My House, My Rules Ch.2

The group of Potentials stay completely still and silent until the running water from the shower can be heard. A soft murmur begins almost immediately and most all of them start to collect what little belongin gs they owned. Kennedy widens her eyes at the sudden succumbing to the unreasonable order. "What the hell are you guys doing?" She couldn't comprehend how they were just going to leave. They had nowhere to go, they had no money. They were going to be killed by the Bringers, and as much as she hated to admit it, Buffy was much needed in their survival.

One of the newer potentials looked up nervously at the fuming brunette, "W-We're moving out, what do you think?" The embarrassment of standing up to the feisty girl showed in the pale cheeks.

Kennedy blew up, "No, we're not! She can't do that! She doesn't own us! She isn—"

Willow puts a hand on Kennedy's shoulder in an attempt to calm her girlfriend down, "Honey, calm down. We have to leave. But don't worry, she'll snap out of it. I hope. Maybe we'll be back before the apocalypse," Willow gave her girlfriend a weak smile.

"No! I refuse to leave! I don't want to leave, she can't make us," Kennedy stood with her feet planted on the ground.

"It's your funeral," Willow says softly as she walks up the stairs to her room. "I'll pack your stuff if you decide you want to live."

Faith follows behind Willow, but turned back to her new army, "Chill, guys. We'll find a place. The whole town has left; we have free reign of this town," She turns and follows the Wiccan back up the stairs.

Kennedy watches the stairs with great disgust before finally succumbing to peer-pressure and finally helping the other Potentials and Xander pack up. Slowly, but surely, all the sleeping bags and pillows and clothing is stuffed into white trash bags. The girls and Xander then wait patiently for Faith to come down in an awkward silence. They wait for what seems like hours looking at each other nervously.

Eventually, Faith and Willow come back down the stairs with an arraignment of suitcases and trash bags. Willow carries a white envelope with the words 'Elizabeth (Buffy) Anne Summers' written in her elegant script. Without saying anything, Willow places the envelope on the coffee table and joins Kennedy.

"Come on girls," Faith looks around, "And Xander, We're not going to stay where we aren't wanted." She gathers the group together and they head toward the door. Just after Faith exits, the Potentials pause, taking a last look at their home 'till late, then reluctantly follow behind the brunette Slayer.

. . .

Just minutes after the house was emptied, Buffy comes down the stairs, dressed in a camisole and sweats, her wet hair dripping onto her tanned skin. Her eyes scan over the quiet house and tears rush to her green eyes. She didn't really expect them to leave, in fact, she was going to apologize when she came down. A lone crystal tear escapes as she thinks about how she now has to face the end of the world by herself in Andrew and Spike end up dying on the mission the group sent them on. Stepping down the last few stairs, Buffy spots the cream envelope that lies on the coffee table. She heads over and picks it up with a tentative hand and begins to read:

Dear Elizabeth Anne Summers,

I would, on behalf of all the potentials and Faith, apologize for our actions. I know you are stressed about Caleb and all of the things pertaining to the end of the world. Xander is only joking about you loving Spike, he still hates him because what happened with Anya, remember? Everybody, is worried about what we are going to do without you, Buffy. We needyou. Please realize that, no matter what you may think, we also still cae about you. I think this is all because of Kennedy, I'll talk to her later. If you decide not to leave us for dead, you have my number.

With All My Love,


(P.S. This is Faith. And, B? We really do need you. I'll have Red shoot you a message with our location. Really, we do need you. Especially me. I have no idea how you kept these girls in check… they are driving me crazy already! Don't let us die on you. –Faith)

After she finishes reading the letter, Buffy collapses on the couch with her tears free-falling. She didn't really want them to leave and she especially doesn't want them to die. They took advantage that, without Buffy, the world would have ended at least three times over. They didn't realize, that to save the world, you need to act on gut instinct. And that's exactly what buffy is doing. It may hurt, but it gets the job done. She would have never guessed that this time, she would really end up fighting alone.

Alone. That word causes her heart to ache and her mind shudder. Yes, the prophecy proclaims that Buffy will be alone, forever, but it still stings. The word echoes in her mind over and over and her tears flow like a waterfall. They pour down in such a fashion, she doesn't notice the ring of her phone nor the entrance of two blondes.

In an open doorway, a peroxide blonde is about to say something about his journey when he realizes his love sobbing on the couch. He hurries to her and drops on his knees so he can embrace her, "What happened, luv?" She can utter no response, only to reach out to him and cling to his body for her dear life.

. . .

A/N: Well, I was warned about how Buffy was out of character in this story, but to my defense, she was out of character in this whole freaking episode. Hope you guys enjoy this! Can't wait to start the new chapter! Please Review!