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Chapter 47 – Epilogue: The Party

Dean sighed softly as the loud bass from downstairs finally penetrated the sweet, deep darkness of his much needed sleep. As his consciousness returned, he reluctantly acknowledged that he wasn't going to be able to avoid the 'party' for much longer. He figured that it would probably be best to get that over with, put in an appearance then maybe he could have more than a night doing questionable things to his mate.

"Very true, Dean," Castiel whispered seductively into his ear before their lips moved softly over each other.

They broke apart and Dean slowly opened his eyes then complained simply for the sake of complaining, "How many times do I have to tell you to get out of my head?"

"How many times do I have to tell you that you are mine, mind, body and soul?" Castiel returned arrogantly, slowly trailing a hand down Dean's neck until it finally covered his mark on his hunter. "So I am allowed inside you, your mind, your body and your soul at any time that I want."

Dean gasped and arched up at the pleasure that coursed through him from their bond while Castiel shushed him gently with a deep kiss where their tongues met and slid against each other sensuously. Dean moaned with desire then frowned unhappily as he felt Castiel pull back his lips and his hand at the same time. Dean glared at him and insulted harshly, "Tease."

Castiel smirked then allowed, "After, Dean. After. I just wanted to remind you what was waiting for you in the hopes that you could put up with my brothers for an hour. Or two, at least."

Dean huffed irritably, "How long have they been at it?"

"Almost three hours now."

Dean grunted then asked ruefully, "Guess it would be too much to ask for but are Sam and Bobby at the party right now?"

"Where else would they be?" Castiel puzzled curiously.

"Outside, in the garage, someplace quieter, less crazy," Dean rattled off distractedly. "The next city . . . state . . . country . . ."

Castiel studied him a long moment before he answered honestly, "They tried, more than once, actually, but weren't allowed. Apparently Gabriel insisted that he couldn't have fun without Sam for some reason. Crowley said the same about Bobby although Bobby definitely doesn't have the same requirements at all. Gabriel's argument made much more sense of the two, actually."

"Wow," Dean commented with unease surprise. "Okay. No. Stop. Don't . . ." He trailed off, grimaced then appeared physically ill while he complained to himself aloud, "Stupid brain. Should have known. So didn't want to visualize . . . Need brain bleach STAT."

Castiel smiled gently at his muttering human before he redirected, "Was there something you needed from them, Dean?"

Dean blinked, shook his head, twice, then nodded. "Yeah, kinda wanted to talk to them alone for a bit about . . . you know, stuff, seeing as how we really haven't talked since all this stuff started."

Castiel nodded in understanding with the soft smile still on his face. He leaned over and kissed Dean's nose before he ordered lightly, "Get dressed and I will bring them up here. Luckily, with everything you went through we have a great excuse to leave the party early."

"Doesn't help us much, considering how loud you get," Dean snarked tauntingly as he tossed the covers off of him and sat up.

Castiel arched an eyebrow at Dean's back then asked seriously, "Is that really how you want this to go, Dean? Seriously? You really believe that I will not accept that gauntlet tonight?"

Dean didn't turn around because then Castiel would have seen his face breaking grin. Instead he called over his shoulder while he grabbed up his jeans, "I have no idea what you are talking about, Cas?"

"On the contrary, we both know who the loud one is in this relationship," Castiel countered arrogantly.

"Oh, really? And who is that?" Dean wondered casually, still not turning around. He had his jeans on but not buttoned.

"You are," Castiel answered adamantly as he leaned over to whisper in Dean's ear. "You, Dean, are the loud, needy one. I am the quiet, dirty, forceful one. And you will learn that yet again tonight. All night. So make sure your brother knows you will be walking funny tomorrow, and maybe even for the rest of the week. I will, however, sound proof the room in consideration of your family's mental health only, as I make you beg for hours. Just be aware. There will be a recording made in the event that this debate becomes public."

Dean groaned lustily at both the imagery and Castiel's hot breath ghosting over his sensitive neck. He wanted to turn and deep throat his mate again but the rustle of wings and soft breeze signaled his mate's departure. So, Dean closed his eyes and tried to calm his heated blood down while he attempted to make the front of his jeans close the distance over his baby bump. He knew it was a useless endeavor considering there was a six inch gap at least.

By the third try, he heard the rustle of wings again and called out, "A little help here, Cas." He was still focused on closing his jeans so he was surprised at the answering voice. He rolled his eyes, knowing he should have expected this.

