Title: Coffee Shop Girl

Chapter: Chapter 1, A Normal Afternoon

Author: animecookiefairy

Rating: T

Genre(s): Romance, Friendship

Character(s): Belarus, America

Pairing(s): Possibly Eventual AmeBel

Summary: Human AU. A coffee shop. That's where it all started. Two completely different people who would change each others lives forever. Natalia, the beautiful, mysterious, cold-hearted girl. Alfred, the loud, cheerful boy. Two polar opposites, but...opposites attract.

A/N:Not much to say here...just an idea that's been itching at my brain for awhile, I suppose. Enjoy~!

A coffee shop.

That's where it all started, a coffee shop. She would come in everyday and order the same thing. A tall cinnamon latte. Then she would sit down in the same corner, and just drink her coffee, looking out the window. She'd been finished with her drink within ten minutes, and then she would stand outside for about five minutes before getting picked up by her best friend.

That was a normal afternoon for Natalia Alfroskaya.

He didn't really go to the coffee shop much. He didn't need to. It wasn't that he hated coffee, he loved it! He lived on soda, that's what gave him energy. But, on the rare occasions he did go to the coffee shop, he ordered a small cinnamon latte. And on this particular day, he was standing behind the girl who ordered the same thing he did. Natalia Alfroskaya and Alfred F. Jones. These two individuals, completely strangers until that day, were unaware how much they would change each other's lives forever…

"Hello, Natalia! Same as always, I guess?" The brunette at the counter asked. "I believe you should be able to answer that question by now," Natalia said in a cold tone, handing him her money. Alfred wondered if the man at the counter felt the cold air that suddenly filled the room as she spoke. The brunette laughed nervously and went back to get Natalia her drink. "Here you go," he said. "One small cinnamon latte." Alfred perked up at the sound of this. "Really? That's the same thing I always get!" he said excitedly. The girl looked at him icily. "Really?" she asked before walking briskly to her usual seat. Again, Alfred felt a cold air fill the room. Still, something about the girl intrigued him. She was kind of-no, really-pretty. Platinum blonde, crystal blue eyes, slender with lots of curves…she was almost unrealistic, she was so pretty. Plus, Alfred loved it when a woman had a bit of toughness about her, and this girl clearly had a lot. Alfred watched her walk off to her seat, leaning against the counter and sighing.

"She's beautiful, isn't she?" Alfred heard a voice behind him ask. He jumped slightly and turned around. "Oh, I didn't mean to frighten you," the brunette said with a smile. Alfred shook his head, smiling back. "Naw man, it's all good. But anyways, you were saying? "

"She's amazing, right? Natalia, I mean."

"Oh! You mean that blonde girl? Yeah, she's pretty cool."

"She comes in her every day at the same time, and orders the same drink. And apparently," he said as Alfred handed him his money. "You happen to order the same thing." The brunette smiled softly and prepared Alfred's drink. The blonde laughed softly and nodded in agreement. "Apparently," he said. The brunette handed Alfred his drink and smiled again, though his smile quickly faded as he leaned over the counter, looking a little sad. "But…the thing is…she's impossible…" Alfred blinked a few times. "What do you mean?" he asked.

"I've tried asking her out to dinner a few times, but she always rejects me. My best friend says it's for the best, and he doesn't trust her…but she just pulls you in, you know?"

"Yeah…" Alfred looked at the young woman sitting alone, staring distantly at the window. She looked so lonely… He could not allow that! "Well, thanks man~!" he said cheerfully before hurrying off to sit next to her. He pulled up a seat next to her and smiled brightly. "Hey!"

Natalia looked at the man sitting next to her with a blank expression. He really had some guts, randomly approaching her like that. She looked away from him again, hoping he would leave if she ignored him. Alfred blinked a couple of times before calling her again, not ready to give up quite yet. "Natalia's your name, right?" Natalia sighed softly and looked at Alfred. "Yes, my name is Natalia," She said, cold as ever. "Why does it matter to you?"

"Well, I just noticed you were sitting alone and-"

"I'm fine alone." She turned away from him again, gazing out the window.

"Well, I just figured you'd need someone to talk to…" the young man mumbled. No response came from the woman next to him. She just continued to stare out the window, taking an occasional sip of her coffee. The two sat in silence for another minute or two, before Natalia finally got up. "It's been nice talking to you!" Alfred said, smiling at her. Once again, she didn't respond, just walked away, throwing away her empty coffee cup and walking out the door.

A/N: Seriously. If you don't know who the guy at the counter is, imma punch you. BI Just kidding~! But anyways, where will this story go? When did I suddenly start using dramatic irony as a writing tool? I guess only one of these questions matter, but it's past my bedtime and I'm really hyper...god, I'm not looking forward to school in the morning.

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