~She loved this mineral~

Something was up with Cilan. She wasn't sure what, yet. He had unexplained cuts on his hands. He would say, "it's from cooking." Yeah, right, she thought. I watch you cook all the time and I rarely see you cut yourself. It was starting to piss her off.

"Cilan, I demand an explanation!" She tapped her foot impatiently. Cilan hid something behind his back.

Cilan sighed, bringing whatever it was in front of him. It had a familiar shape: a small, round-bodied, squat dragon with a crest and tusks jutting from its mouth. It was an Axew, made from a very beautiful mineral. "It's time I confessed. I was making this from pure calcite. You know those cuts on my hand? They're from the cutting tools."

Iris gasped, horrified that she had been so impatient and pissed off! "Cilan… y-you made this?" She blinked.

"Yes," he admitted. She felt bad when she saw his hands. They were covered in scratches and blisters of every size and shape. He had a receipt in his pocket. He held the calcite up the receipt. The letters and numbers were easily seen. "See? You can see through calcite. It's my favourite mineral."

"Cilan… I love it. I don't know what to say. T-thank you." She bowed slightly, reaching out and giving him a hug. "I will keep this forever, and that's a promise."