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Ciel moaned as Sebastian slipped his tongue into his mouth. Ciel had to stop this; it was wrong, but it felt so right. Sebastian broke their kiss and pushed Ciel's jacket off of his delicate shoulders.

"Young Master; just tell me if you want me to stop." Sebastian said. Ciel pushed Sebastian away, and started unbuttoning his jacket and shirt. He pulled the clothing off of the demon and admired the butler's alabaster chest. Satisfied at the sight of Sebastian's half-naked body; Ciel pulled Sebastian close again. "Continue." Ciel breathed. Sebastian crushed their lips together and undid Ciel's frilly shirt. The two's tongues fought for dominance; Sebastian's winning every time. Sebastian snuck his hand down into Ciel's pants, and grabbed Ciel's member; making the young boy break the kiss and call out.

"My lord; surely you have done this with your own hand." Sebastian said, slowly stoking the Earl's half erect member. Ciel shook his head; unable to speak due to the eminence pleasure he was receiving. Sebastian pulled the boy's pants and underwear off; revealing Ciel's fully erect member. Ciel suddenly felt embarrassed to be naked in front of Sebastian. Sure he bathed and dressed him everyday, but this time was different. He was letting his guard down; making himself vulnerable to the demon. Sebastian kissed, sucked, and nipped his way down Ciel's chest to his member. He proceeded to kiss the top of it, and engulf it completely in his mouth making the young boy cry in complete ecstasy. Ciel gripped the sheets tightly as Sebastian bobbed his head up and down, running his tongue on the underside of Ciel's member. Ciel's stomach clenched as he released into Sebastian's mouth. Ciel's face was flushed and he was panting slightly. "Would you like my to continue Young Master?" Sebastian asked the boy.

"Yes." Ciel whispered as another blush spread across his face. Sebastian smirked and held three fingers up to the boy mouth.

"Suck." He said in a stern voice. Ciel hesitantly ran his tongue over the fingers; coating them thoroughly with his saliva. Sebastian kissed the boy as he slipped one finger into Ciel's tight entrance. Ciel tensed up as he entered another one in.

"S-Sebastian! I-it hurts." Ciel cried; clutching Sebastian's shoulders for dear life; digging his nails into the pale flesh.

"Just relax Young Master. It will feel better soon, I promise." Sebastian said; licking the rim of the Earl's ear. Sebastian added the third finger and scissored them; searching for that spot that would make Ciel see stars. Sebastian barely brushed past Ciel's prostate, and the boy screamed with pleasure; a scream that had most likely echoed through the entire mansion. Sebastian removed his fingers and smirked at the little whimper Ciel made. Sebastian slipped out of his pants and positioned himself at Ciel's entrance. Ciel grabbed Sebastian's hand and held on tight as Sebastian slowly pushed himself into the young boy's virgin entrance. Ciel closed his eyes and held back tears. Sebastian kissed the boy softly and sat idle waiting for the boy to give the okay to move. "S-sebastian... Y-you can move..." Ciel said quietly. Sebastian pulled almost all the way out and slammed back in making the boy give out a strangled cry. Sebastian repeated this process several times; each time Ciel saw stars. He cried out as Sebastian released himself into Ciel. Sebastian pulled out and pulled a very sweaty, exhausted Ciel into a tight embrace. "I-I love you Sebastian." Ciel whispered. Sebastian smiled slightly and kissed Ciel on the forehead. "I love you too Ciel." Sebastian said. Ciel smiled and drifted off to sleep in Sebastian's arms, dreaming of the best night of his life.

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