'm not. This is what true love really is."

Normally, anything about true love made Damon gag with how impossibly cheesy it all seemed. But, coming from Elena's lips, they were the most beautiful words he had ever heard. "Oh, Elena," he said, grabbing her cheeks and pulling her lips to his in a passionate, searing kiss. Elena wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him back, the part of her that had always yearned for a fairy tale romance rejoicing as Damon knotted his fingers in her drenched curls, pulling her closer.

Back in the hotel lobby, Caroline squealed in excitement and clapped her hands. "Yes!" she cried, throwing her arms around Jeremy and giggling. Jeremy's eyes widened in surprise. "Uh…" he said and Caroline fluttered her lashes, looking down in embarrassment. "Sorry," she giggled and Jeremy grinned. "Aw, what the heck…" he said and bent down, kissing her as well. Rebekah made an exasperated noise; all the ooey gooey romance was sickening. Especially seeing as though the beginning of one of them unwillingly symbolized the ending of hers.

Jeremy pulled away from Caroline, blushing. "Sorry; I couldn't resist," he said and she giggled, hugging him and burying her face in his chest; finally, a guy she could be with. Someone who could make her happy again…

"How did she kill her?" Jeremy asked Stefan as Stefan gazed resentfully out at the kissing pair on the sidewalk in the rain. He turned his hazel eyes on Jeremy, who was blushing and grinning in a way Stefan hadn't seen before. "Katherine once told me that the only way to kill a witch was to use her own powers against her; I guess when Elena stabbed her with her own stake, it finished her off."

Jeremy nodded, grinning at how happy his sister looked. "I guess you must be happy; no more psycho ex trailing you."

"Yeah; I'm overjoyed," Stefan muttered, failing to mention the fact that happy was the last thing he felt right at that moment. He knew Rebekah would sympathise and turned to look at her. He frowned when he realized she wasn't standing beside him anymore. "Where did Rebekah go?" he asked and Jeremy shrugged.

"Who cares?" Caroline asked and Stefan sighed, deciding to go look around for her.

He wondered back up the stairs they had all rushed down from and found Rebekah sitting on the balcony floor in a heap of pink skirts, sniveling. "What are you doing?" he asked her and she glanced up at him, hastily wiping her eyes. "She forgot her shoe," Rebekah said somewhat resentfully, holding up the small purple pump.

Stefan knelt on the floor beside her and took the shoe from her hands; surprisingly, it made him angry, too. Elena hadn't cared enough about him to come running as soon as he arrived, but when something happened to this Damon Salvatore person, she was in such a hurry to get to him that she didn't even care she had lost her shoe. He looked back up at Rebekah, noticing the tears still leaking from her eyes. "He hurt you, didn't he?"

Rebekah rolled her eyes. "Obviously; we've been together for over ten years! Everything fell apart when that little wench of your showed up. God; I told him he could kiss her to wake her up, but I never said he could do that," she spat, referring to the kiss Damon and Elena were likely still engaged in below. Stefan snorted as he moved to sit more comfortably on the floor beside her. "You think you feel bad? I came here on some ridiculous rescue mission to bring Elena home, only to find out that, after my evil witch ex cursed her and my kiss didn't wake her up, she fell in love with someone else. That she fell in love with a vampire."

Rebekah frowned at him as she wiped her tears away again. "What's wrong with being in love with a vampire?" she asked defensively.

Stefan considered the girl sitting before her. She was certainly beautiful, in a slightly more obvious way that Katherine and Elena had been, with her blonde curly hair and blue eyes. She was strong willed and defensive and he liked that. Most of the other girls he had been with were insecure and needed his reassurance, but he knew Rebekah wouldn't; she was gorgeous, and she knew it. She flaunted it.

A grin tugged at his lips as he finally said, "Nothing. Nothing at all…" he noticed the silky white shoe poking out from beneath her dress and glanced at the shoe in his hand. As cheesy and pathetic as it seemed, this entire night seemed like something out of some twisted fairy tale. So, as long as he had the shoe, he might as well do it…

"May I?" he asked, gesturing to her shoe. She raised an eyebrow but shrugged. "I don't see why not."

She shifted her skirts to reveal her small, dainty foot and Stefan removed her shoe, tossing it aside and sliding on the purple pump. He grinned. "A perfect fit," he observed and Rebekah raised her other eyebrow in surprise. "Yeah… it is," she said, her eyes moving up to consider the human man before her. She found herself grinning. "You're an interesting person, Stefan Edwards," she said and he chuckled. "Thanks," he continued to look at her, and then grinned wider. "Do you want to get out of here? Go somewhere completely different, where you'll never have to look at your backstabbing boyfriend or my flakey sort of girlfriend ever again?"

Liking the way that sounded, Rebekah nodded and Stefan jumped up. He took her hand and helped her stand, and then the two dashed back down the stairs together. Jeremy and Caroline frowned when they saw them dashing for the doors. "Where are you two going?" Jeremy asked. "None of your business," Stefan snapped, grinning. "Tell your sister if I see her again, it will be too soon."

Rebekah grinned. "Feel free to tell Damon the exact same thing."

Jeremy and Caroline both frowned deeper. "There is no way in hell we're telling them that…!" Caroline began to say but Rebekah cut her off. "Oh, relax Barbie; tell them that we also wish them all the happiness in the world."

Stefan grinned and nodded, and then the pair dashed out the door.

Jeremy frowned as he watched them run down the road in the rain. "Well, that was… strange," he said and Caroline nodded. "Yeah…" suddenly, realization dawned on her and she beamed. "Oh, my God! The queen bitch is really gone! This is the best night ever!"

Jeremy chuckled as he gazed down at her. "Yeah… yeah, it is."

Caroline giggled and gave him another kiss.

Out on the sidewalk, Damon finally stood up. Elena began to stand, as well, but Damon beat her to the punch, sweeping her into his arms, soaked dress and all. She squealed in surprise and giggled. "What are you doing?" she asked and he grinned. "I can't let the fair lady walk home in this state; so I'm going to carry you."

Elena smiled and leaned over to kiss him again. When she pulled away, she leaned her forehead against his and looked into his beautiful blue eyes; the first thing she had noticed the first time he saved her. "I love you, Damon," she whispered and he smiled, giving her another quick kiss. "I love you, too," he said before he took off for the boarding house.