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Mortal Kombat High Skool

Chapter One: Aaaaaand I'm late.

Sonya brushed hurriedly through her golden hair. She didn't want to be late for the first day in this new high school. A half hour later she had brushed her hair and was dressed in some casual clothes consisting of of some black jeans, a red tank-top, and the school's black jacket that read "Outworld High" in large red print on the back and in smaller print on the breast.

She ate a hurried breakfast before stepping into her black ankle-boots and walking outside to find that it was raining. "Great." She muttered as she shifted the weight of her backpack.

She walked over to her garage and opened it up before walking in and flicking on the light. She then approached her cycle, a beautiful, shining Kawasaki with a black-and-red color-shift paint-job with neon-red detail.

Sonya couldn't help but grin with pride she saw it. It had, after all, taken her a good long while to save up the money for it. She sat down on the leather seat, put the key into it's slot, and then walked it out of the garage.

She got off the cycle to close the garage door before re-mounting it and driving out onto the road, stopping at the first stop light. Just then she saw a teenager, approximately her own age, drive up on a glistening black Diablo Softail with flames on the sided that started out red and slowly went to neon green. His shoulder-length black hair moved about his face in the wind and hung down in his dark eyes in rain-wet spikes.

He wore the same jacket Sonya had on over his gray-black shirt with a skull covered with green flames on it, black knee length boots, and black pants. He looked at Sonya before send her a devilish grin, revving his engine. Sonya recognized the challenge and revved her own engine in reply. "You're on!" she thought to herself, a grin subconsciously spreading across her own face.

They both stared at the light, going into full speed the moment it turned green.


They made to the school in one piece, however they ran two stop lights, got chased by the police once, and once Sonya nearly ran into a street light. And in the end all they got was a tie. They got off their bikes and walked them to the rack to lock them up.

"So," Sonya began, looping her lock about the front wheel one of the bars "what's your name anyways?" He finished locking up his bike and stood straight. "Shang Tsung," he replied. "Cool. I'm Sonya," she answered, offering her hand. He took it, cocking his head at her. "Are you new here?" he asked her. "Yeah. Is it that obvious?" she asked him. He shook his head. "Not really."

The bell rang. "Well, I've gotta go to class now. I'll see ya later," Shang Tsung shouted before running off to the doors. Sonya soon followed, knowing she would be late.

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