"Oh, I so hope you didn't call us here to see that," Sam grumbled with unease.

"You and me both, boy," Bobby seconded in the same manner.

Castiel appeared at his side while Dean glanced over his shoulder briefly and snapped, "Oh, shut it." Castiel glanced down to where Dean's hands were and smiled widely. Dean saw it and snapped with even more heat, "You shut it, too. You made me like this and it isn't the least bit funny, asswipe."

Castiel bit his lip to keep from laughing while he touched the jeans, allowing them to expand to the right width. Dean grumbled to himself while he fastened his jeans but didn't say thank you so Castiel commented pointedly, "Next, you're going to blame the hormones for all you bitchiness because I have to tell you that sounded just like a pregnant woman, especially the complete lack of appreciation. I will add it to the list of things to review later tonight."

Dean's eyes flared wide in surprise and hurt before he glared and took a swing at the snarky angel. Lucky for Dean, Castiel disappeared at just the right time, saving Dean's hand. Unfortunately, Castiel's smug smirk was branded in his mind's eye.

Dean growled irately at the air and warned loudly, full of bravado, "You just wait, you dick. I'm gonna kick your ass for that. Then we'll see who the freakin' woman is."

"Uh, you do know the only way to kick an angel's ass is if the angel lets you, right?" Sam taunted mockingly.

Dean spun around and grumbled warningly, "Not the time, Sam."

Bobby saw the feud brewing and quickly entered the melee, wondering, "We need to go shopping for you, boy?"

Dean flushed red hot with embarrassment but dismissed, "No, Cas has it. Mostly."

"And if he's not here," Bobby prodded knowingly.

"I'm not going to a freakin' maternity shop, Bobby," Dean raged stubbornly. "I'll freakin' walk around au naturel first."

"Okay," Sam quickly amended, "We'll go for you. Promise. Because I'm so not having Gabe wipe my mind again, especially daily."

"Gabe?" Dean questioned pointedly.

Sam only shrugged then pointed out logically, "You nicknamed Cas way before you two were a thing, Dean. Or was all that a bunch of lies too?"

"No, it wasn't. But are you two a thing, Sammy?" Dean pried insistently.

"No!" Sam denied adamantly. Dean arched his eyebrows in a manner of disbelief but nodded. Sam's face flushed brightly but he insisted, "We're not! It was just that one time because of that stupid . . ."

"Alright," Bobby interceded again. "Enough, because I for one don't need any details or even cliffnotes for the rest of that disaster. Gabe thankfully wiped my mind of that as well. Now, Dean. What's up? Why did you have Cas bring us up here?"

Dean ducked his head down and nervously rubbed his neck once again noticing his leather collar was back on. It was sad that he had already gotten so used to wearing it that he didn't notice it anymore. In fact, if he was honest with himself, which he so tried not to be, he actually missed the blasted thing the few moments it was off. He sighed heavily, once again thinking how extremely hosed up his life was.

"Dean," Bobby prodded softly.

"I don't know," Dean admitted uneasily.

"Well, if you don't, who does?" Bobby pointed out gently.

Dean sighed heavily and sunk down on the corner of the bed. He ran a hand over his face then looked up into his adopted father's eyes. "It's just . . ." He started uncomfortably then shrugged hopelessly. "I don't know. Just felt like I should, we should, have a chance to . . . Look, everything is out now, right? But it was all outed with all the freakin' annoying feather brains, which I never wanted, and . . . it kinda felt like I . . . I don't know . . . owed you . . ."

Sam had crossed his arms over his chest and smiled while he watched his unemotional brother trying to deal with emotions. He swore it got cuter every time he saw it but he knew he couldn't say something like that to Dean. Oh, God, he just realized that this baby was going to be born to two of the most emotionally stunted people, beings, he'd ever met. Poor thing. But that was for later. Right now, he couldn't help himself from pointing out sarcastically, "You really suck at this, don't you?"

Dean glared menacingly at him but Sam ignored him and decided to quit torturing his brother for a change so that he could have some answers that were bugging him. He started out with the most annoying one, "So, Dean, exactly how long have you had the hots for Cas?"

Dean glared even harder at him but couldn't stop the embarrassed heat from flooding his face. He tried to evade slightly, more out of instinct than anything else, "Really, Sam? That is really question number one for you? Really?"

"Yeah, Dean, it is so shut up and put up," Sam ordered mockingly.

