Hanataro and the Guardian

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"It comes in many forms. For many, it is a title, a social status, and a name to those who defended countries, relics, and divine beings."

"For us, it meant something greater."

"Long ago, we were watchers, warriors, and heroes. We served the greatest beings that ever existed, the Celestials. Known to all as the gods of the multiverse, the Celestials blessed our society with great gifts. They taught us the power to control fire, water, earth, air, light, shadow, metal, thunder, space, time, life, spirit, and death. They blessed us with thirteen great and spiritual relics, each commanding over the elements of creation. These relics would seek out the thirteen whom would be chosen as our leaders known only as the Prime Guardians. In return, we pledged ourselves to carry out the will of the Celestials and to watch over the worlds they have created."

"However, there is a legend. A legend that foretells the coming of a fourteenth relic that commanded over the power of dimensions. It foretold a being whom would lead the thirteen and protect the balance between good and evil."

"Our society was peaceful and just, as we served our duty and our creators. However, peace could never last forever. Darkness lurked in the shadows that threatened to destroy our society, threatened to consume all in their path. The Dark Celestials, jealous of their light brothers, created the Dark Guardians, our greatest enemy. Our dark counterparts sought to destroy us and to cast the multiverse into shadow."

"And so, the Chaos Wars began. We gathered our warriors, mustered our courage, and marched to meet our dark brothers and sisters. And so did they."

"The battles were bloody and brutal, forever haunting the survivors of both sides. Gaia, our home, fell into ruin. The once beautiful fields devastated into bloody trenches and craters. The once clear blue skies turned red by the falling bodies of our kin. As eons of war passed, both sides grew desperate, using abilities, weapons, and tactics that came from the very multiverse we were fighting over."

"From the advanced technology of the Koprulu Sector and the Republic to the ancient teachings of elemental bending. The balance of power shifted repeatedly and claimed the live of millions of people, both soldier and civilian. The war soon came down to a stalemate, as neither side was able to completely defeat the other."

"And it was because of our war that we have failed our duty. Our search to tilt the war to our favor resulted in the involvement of other dimensions. The Chaos Wars engulfed the multiverse forcing the inhabitants to join our battles. Trillions were lost to death, and thousands of worlds were endanger of being annihilated."

"Pained from the loss of life, the Celestials fought their dark counterparts to a standstill. Their battle shook the very core of the multiverse, and their power was felt by every being in existence. And when the dust settled, the gods of creation and destruction formed a treaty. Although reluctant to compromise with their enemy, the Dark Celestials valued the lives of their creations. And it was through this treaty that the Chaos Wars finally came to an end."

"Generations have passed since that fateful day, and since then our people have taken time to rest, to mourn, to learn. We knew it would take time but our world would eventually heal. However, we never forgot those who died for our cause or the people who sacrificed so much to protect the greater good."

"As for our enemies, the Dark Guardians, they have faded into the void and were never heard or seen again. None of us knew what happened to our dark counterparts, but all of us knew that they would return one day. And should war break out once again, we shall meet them on the battlefield with everything we have."

"As for the inhabitants of the multiverse, we would always be a part of their history. However, as generations passed and the Guardians, neither good nor evil, no longer interacting with them, we faded into nothing. Any historical records and documents made during the Chaos Wars detailed the history of our involvement in the various worlds. However, these records vanished to the sands of time with only a few remaining texts in existence. And even then, these texts were just bits and pieces of the great whole, as our society became history and eventually myth."

"Those who experienced or witnessed the battles were long gone, succumbing to age, injuries, and disease, but none would ever forget the horrors they have seen, which shall follow them to the afterlife."

"Now, we have returned to our duties, watching and waiting for what the future would bring. Our leaders continue to lead us through the centuries, but as time changes, so do familiar faces. The blessed relics continue to search out new Guardians to take our place, and continue to search for the next leaders of our society. For only the relics could prove a Guardian is worthy of becoming a Prime Guardian."

"However, nothing could have prepared us for what had happened next. Nothing could have prepared us for such a danger. A danger that would threaten to plunge the multiverse into shadow and destruction, and restart the Chaos Wars."

"Our society has fallen, but where we have fallen another shall take our place. Where darkness and devastation exists, so do the sparks of faith that would light the fires of hope."

'Shit! This is pure shit!'

