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Warnings: Rated M for swearing, graphic sexual content with S and M undertones, implied forced sexual torture and other adult subject matter.

Chapter 1 - The Trap

"Well, well, well. All hail the conquering hero, or, you know, god," Crowley taunted with a nonchalant shrug. "Or . . . Whatever."

Castiel materialized and slowly turned to face Crowley in the old abandoned warehouse. He narrowed his eyes at the obnoxious, self-important bug and seriously thought about smiting the cocky, little insect. He drew himself up into his normal rigid posture and taunted menacingly in his standard rough voice, "Crowley. Why have you called me here? Do you really think to challenge me?"

A low, almost inhuman moan sounded softly in the darkness to Castiel's far right. Castiel searched the shadows with his eyes in the hopes of identifying the source. He suspected that the source might have more to do with why he was here than the so-called, King of Hell.

Meanwhile, Crowley offered briskly, "Yes, well, see, that is the problem. Thought you might want to know about that." Crowley motioned to the direction of the sound and a soft light flared on above the formerly shadowed figure, illuminating the scene below.

A bare, humanoid creature knelt positioned on a padded bench with its arms hidden behind its back. Two stiff, but flexible, black poles were secured to the floor below. They stood straight and tall until the creature's shoulders then they bent inwardly toward the creature and appeared to be attached to something out of view, behind the creature. Around the creature's waist appeared to be a three inch black leather belt that allowed additional chains to secure the creature to the poles, once again limiting the creature's movements.

The creature flinched at the sudden light and tried to move but all that resulted was the sound of the chains rattling softly. The harnesses that held the creature were apparently too tight to permit much movement. The creature slowly raised its head, moaning at the light as if the soft radiance pained it. The tight black leather one inch collar showed strikingly against the light skin bathed in the white light. The gag over its mouth now became noticeable as well which explained why the noise seemed so muted. It blinked at the light then its head fell back with another muffled moan.

"Dean!" Castiel exclaimed, unable to hide his surprise. It took less than a millisecond to see that Dean had been totally stripped of all dignity. He was a little bloody, a lot sweaty and appeared to be running a fever. Even from where Castiel stood, he could see that Dean's eyes were glazed over with a multitude of raw emotions.

"Yes," Crowley confirmed with satisfied relish, trying, quite unsuccessfully, to disguise his glee at the eldest Winchester's current predicament. He always found Dean extremely mouthy and annoying so having the man gagged, at all, rated major plusses all around. Having the obnoxious toad on display award him the highlight of Crowley's current dark period.

Castiel growled menacingly at the demon and took a step forward, only to be jumped from behind. Before he could react, he felt a deep bite of razor sharp teeth the base of the back of his neck where his neck met his left shoulder. An instant later, a sharp pain stabbed him right through his vessel's heart, sending searing pain throughout his body.

He swiftly grabbed and yanked the unknown creature off of his back then threw it across the room and into the wall opposite where Dean was chained. He looked down and saw the tip of an angel blade sticking out of his chest. He motioned with his hand and sent the new creature careening into Crowley who barely managed to dodge it.

With both of his adversaries on the same side of the room, he reached behind him and pulled out the angel's blade before dropping it to the ground beside his feet. He smirked mirthlessly, "If you had stayed longer that first night, you would have realized as Sam Winchester did that this blade cannot harm me as I am no longer an angel. You were a fool, Crowley, to dare this with me."

Crowley quickly threw up his hands and backtracked faster than he'd ever done before. "Whoa. Whoa, there, Oh Powerful One. I had NOTHING to do with that!" He denied adamantly as he motioned to Dean. "I heard a rumor and came to check it out then called you. You know, since he's your big, little boy toy and all. Figured you'd want to know. That. Is. All!"

Castiel frowned slightly as he attempted to determine whether or not the demon was lying. While he stood there debating, he started to feel a warm sensation spreading through his body, replacing the previous pain that he'd easily healed. When Crowley motioned to Dean, Castiel couldn't help another glance in his human's direction, noting that Dean was still moaning behind the gag and moving in a way that caused Castiel to feel vaguely disturbed in a way that he hadn't earlier.

Castiel refocused his attention on the creature that was now trying to slink away. He warned Crowley, "If what you say is true, detain that while I check on Dean."

Crowley held out his hands in a gesture of supplication then motioned with one hand and the creature froze in place. Crowley sent Castiel a questioning look then taunted begrudgingly, "At your command, as always."

Castiel watched them for a moment longer before he turned back to check on Dean. He moved with his normal purposefulness but his steps seemed to slow as he approached his once friend and compatriot. He felt his head and blood buzzing with something unusual that he could not readily identify. His attention to his surroundings seemed to be slipping but it remained extra sharp as long as he focused all of it on Dean. He shook his head in an attempt to clear it but it didn't really help anything.

Dean's head fell back again. His Adam's apple bobbed as he swallowed thickly and panted in obvious distress. Sweat trickled down his face, sliding tantalizingly slow down the sleek muscles of his neck. His hands were bound behind his back at an angle that pushed his chest out in an appetizing display. His tanned, lean body shone with sweat as his muscles rippled while he repeatedly tested the constricting bonds.

Without conscious thought, Castiel's eyes moved lower, taking in Dean's toned six-pack abs, narrow waist and curved hips. He wondered idly how long Dean had been kneeling here, in this position, while his eyes slowly traveled down and then back up Dean's muscular thighs. Finally, well, he had definitely saved the best part of Dean's anatomy, besides his amazing green eyes, for last.

