Title: Coffee Shop Girl

Chapter: Chapter 4, Uncertainty

Author: animecookiefairy

Rating: T

Genre(s): Romance, Friendship

Character(s): Belarus, America

Pairing(s): Possibly Eventual AmeBel, References to Past Belarusx? (as if it isn't obvious)

Waring(s) for This Chapter: Sexual References, Mild Language

Summary: Human AU. A coffee shop. That's where it all started. Two completely different people who would change each others lives forever. Natalia, the beautiful, mysterious, cold-hearted girl. Alfred, the loud, cheerful boy. Two polar opposites, but...opposites attract.


I'm alive you guys! :D Sorry for not updating in awhile, I've been grounded and busy and shit. But here's chapter 4! I don't really like the title for this one, but whatever. XDThis is actually my longest chapter, it's as long as my other chapters are after author's notes.

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Alfred wasn't sure if he really wanted to get coffee the next day. Natalia had just tried to kiss him the previous day! How would she act now? What would happen? "She'll probably confess her love to you," Alfred's roommate said, not looking up from his video game. "Then you'll have to bang her, of course."

"Gilbert, is there ever a time you aren't thinking about sex?" Alfred asked the other man, cocking an eyebrow. "It was a joke," Gilbert said, rolling his eyes. "Right…anyways, I think I really like her, Gil…" Alfred said quietly.

"'Really like her'? What are you, a kindergartener?"

"No but-"

"Al, you're an adult now. There's lust and there's love. None of this 'I like her a lot' bull shit."

"It's possible!"

"Believe what's you want to believe, schoolboy."

Alfred sighed loudly and looked at the alarm clock that sat on the floor next to Gilbert's bed. "Crap!" he shouted, panicking and getting up quickly. "Nattie's gonna be at the coffee shop in like, thirty minutes! Oh man, I'm screwed!"

"'Nattie'? Really, Alfred? And I'd hate to break it to you, but I doubt she'd miss you if you were late."

Alfred rolled his eyes and rushed to get ready before it was too late. He knew it was true; Natalia most likely wouldn't miss him, even if she had tried to kiss him. But he really had to see her again.

"You know," Gilbert said, finally pausing his game as Alfred was fixing his hair. "If you like this girl, you should tell her." Alfred shook his head quickly. "Naw man, it's pretty obvious she's not interested."

"You don't know that. Come on, look at you! You've got 'sexy' written all over you! I mean, not nearly as much as I do, of course, but you've got it!"

The blond just shook his head again. "Sure, I've got it but she doesn't seem to like anyone."

"You think that. But next thing you know she'll be dating some annoying asshole simply because 'Oh, he's got musical talent! Oh, he can play piano! Isn't he so cool?' and then you're stuck hiding the feelings you've had for years from her."

"Are you speaking from experience?"

"Forget I said it," Gilbert said, rolling his eyes and returning to his game. Alfred shrugged and decided to leave the issue alone. "All right, well I'm going out! Try to get some studying done or something, instead of lazing around all day!" Gilbert scoffed and rolled his eyes. "If I wanted to have someone to tell me what to do, I'd stay at my little brother's house, thank you very much."

"You know…you could be a little nicer to him. You never know what might happen to him," Alfred said in a soft voice.

"Are you speaking from experience?"

"…Forget get I said it…" Alfred said softly, walking out the door quickly.

Natalia herself was considering not going to the coffee shop for once that day. The events from the previous day were still swirling in her mind. She did try to kiss him, after all. Sure, it was just her being crazy but what if he thought she was interested in him? What if he tried to kiss her?

"You know; if you don't like the guy, just tell him. It saves a lot of trouble." Elizaveta said bluntly "I can't!" Natalia snapped.

"Why not?"

"I just can't, Elizaveta! It's not that easy!"

It was pretty obvious-at least to Elizaveta-that Natalia cared about this "mystery man" quite a bit. With anyone else, Natalia would punch them in the face just for looking at her. Take Toris for example. He had been getting Natalia coffee for about a week when he decided to try to make conversation. The second he said a single word to her, she grabbed him by the collar and told him to never speak to her again or face severe punishment. After he didn't listen to her for several months, she decided to let him take her on a date, something he had been asking her to do for a few weeks. They didn't even get a mile from the apartment before the unfortunate young man got his fingers broken. Natalia then had him drive her back to the apartment despite his injury and "accidentally" left a decent scratch on his car, and most likely his heart.

But this guy was different. Elizaveta found out through hours of nagging that Natalia had been spending several weeks talking to him. She even told him a few things about herself! Of course, Natalia was too stubborn to admit it, but there was most defiantly a spark between the two.

Natalia had given in and decided to go get some coffee anyways. Within about 30 minutes, she was all nice and ready to go. "I'm going out!" she called inside the small apartment. "All right!" Elizaveta replied. "Remember, we have work today, be back by six!" Natalia nodded and walked out the door.

Natalia sighed softly and looked out the window. Did Alfred decide not to come today? The little stunt she pulled probably scared him off. Whatever. As if she cared. He was just some stupid, annoying, attractive young man. No. He wasn't attractive. He was not attractive at all. Not at all. Cute, maybe. But not really. "Hey there!" Natalia jumped a little as her train of thought was completely cut off. "Oh, sorry!" Alfred said with a laugh. "Didn't mean to scare ya!" He sat down next to her as he always did, smiling brightly. "Sorry for being a little late," he said. "I was talking with a friend." Natalia looked at him, then the table. "It's fine," she said in a soft voice. Alfred moved slightly closer to her, blushing light pink. "So, how have you been?" he asked, slightly awkward. "I've been all right, I suppose," She said, still not looking at him.

"That's good." Alfred smiled awkwardly as Natalia finally made eye contact with him. She was so pretty…so mysterious. He was drawn to her like a moth to a fire. But this wasn't fire he was dealing with, it was a snowstorm. A deadly one. And yet, Gilbert's words kept replaying in his head. He couldn't hide his feelings forever, he had to do something about them! He sighed and straightened up a little. They had been hanging out for a while now, maybe a date wouldn't hurt. "So…" he said in a nervous voice. "You busy tomorrow night?" Natalia scowled a little. "Why?"

"Well I was wondering…maybe we could hang out? Like, outside of here hang out."

"A date?"

"A friendly one! A friendly date…"

Natalia thought for a second before nodding. "Very well then," she said, writing the address to the bookstore near her workplace on a napkin. "Meet me at this location. I have work tomorrow, so it'll have to be an early date. Meet me at exactly four o' clock or I'm ditching you." Alfred nodded in understanding. "Good," Natalia said, getting up. "I won't be getting coffee tomorrow, so I had better see you for this date," She got up and walked out the door, throwing out her cup on the way out and leaving Alfred in a state of almost shock.


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