This thought repeatedly ran through my head, as I ran for cover. Unfortunately, it was nothing but a small rock formation, which appeared to have once been part of a large wall. Fortunately, it was about two meters tall and two yards long, a decent shield for anyone who was running from bullets. I could hear the gunfire from my pursuers ring loudly as I held on to my M16A1 rifle.

The name's Xander by the way. Although I don't know whom I'm talking to, I think the stress is just making me hallucinate. I'm about five feet, nine inches tall, have mid-length black hair, dark brown eyes, and I wear some pretty nice clothes. My attire's all black and complete with a wide-rimmed cowboy hat, a long trench coat, a button-up shirt, jeans, gauntlets, and a pair of cowboy boots.

Okay, so I admit it. I'm dressed more like a cowboy that wants to be a ninja, but I still look pretty cool if you ask me. Again, I have no idea who I am talking to.


I duck down just as a bullet nearly takes my eye out. I guess it's time to stop talking to myself.

'The intelligence team said that infiltration would be easy, that no one would notice me. WHAT THE HELL WERE THEY THINKING?'

I took a chance and glanced over the wall, only to slide back down when a hailstorm of bullets peppered the air above me. I quickly tapped my headset with one hand, while using the other to return fire. I noticed that it bought me some time as my pursuers hid behind some trees and boulders. Not wanting to waste time and increase the chances of getting killed, I tapped the headset once more before shouting.

"This is Xander! I'm at the rendezvous point, where's my ride!"

I didn't wait for a reply, as I quickly unloaded another stream of rounds on my pursuers. Suddenly, I see a green swirling portal appear out of nowhere behind me. Luckily, this seemed to blind my pursuers, as I made a break for the portal. The moment I entered the vortex, it closed behind me, making it impossible for the hunters to come after me. Not wanting to be disintegrated, I ran as fast as my weary legs would allow, while patting my left pants pocket, feeling the flash drive in it. Nodding that I still had the thing I nearly died for, I looked up to see my exit fast approaching.

'I just hope they got the coordinates right.'

After a few more seconds of running, I jumped out of the portal and rolled into a crouch. Taking a minute to calm my nerves, I turn around to see the portal closing behind me. Nodding, I turn back to see the run-down metal hallway and dim lighting I landed in. A sense of nostalgia soon engulfs me, as I began walking down the old corridor.

"Ah. Home sweet home," I whispered. As I passed by some faded letters on the wall, I remember back to when I first found this place.


Ten years have passed since that fateful day. Ten years have passed since I lost everything. And it was just two years ago that finally I became a Guardian.

It was also when I found something, something very important.

It was a calm and cool night when I found it. I remember how I had just escaped the Hunters…

Hunters, the elite death squads of Zennousha (The Omnipotent One), and those bastards are extremely difficult to escape from. Killing them is a whole lot harder, since they knew almost every trick in the book when it came to search and capture tactics. In fact, their advanced tracking systems and highly trained animals make it nearly impossible to run from them.

But I ran. And I survived everything they threw at me. With luck, skill, and a few good people, I was able to elude them for nearly ten years. I had a few close calls with them before, but no matter what happened I always managed to escape from them. I knew couldn't allow myself to be captured, especially when I was one of the few who opposed Zennousha. Although I sometimes wished I didn't have to go to such extremes when it comes to escaping.

Last time I had to jump off a cliff and use the freezing river below to get away. This time I had to cover myself in mud to hide my scent and heat signature, as I ran from the little town I was staying in. Some of the townsfolk tipped me off that men in white armor were looking around for something, or someone.

Unfortunately, they lived up to their reputation and chased me through the nearby woods. Outnumbered and outgunned, I had no choice but to stay low to the ground and crawl through muddy ditches. Unfortunately or fortunately, I ended up falling through some brittle earth, causing me to land in some underground cavern. Ignoring the searing pain and my tired legs, I stood up to find myself staring at an old decrepit ship. Actually, it seemed to be in decent shape from the outside, but I saw that it was huge in terms of size.

"That's going to take some repairing."

I recognized the ship's design, as it was very similar to the Jackson's Revenge from the Koprulu Sector, but I couldn't understand why it was in Gaia in the first place. Although I'm usually cautious of dark abandoned wrecks, I knew that searching it was better than going up to the surface. It took some time, but I was finally able to get in through a breach in the hull before heading down to the control room. It was a little hard opening the rusty doors, but other than the aged metal there was nothing really special about the control room. Except it had a five-foot tall robot sitting against one of the walls.