Dean rolled his eyes then surprised everyone by clarifying tautly, "The hots?" Sam nodded in confirmation. Dean's eyes actually turned dreamy like a teen girl crushing while he recited softly, hoping no one would really hear him, "First time I saw him. The way he busted into that barn. The way he stalked straight to us, in spite of all the firepower we blasted him with. That was hot. Freakin' terrifying but blazing hot."

"Seriously!" Sam exclaimed in shock.

"What? You wanted the truth, right?" Dean bit out defensively, angry over the unprovoked attack when he was actually baring himself this way.

"You''ve been in love with him this whole time?" Sam clarified incredulously.

"No! Of course not," Dean denied firmly. "You said, 'hots', and he was freakin' hot with his badass 'Angel of the Lord' powers and determination back then but I don't do guys. You know that. Never had so . . . I buried that crap, right along with all the other shit I always bury."

"When did you figure out that you loved him?" Sam continued with less volume.

Dean stared at him a long moment before he admitted softly, "Started when he kept all the freakin' Hell-mares away and showed me that I wasn't still there, that I wasn't still alone, anymore. He took all that . . . away from me. He kept me halfway sane." Dean wasn't going to mention that most of those times Sam was never around because of that Ruby bitch.

"But, honestly, none of that compare to when he sacrificed himself so that I could stop you from killing Lilith. In Chuck's kitchen. At that moment, when he sent me off to stop you, knowing he was going to die for helping me, freeing me, betraying his family for me. Then he willing stood in between me and that archangel knowing he was going to die just so he could help me, give me time, helping us, helping us stop it all. That. That moment right before he sent me away. That's when, Sam."

Dean paused then continued to reminisce slightly, "There were several other times that next year when we were trying to stop the Apocalypse. There were . . . a couple of times . . . we were alone . . . but we were all going to die. We knew that . . . and he was already falling, already losing so much for us, for me. I, I just wasn't going to do more damage to the guy, you know? Or no more damage than I already had, no matter how much I . . . Kept reminding myself that I didn't do guys. But it was never like that with him, for some reason. Then . . . you died. You made me promise . . . he left. End of story."

"Why didn't you say something, Dean?" Sam exclaimed sadly.

"Say what, Sam?" Dean argued irritably. "Say to you things I could barely even think to myself? Yeah, like I do that . . . Ever!"

"But you told me you loved Lisa," Sam countered forcefully.

"I never said that!" Dean snapped hotly. "You saw that in my head while we were on that F'd up dream root hunt."

"You dreamed about her," Sam pointed out insistently.

"Doesn't mean I loved her," Dean denied firmly. "Plus, that was before Cas. When I was sure that that was what was supposed to happen, eventually. You know, wife, kids, apple-pie life. Having that stupid deal over my head had me wishing for things that I could never have. I mean, did I love her? Yeah, in a way. Still do, sort of but not like Cas. Never like him. That was very clear within the first month of being with her."

"And you are freakin' insane if you think for one minute that I could have ever been happy there, even if I did love her that way, while you were in the freakin' cage in Hell. What's wrong with you? I was complete and total wreck who quickly became a functioning robot. I felt like I was in Hell all over again without all the physical pain. The mental anguish, though . . . was stuck in freakin' Desperate Housewives and didn't give a damn about anyone or anything, except the only family I had left, Lisa and Ben, because that was all I had. Without them . . ."

"You had me, boy," Bobby grumbled with affront.

Dean rolled his eyes slightly then pointed out knowingly, "You know and I know if I had kept in contact I would have been back in the life a lot sooner. I probably wouldn't have lasted a couple of months, regardless of that promise. It was already taking everything I had to stay in that 'Apple-pie' prison."

"Dean," Sam started but Dean shook his head adamantly .

"No, Sam, it was a prison to me, no matter how much you wanted to believe otherwise," Dean snapped firmly then redirected. "Now that we've definitely beat that dead horse to a bloody pulp, was there anything else?"

"The baby," Sam started, only to have Dean cut him off immediately.

"It's my baby, Sam, and I'm having it," Dean announced warningly. "If either of you have a problem with that, let me know now so I can find another place to have it because I'm going to raise it, too. Cas and I will teach it and train it. If anything, this family has a much better chance of survival than Lisa and Ben ever did."

"Dean," Sam tried to argue, knowing it was pointless by Dean's set features.

Bobby cut him off this time when he demanded firmly, "How do you know for sure that it's even yours, Dean?"

Dean smirked wryly, "Let's just say that have it on several higher beings authority. Even the God squad isn't arguing genetics, they are arguing possible outcomes."