Castiel's mind didn't acknowledge anything except Dean at that point. He stepped right in front of Dean, eyeing the most artfully arranged, erotic display of the human male he'd ever seen. He stared down at the man then down at himself as he could no longer ignore his vessel's heated blood racing southward. He knew he was very interested in this scene, despite his previous angelic nature, and was reminded of the last time he had something like this happen to him. Dean, however, was a much better specimen than the pizza man had been.

He stepped directly in front of Dean and into his charge's personal space then reached a hand forward, intent on removing Dean's gag. He wanted to hear his human's moans without any interference. He gently pulled the gag down and greeted with a husky rasp, "Hello, Dean."

Dean's eyes flew open wide and he slowly raised his head to search out the very familiar voice that called to him. "Cass," he whimpered brokenly.

Castiel's heart shuddered in empathy at his charge's distress while his arousal grew exponentially. Only Dean could make torture seem so sensuously decadent. The knowledge that he found this so very arousing set off warning bells in his mind. He frowned slightly and wondered if this feeling came from the souls he'd absorbed while he responded reassuringly to his friend, "I am here, Dean."

In the seemingly far off background, muted voices sounded. Castiel very reluctantly turned to spy Crowley and another being standing side by side, facing the wall closest to them and the furthest from Castiel. Deep down, he knew this was a plot against him and that he should put a stop to it immediately. But he found it extremely hard to move away from Dean which in itself set off even more warning bells in his mind. Before Castiel could force his body to move, the middle section of the wall fell away to a doorway and Castiel felt his entire life force being sucked into the doorway.

Purgatory! He heard through the panicked shouts of millions of souls as they were yanked back out of his being. He felt some of them hold on tight inside of him, digging into him with such evil intent that he shuddered inwardly. His grace recoiled in horror at the creatures that tried to destroy it in an effort to bury themselves deeper into his being.

He attempted to force them out of him but it was too late. He had already allowed them inside. He couldn't remove them after giving in the first time. They were so much stronger than him and had him vastly outnumbered. He felt them laughing at him maniacally, just as Dean had foretold.

He felt his knees give under the stress of holding himself together then felt a stronger force sucking and yanking the evil things out of him. He forced his weary eyes up to see the other creature advancing on him while chanting. It moved its hand and he felt the evil inside him shift, losing its grip. The creature increased its chanting and it motioned with its hand again, harder.

Castiel screamed in immense pain as he felt part of his being rip open before the evil finally lost its grip completely. Castiel fell forward to his hands and knees. He panted with pained breaths and focused his grace inward to seal the rip. He moaned slightly when he realized that he no longer had the power to do even this simple task.

How did I go so wrong? What have I done? He thought with regretful despair. Now, looking back, he could see the error of all that he did and had allowed to be done for the sake of his war with Raphael. He finally saw how the road to Hell could actually be paved with good intentions.

He felt a gentle, warm hand touch his left shoulder then the healing power of grace flowed through him. He felt his own grace heal with the help of his brother, his long dead brother. His head jerked up in surprise and he exclaimed, "Gabriel."

Gabriel smiled softly at him and greeted casually, "Hey there, bro. How's it hanging? Still hanging with Tweedle Dee and Dumber over there, I see. You should know by now that they are nothing but trouble."

"But . . . How? . . . You . . . You were," Castiel stumbled under the shock of the past events.

"Dead?" Gabriel clarified laughingly. "Yeah, well, what can I say? Guess the old man finally decided I wasn't so bad after all, huh?"

Castiel stood slowly with a frown before he verified with dread, "The 'old man'?"

Gabriel grew solemn and nodded slowly before he confirmed softly, "Yeah. Castiel. Dad's back. And definitely NOT a happy camper."

"Oh, Father," Castiel prayed softly as all color left his face. "I . . . I . . . Oh, why? Why didn't you just kick me in there with them?" Castiel cried out guiltily.

Gabriel rolled his eyes and commented with pained disgust, "Oh, Father. Talk about a drama king. I liked the stick-up-the-ass Castiel better. No emotion is definitely better than too much. Anyhoo, in answer to your question, I did what I was told and I kept that stuck up Scottish spaz of a demon from taking advantage of the situation. Oh, and by the by, Balty is back, too, and looking to have some words with you but that's for later. For now, you might want to release your boy toy over there."

Castiel flinched a number of times during that information overload then thankfully remembered Dean. He shook his head and argued with increasing frustration as he turned back toward his charge, "He is NOT my boy toy. I don't even know what that is but he . . ."

Gabriel smirked when Castiel suddenly trailed off and stopped talking. "You know, I could show you what a boy toy is that way at least you'd know why everyone calls him that," Gabriel offered mockingly. When he got no response, he walked forward to check on his little brother.

He saw Castiel stare at Dean with desperate hunger and . . . Wait. What? Hunger? Gabriel paused with concern then saw something shift in Castiel's expression. "Oh, crap," Gabriel cursed lightly as Castiel strode purposefully to Dean. "Uh, Cass? Cassie? Castiel?" Gabriel called out uncertainly and received a total lack of response from his brother then quickly flew over to Dean whom he studied closely, taking extra care not to touch the human in any way.

Castiel growled menacingly when he saw Gabriel appear in Dean's personal space bubble. Gabriel spun around quickly and, after a very swift glance at Castiel's face, he threw his hands up and backed away from Dean as fast as he could. He knew what that growl meant, even though he hadn't heard it in centuries, and knew what the best move was here.

Gabriel placated easily, "Calm down there, little brother. No need to go all 'alpha' on me."

He snapped his fingers. A TV with a DVD player popped into the room in front of the two men. It was already playing the DVD. With another snap, a luxurious king size bed with black silk sheets appeared in the near vicinity of the men. The final snap signaled the disappearance of the archangel.