Taking a closer look, I noticed that it was severely damaged and almost completely covered in rust. I was even more surprised to see that it was a magna guard droid. This threw me for a loop since this thing wasn't even supposed to exist in the Koprulu Sector. In fact, it wasn't even native to Gaia. It was then I knew what to do. I had to reactivate the droid. I had to get answers.

It took awhile to do, but I was finally able to restore the magna guard back to tip top shape. I even took some time working on the hunk of junk that eventually became my home. The only problem was getting the right parts for the repairs, but I was finally able to fix the power core. It still didn't mean the ship was ready for flight though. Luckily, the robot's processor and memories were still intact.

"Now. Let's see what you know, my little friend."

*End Flashback*

I was brought out of my musings when I nearly tripped over one of the cables that led to the control room. Shaking my head, I continued walking down the corridor until I reached a pair of metal doors that slid apart when I walked up to it. I heard the hiss and groans of the gears turning, as the doors retracted and walked into the lively bridge. As I walked in, I saw crewmembers working away on the ship's computers and fixing any damaged structures. I greeted those who waved at me before walking over to the star map. However, I noticed a familiar five-foot tall robot looking over the ship's holographic schematics. I smile, as I thought back to when we first officially met.


"Finally," I said, as I attached the wires to the magna guard's primary battery. Although I have no idea what this thing runs on, I'm hoping that the electrical battery I found would jump-start sleeping beauty.

After waiting a few minutes, I was disappointed to find nothing happening until sparks started flashing, as the electricity built up. Soon enough, life once again glowed in the magna guard's optics. Unfortunately, it never occurred to me that the robot might have been dangerous.

I choked, as a metallic hand shot up and grabbed my neck. I could feel the polished metal fingers start to tighten, as the magna guard rose from the floor. I grasped the robot's arm in a futile effort to loosen the magna guard's grip, but froze when I heard it talk.

"Who are you?"

"X-Xander M-Melee!"

"Were you the one who reactivated me?"

"Y-Yes," I choked out.


I hit the ground hard, as the robot released me. Coughing to regain my breath, I looked up to see the magna guard offering his hand. It took a moment but I allowed him to help me up, as he looked at the minimal repairs I have made to the ship.

"Why are you here?"

"I kind of found you by accident. I was escaping from a hunter-killer squad, but I fell into this underground cavern. I found the ship with you inside. Since then, I've been making some repairs, while also trying to get you put back together, old timer."

The magna guard nodded at my explanation, but tilted his head after he was done inspecting the repairs I made. Raising his arm to see his hand, the magna guard flexed it a few times, as it squeaked in response.

"You did a pretty good job."

I shrugged. "I tend to dabble with some mechanics."

The magna guard turned his optics back to me. "What sub-group are you? Are you a Guardian or a Dark One? What is the state of Gaia since I went offline?"

"Whoa, whoa, slow down there. Relax and I'll answer your questions," I said, as I raised my hands in defense. It took a moment, but the magna guard nodded.

"I am Xander Melee, a former Guardian-in-training. I don't belong to any sub-group in the Order. The Dark Guardians haven't been seen for generations, and Gaia has been taken over."

"What do you mean Gaia has been taken over?"

I sighed. "There was a coup that was led by a Guardian named Zennousha. I barely escaped with my own life. I don't know about the others."

I noticed that the magna guard bowing his head. In regret maybe? I don't know until I realized something.

"How do YOU know about the Guardians in the first place?"

It didn't take long for the magna guard to answer my question. "I am Rizer, second in command of the Liberators and a soldier under the command of Norik Valkner. We are currently standing in the bridge of our flagship, the FREEDOM FIGHTER."

I felt my eyes widen and my mouth drop. "WHAT!"

*End Flashback*

I was once again brought out of my musings, as I heard Rizer's clinking feet. I shook my head before looking up to see my robotic friend walking up to me.

"You're back in one piece."

I chuckled. "You sound disappointed," I replied.

"Did you retrieve the information we need?" I nodded. As we walked down to the star map, I can't help but think about Rizer's history with the FREEDOM FIGHTER. I never knew that the legendary Valkner had a second-in-command. My instructors taught me all about the past Prime Guardians, especially about Valkner. He was one of the greatest Prime Guardians that ever lived. Not only was he the Prime Guardian of Life but he was also the commander-in-chief of all Guardians during the Chaos Wars. In fact, Valkner gained the position because he was a tactical genius!