"What the hell does that mean?"

"They all agree that Cas and I are the contributors but we did have Trinity's influence inside us so they aren't sure how that's going to affect it or if it even will. Plus, there's a lot of debate as to whether Cas was a Fallen at the time and other things so, bottom line, they aren't sure what's going to come out. Too many unknown factors," Dean explained vaguely.

"Meaning they aren't immediately shouting Neph," Bobby assumed correctly.

"Exactly. They are currently in a holding pattern because, well, obviously, the baby will be powerful, no matter what it is," Dean elaborated clinically. "They definitely don't want that to fall into the wrong hands and be trained to embrace the Dark Side. So, unfortunately, I have to put up with them for a while."

"Meaning whoever or wherever you set up to give birth will also have to put up with the Goon Squad," Bobby concluded with heavy reluctance.

Dean gave him a sheepish look then reiterated firmly, "Like I said, let me know."

Bobby narrowed his eyes and prodded with disbelief, "You mean you actually trust all those feather heads."

Dean shifted slightly then admitted firmly, "I trust Cas completely. And Gabriel to protect us but not to turn our hair pink or any number of other trickster things." Both Bobby and Sam cracked wide smiles at that which caused Dean to wonder with dread, "Did, uh, did . . . he . . . no."

"'Fraid so, Deano," Gabriel popped in and easily showed Dean the picture in his camera phone.

"Why, you little . . ." Dean sputtered with mindless anger and charged forward, only to be restrained from behind by Castiel's arms.

"Now, now, Deano," Gabriel tried to pacify before he totally ruined it, observing, "Hot pink is definitely your color. Or, maybe you're having a girl and it's the pregnancy glow that's showing through but either way. Perfect match."

"Let me go, Cas," Dean hissed furiously, straining forward.

"No," Castiel denied with amusement lacing his voice. "You are going to hurt yourself and the baby. Have you finished your talk? The, uh, natives are getting restless."

"I'll say," Gabriel agreed wholeheartedly. "If I see Lucifer make out with Sooki one more time, I will barf over both of them."

"Save your stomach and throw them into your freakin' TV set," Dean suggested sarcastically.

"Dude. PTSD," Sam warned tightly.

Dean arched his eyebrows and verified laughingly, "Don't you mean STD?"

"Hey, you could have gotten that commercial, too, you know," Sam retorted irately.

"Nah. 'Gabe' doesn't feel that way about me," Dean taunted knowingly.

"Plus, you had Cassie's mark on you," Gabriel admitted easily. "Considering how much Cassie gets out, much less marks, I wasn't about to call him there by nailing you."

"Oh, that's right," Dean chortled in remembrance. "Gabriel so did nail your junk trunk."


Bobby rolled his eyes and ordered tightly, "That's more than enough. Send them downstairs, you feathered idjits. That way they'll have someone else to irritate."

With a snap of his fingers, Gabriel snapped them into the cleared out and expanded study which now contained a lighted stage, great sound system, karaoke, DJ stuff and a mirror ball that reflected a rainbow of lights all over the area. Lucifer held the microphone while he 'sang', extremely off key, to 'Stronger' by Kelly Clarkson. Michael stood against the wall nearby muttering under his breath at the backup singers that were all over Lucifer. Balthazar leaned against the wall on the other side of the doorway, warned tightly, "If he breaks into 'I am Woman', I am leaving."

"At least this time it would be accurate," Michael snarked insultingly.

"Touche," Balthazar acknowledged before turning to the newcomers. "Oh, finally. Now maybe we'll have real entertainment."

"Not me, too, you knuckleheads," Bobby grouched loudly at the Cas and Gabe. "I don't need to be here."

"Oh, there you are, darling," Crowley crooned drunkenly in Bobby's ear after he quickly blinked to Bobby's side.

"Oh, look," Lucifer announced at the end of his song before clapping, "The guests of honor have arrived."
"This giving you flash backs," Dean wondered tightly while visions of pagan gods getting torn apart flared through his mind.

"Definitely," Sam admitted harshly, starring at Gabriel meaningfully. He reached out and grabbed the arch's hand just to make sure that he was still real. Gabriel looked at him questioningly before nodding in understanding.

Meanwhile, Lucifer called them up to the stage," Come on, you two. Front and center. Cassie. Deano. Chop. Chop now. Aw, they are so shy . . . and cute . . . just adorable . . . I could just eat them up." He sent his girls down to grab the reluctant couple but Castiel's warning growl had time scurrying back up to the stage.