As I handed Rizer the flash drive, I felt a sense of nostalgia overcome me again, as we look over the information on the star map. Not long after I reactivated my metallic friend, Rizer immediately began teaching me all the skills necessary for a Guardian. Apparently, the magna guard had a programming that was developed by Valkner to allow Rizer to teach the next generation of Guardians, especially if the future trainees had the potential to be a Prime Guardian. It took a lot of time, sweat, and blood, but I was finally able to learn the skills and techniques that Rizer taught me. However, learning the techniques and mastering them were two different matters altogether. I also knew that the old robot had a lot more things to teach me before I could even reach Valkner's level.

"Pay attention, kid," said Rizer, shaking me from my thoughts.

"Don't blow a gasket, old timer," I smirk back.

"Now as you know, we have been fighting our rebellion against Zennousha for more than ten years."

I nodded, turning completely serious. "Yeah. It's one of the reasons why we repaired almost everything on the ship. It's also the reason why we've been searching for allies and fellow rebels."

"Unfortunately, we haven't been able to locate any Guardians or trainees who escaped Zennousha's wrath."

I shake my head. "Not many could fight or escape the Hunters and survive."

"Zennousha might have the advantage in resources, but we have the morale and determination."

I nodded. "That's right. Most of us lost friends and family to the bastard's rule. We're willing to fight the good fight, and inspire others to do the same."

"Affirmative. So far, we have been able to retrieve many military survivors from the coup and anyone willing to fight the bastard and his forces."

"Yeah. Sadly, five hundred to a couple million aren't very good odds," I chuckled. We noticed that the information finally finished downloading into the star map. Unfortunately, I didn't know what was on the drive, as I wasn't able to get a good look at it when I was hacking into the enemy base's data files. Fortunately, it seemed that my metallic teacher had a hunch on what Zennousha's working on.

"As you know, Zennousha has complete control of Gaia and has established bases all over the planet," Rizer said.

"Yeah. Problem is we haven't been able to attack any of those bases due to the Hunters."

"Affirmative, however, did you notice that the bastard's men are no longer searching out rebel groups? Intelligence reports that he has been focusing his forces on gathering materials and power crystals."

I frowned. "Now that you mention it, it does feel like he's been ignoring us for awhile. But what does this have to do with the information I stole?"

"Do you recall what you told me about what the Prime Guardians did before they disappeared during the sacking of Gaia?"

"How could I forget," I asked sarcastically. "The Primes sealed off the Nexus Gateway so that neither Zennousha nor anyone else could get into the other dimensions. Gaia's practically cut off from the rest of the multiverse."

"Exactly, it is obvious from the information you provided that this bastard is not content with ruling just Gaia. I believe that he is attempting to breach the dimensional barriers that keep him from spreading his empire."

I chuckle at Rizer's words for the tyrant, as I sometimes forget that the old magna guard isn't human. However, my amusement quickly turned serious. "Do you really think Zennousha has enough man power to control the multiverse? Wouldn't there be resistance from the military forces of the dimensions he invades?"

"Zennousha is no fool. He will expect resistance from the worlds he invades; however, he'll merely send his armies to destroy such opposition. He will most likely search for his own allies to better police the worlds he invades as well."

As we pour over the information from the drive, we soon found blue prints for some sort of machine. It was circular in shape and looked like a gateway or an arch. However, I saw the slight familiarity, as the machine seems to be based on the dimensional bridges in the Nexus Gateway. Rizer and I shared a glance before we discovered an encrypted message imbedded in the schematics.

"What is the status on the machine?"

"My emperor, the machine is almost complete. With this, you will now be able to send your troops to any dimension in the multiverse. However, as it is only a prototype, it requires a large amount of power in order to remain active. We have also encountered an obstacle, sir."

"What kind of obstacle?"

"Our calculations reveal that the difficulty of powering the machine will only allow a certain number of troops entering the dimension at one time. If we send too many, the portal would become unstable and probably vaporize everyone inside the dimensional tube."

"The machine had better work, doctor. For your sake and the sake of your fellow scientists, I hope you will be able to improve the prototype before it hinders my plans."

*Gulp* "We'll double our efforts sir! The prototype is fully functional; we just need a little more time to create the final model."

"Very well, but remember my warning, doctor. Continue working on the device, while I shall be sending you troops so that they may be sent through the prototype."

The message ended with that, but I could feel chills and anger fill my body and the bodies of the other Liberators in the bridge. Hearing that son of a bitch's voice again made my blood boil. I glanced at Rizer and noticed that even he was affected by the message.

I turned to my robotic mentor. "We can't allow that bastard to send his troops through to the other dimensions. If he gains a foothold in any of the dimensions, we'll never be able to win this rebellion. I'll prep the soldiers and-"

"You will do no such thing," Rizer interrupted me.


"You are not strong enough to fight that bastard or his generals. I will not allow you to get yourself and our allies killed over petty revenge. Do you even know where the prototype even is?"

I frowned. "Then what would you have us do, Rizer? We can't allow the other dimensions fend for themselves."

"And we won't. We're going to use Zennousha's tactic against him."

I looked at the old tin can in confusion. "What do you mean?"

"If you can beat Zennousha to the dimension he was planning to invade, then you would be able to warn the natives and form an alliance with them. Not only will we gain new allies but we would also keep that bastard from gaining a foothold in any of the dimensions."

I quickly caught on to his plan. "Which would give you and the others time to work a guerilla war against Zennousha's forces here in Gaia."

Rizer nodded. "Yes. There is also the possibility that you might find your friends as well."

"Hmm. I did hear some rumors about how some of the Guardians escaped to the other dimensions before the Nexus was closed down."

I looked down as I said this, and thought about Rizer's plan. I mean, sure I knew how to travel into other dimensions due to Rizer's training, but it would still require a lot of power and focus to accomplish such a task. I knew Rizer had a dimensional generator in his circuits, but even he could only open a portal for about five minutes before succumbing to the strain. Although I did like the idea of gaining some allies and the chance to find some fellow Guardians, I didn't know what kind of dimension I'd be traveling to. I was also afraid of what the dimension's physics could do to me, as my body might possibly be affected by it. However, I knew taking down Zennousha was more important than the well being of one soldier.

Making up my mind, I turned back to the old robot. "Alright, we'll go with your plan, but how are we going about it?"

Rizer nodded in approval. "You will go to the dimension on your own, but due to the circumstances, your power and abilities will change into the abilities that the natives have. You will also take this communicator, which is strong enough to allow you to talk to us even while you're in another world. Once you're there, make contact with the rulers or the military and inform them of the danger Zennousha possesses. Report back to us on anything that happens. Understand?"

"Yeah. Just one question though, where is Zennousha planning to invade first?"

Rizer began looking through the star map's information. "According to the information you stole, he's planning to attack the world known as Soul Society. My files indicate that the dimension's ruler, the Spirit King, is in some sort of pocket dimension and the leader of the local military is an old warrior called Yamamoto."

"Is he as old as you or me," I ask my robotic mentor.

"Files indicate he has been leader of the military for about one thousand years old; however, it appears that he is a little over three thousand years old."

I smirk. "I guess I'm technically older, as I'm about five thousand years old. You on the other hand, are about one million years our senior."

"What did you expect kid? I've been around since the beginning of the Chaos Wars."

"Alright, I'll pack my things and then head out."

*Normal POV*

*A Few Hours Later*

Xander returned to the bridge with a backpack and a duffel bag full of supplies, weapons, and ammunition. Shouldering his standard issue M16A1 rifle, Xander looked at Rizer who nodded his head to proceed. Even though Xander would have liked to have his mentor tag along, he knew that the Liberators needed their most senior member. Concentrating on his power, he began to focus on connecting with the pathway that would lead him to the Soul Society. The crewmembers gave their leader a wide spread and saw him beginning to glow a faint gold. Soon, a portal began to open, glowing a breathtaking blue color.

Concentrating on keeping the portal stable, Xander turned to Rizer once more before smiling. The old magna guard merely nodded and wished him good luck. Turning back to the glowing portal, Xander took a step forward until he was fully inside. Once inside, the Guardian began to run through the dimensional bridge as fast as his legs could.

'Look out Soul Society, here I come!'

As the portal closed, Rizer began walking back to the star map and continued looking over the drive's information. 'Be careful young one. I don't think my old circuits could handle losing another partner again.'

Then, one of the crewmembers addressed the old leader. "Sir. What will we do now?"

Rizer turned to the young officer. "For now, continue getting this ship flight ready. Begin scanning for the prototype and any rebel groups you can find. Zennousha is giving us time to gather strength and we will make sure he regrets it."

The officer saluted. "Sir, yes sir!"

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