Castiel pulled Dean forward with him, stating heavily, "The sooner we get this done . . ."

"I hear ya," Dean muttered reluctantly but still dragged his feet then actually stuttering to a halt when Lucifer mentioned, 'eat'. The way he said it gave Dean the heeby-jeebies. Castiel tugged on his arm but Dean refused to move.

Castiel turned back and saw Dean's wide eyed, childlike stare then reinforced, "Come on." Blame it on the hormones, what had happened over the past few months or numerous other things but Dean couldn't handle being eaten by Lucifer. He just couldn't. Castiel mostly hid his gentle smile as he read his mate's mind then he solemnly promised Dean, "I won't let him eat you. Promise. I am the only one allowed that honor, baby."

A few moments later, Dean reluctantly moved on stage with Castiel, only to have Lucifer break them apart, while the devil wormed in between the two, freaking Dean out even more. He still had his mic and stated easily, "Now, Dean. I remember what you said about speeches but this is important. Granted we will not always see eye-to-eye considering I like eyes outside of humans skulls and you humans are so big on keeping them in . . ." He felt Dean, and Cas, stiffen beside him so he hurried on, "But, at the end of the world, you are now one of us. Part of our family . . ." Lucifer pulled out a tissue and dabbed at his eyes then huffed dramatically, "Oh, I so promised myself that I wouldn't cry."

Dean made to leave this asshat's show but Lucifer easily held him there with his abilities. "Now, since you won't let us toast you and talk bad about you, stating how you aren't worthy, because let's face it. You aren't. Never were. Never will be. And I am so not the only one who feels that way, by the way. Plus, all the crap that's wrong with you."

He felt Castiel tense beside him so he hurried again, "Anyway. I have decided the only proper way to induct you into our awesome family is for us to all sing together. Everyone now. Come on, come on. Sooner we get this done, the sooner the real party can start."

Everyone else groaned along with Cas and Dean but moved forward. Gabriel snapped his fingers and everyone was given a microphone. Bobby and Dean both immediately tossed them down, only to have them snap back into their hands like yo-yos, or that ball and paddle thing. Sam tried it, too, but when it snapped back, it hit him in the forehead which caused Gabriel to jump up and kiss it to make it better then hand Sam back his mic.

Gabriel waved a finger at everyone and explained firmly, "Tsk, tsk, tsk. Now, if we have to do it, you have to do it. After all, you are all family now."

Dean groaned unhappily then demanded irritably, "Can we at least pick the song then?" If he was going to have to sing, it was going to be Zepp, AC/DC, Metallica or one of his songs. Not freakin' Kelly Clarkson.

"Next time, big boy," Lucifer taunted cockily then pretended to run through his singing keys before he clarified the rules, "If anyone is caught not singing at any time, we all have to start over at the beginning. Yes, boys and angels, we could easily be singing this one song all night long so behave. Ready? And, a one, and a two and go . . ."

Sister Sledge blared through the sound system, drowning out several heart felt moans as "We Are Family" filled the room. Despite a majority of the group's opinion of the song, they only had to start over three times, emphasizing how much nobody wanted to do this more than once. Or, at least, the humans there didn't because they were never the ones who broke the rule.

The first restart was because Crowley was caught whispering inappropriate comments into Bobby's ear which cause Bobby to splash holy water on him thereby ruining the second stanza. The second time because Gabriel grew too bored so he snapped his fingers and gave Sam hot pink pigtails. It took ten minutes to stop the laughing after everyone else has snapped pictures with their camera phones then another ten minutes to find where Sam had chased Gabriel off to. The third time was because Michael became completely feed up with the stupid, slutty backup singers pawing and grinding all over Lucifer so he tackled them all, including Lucifer, to the ground then commenced beating the snot out of his mate who refused to dematerialize the girls, stating loudly that if Michael wasn't going to give it up, he would get it from whoever he could. At that point, everyone tossed down their mics, which stayed down this time, and left the stage.

Once that was done, Lucifer made Dean and Cas sing a couple of songs together since Dean so wasn't really in the mood or condition to dance. Of course, Dean picked a Metallica song, "Nothing Else Matters" then followed it with AC/DCs, "Shook Me All Night Long". Lucifer followed with a song to Michael which had Gabriel mojo'ing Lucifer an 80s iconic black hat, black long coat, gaudy make up and black hair all pushed over to one side with a long pigtail. Even so, it seemed like an appropriate song for the couple. Gabriel made Sam sing with him next but was soon distracted when Balthazar challenged Castiel to a game of Twister.

Lucifer had a blast creating two doubles while he continued to annoy everyone with karaoke, even though Gabriel kept making the system way lower than Lucifer's mic, thankfully. One double called out Twister moves while the other played with his brothers. Another one tried to annoy Dean but Castiel disposed of it quickly before returning to Twister.

Gabriel wasn't about to be outdone and created a double to outstage Lucifer on the stage then another to make sure the caller wasn't cheating while he played with his brothers and Sam. When his fourth double announced the strip poker game would start in the kitchen, yet another Lucifer charged in with a Mikey clone and a Balthazar clone as well. Castiel stuck with Twister while Dean watched and got way too many naughty ideas related to how extremely flexible his mate was.

Bobby jumped up and charged out of the room, stating, "Time for me to hit the hay."

"I don't think so," Crowley warned smugly. He caught the older hunter and reported honestly, for a change, "I know for a fact that there is no hay anywhere in your bedroom or on your property. You're coming with me, boyo. We are going to show these upstarts how little they know about bluffing."

Dean cringed at the knowledge that Crowley knew anything about Bobby's bedroom. Hell, he didn't even want to know anything about Bobby's bedroom. Much less, the things that Crowley knew about it. Dean shuddered with extremely disgusted unease.

Castiel appeared at his side and leaned down to ask suggestively, "Ready to leave now, Dean?"

"You can finish your game if you want," Dean offered politely, having enjoyed watching his mate smoke his brothers repeatedly.

"I've already won that all seven times. Perfect score. So, are you ready to leave now?" He repeated meaningfully.

Dean smirked at him and nodded then reaffirmed meaningfully, "With you? Always."

Castiel leaned over and kissed Dean who met him with a slightly open mouth smile. Dean slowly stood without breaking their kiss while Castiel's tongue swept inside to taste him. He moaned softly with pleasure then reluctantly pulled away, knowing they would navigate the stairs safer without their lips firmly locked together. As they headed upstairs, they could hear the arguments already starting in the kitchen.

"Bids to you, Luce," Gabriel announced briskly.

Lucifer clearly drawled out, "Hmmmm. Bobby? Do you . . . have any fives?"

"For the third time, we are playing poker," Michael growled irritably. "Not Go Fish."

"Now, see you did have some fives. You don't know how to play this game, do you, Bobby? Or are your eyes already that bad? Cataracts, perhaps?" Lucifer commented patronizingly. Whatever Bobby responded was drowned out by the loud growl and crash as Michael apparently went after Lucifer physically.

The real Balthazar blinked blurrily at the real Gabriel from across the kitchen table they were sitting at, completely ignoring the death match going on around them, and demanded, "What did you get us drunk on?"

"I don't know what you are talking about," Gabriel replied innocently. "I am highly insulted that you would think that of me, much less . . ."

"Don't play that with me, Gabby," Balthazar warned without any accent. "You spiked our drinks to get us drunk."

"Now what makes you say that, Balthy?" Gabriel wondered curiously.

"Because I am drunk," Balthazar cited firmly as evidence. "I have to be drunk, otherwise I would have left this donkey show/family circus a long time ago." They both picked up their drinks from the table an instant before Lucifer and Michael plowed through it with their fight.

"Oh, you know you love us," Gabriel dismissed airily as he flew to Sam's side moving him out of fight rage at just the right moment. "Especially Cassie. You know how you love Cassie."

"Not this much," Balthazar denied staunchly. "I barely love myself this much."

"Let's leave the Odd Couple the kitchen," Gabriel suggested easily. "I challenge you to Twister, without Cassie, this time."

"Why not? At least, we stand a chance that way," Balthazar agreed easily.

"Come on, Sasquatch," Gabriel called as he led a completely dazed, almost robotic Sam out of the kitchen. Gabriel paused at the lack of resistance then checked the unresponsive Sam's eyes before shaking his head and muttering, "Ambrosia, alcohol and humans just don't mix." He easily caught the large falling frame of Sam as it tipped over like one of the California Sequoias.

"Timber!" Balthazar laughed hysterically with only the smallest amount of snark.

Gabriel smirked happily and commented, "What can I say? I love them really large!"

"Ugh," Balthazar grimaced with distaste. "Definitely not drunk enough for that yet. Make it a double this time, barkeep."

"My pleasure, brother," another Gabriel smirked as he snapped his fingers, causing Balthazar's glass to refill.

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