A/N: Okay, so this story is officially over BUT I decided to post this for all of my awesome Katrina haters out there. This is an alternate ending. I was originally planning to kill Katrina off in the end but decided to leave it open in case I wanted to bring her back for a sequel or something. Anyway, Inky wrote her own little alternate ending and it inspired me to put this up. This is not the 'canon' fate of Katrina Coleman, but like I said it's a bonus feature sort of thing, mostly written to satisfy all of you who were hoping for her to die. Warning: character death (though I don't think anyone will be too saddened by this loss…)

PS: This picks up at the point where they are going to arrest Katrina. Everything before this can be lifted directly from the actual ending. Maddy is there because she needs to identify Katrina as the one who assaulted her.

Katrina opened the door of her home and was startled by the four faces confronting her: Jim Shannon, Mark Reynolds, Maddy Shannon, and Nathaniel Taylor. She smiled sweetly at the group. "Hello Sheriff, Corporal, Maddy, Commander," she nodded to each in turn.

Taylor held up a hand. "That will be enough from you, Ms. Coleman. We aren't here to make small talk."

Katrina's eyes widened. "Oh…what…what do you mean?" she stammered.

Sheriff Shannon turned to his daughter. "Maddy, is this the girl who attacked you at home today?" Maddy nodded.

"What are you talking about?" Katrina hissed angrily, panicking.

"It seems that Ms. Shannon was assaulted in her own home this morning," Taylor spoke up. "There were signs of forced entry and she implicated you in the crime."

"It wasn't me!" she quickly denied. "Go check that girl Skye out, she seems…" Katrina was cut off by an angry outburst from Taylor.

"Skye Tate was in my office all day today! It could not have been her, don't you dare accuse her of a crime she didn't commit!" Taylor snapped pointedly, causing Katrina to back up. "Reynolds…"

Mark stepped forward and Katrina flashed a flirty smile at him. He grinned sarcastically. "I've been waiting to do this for a long time—Katrina Coleman, you are under arrest."

"Oooh, Markie! Handcuffing me? You're so naughty!" Mark rolled his eyes at her attempts to flirt, locked the cuffs tightly around her wrists, and rejoined Maddy by the door, putting an arm around her shoulder and watching as Katrina seethed at the physical contact between the two.

Jim stepped forward. "Ms. Coleman, you are being charged with the assault of Madelyn Shannon and the assault of a member of security. Additionally, you are being charged with the theft of a pregnancy test device from the clinic and falsifying records for tampering with Maddy's test results."

"You can't prove I did that!" Katrina sneered.

"Actually, we can," Jim shrugged. "We talked to Amy Glover and she told us how you asked her to submit to a test for an educational session with the children. Noble idea, but you never actually held the session, nor were you authorized to do so."

Katrina's face fell. "It doesn't matter," she said lowly. "Because I am not going to jail." She darted for the door, nearly bowling Maddy over as she ran out, hands still cuffed behind her. Mark and Maddy took off after her with surprising speed, following her into the dark night.

"Katrina!" Mark shouted. "Just give it up already!" There was no response, but the sound of dashing footsteps indicated she was heading for the gate. The two took off in the direction. They spotted her shadow, hands freed from the cuffs, wriggling through the fence.

"Katrina, don't!" Mark warned.

"It's dangerous out there at night!" Maddy cried, pleading for the girl to re-enter the compound. "You'll be safer in here!"

"Like I'd believe what you say," Katrina snarled, her angry expression illuminated by the moonlight. "You just want me to be put in jail forever!"

Maddy shook her head, panic rising in her chest as she spotted movement just beyond Katrina. "Katrina, please just come back inside before it's too late!"

Footsteps behind Mark and Maddy indicated Jim and Taylor had caught up. In the guard tower, one of the soldiers directed his gun at the girl.

"Don't shoot!" Taylor ordered the man. "Get back in the compound now!" he told Katrina, who stood defiantly just beyond the gate.

"Katrina, it's dangerous!" Mark warned, now spotting the movement as well. "Listen to the Commander—get back in the gates!"

Katrina shook her head. "I'll take my chances…"

"Katrina! Behind you!" Maddy screamed.

She scoffed. "Like I haven't heard that one…" a high-pitched roar cut the rest of the statement off. Maddy screamed in horror as the slasher snatched Katrina up.

Jim raised his gun and shot the dinosaur, but did not succeed in convincing the reptile to drop the screaming girl. He raised his weapon to fire again but Taylor stopped him.

"There's no point anymore," he said gravely. "It's never going to drop her." A sickening crack confirmed his statement.

Maddy gasped, tears filling her eyes as she buried her face into Mark's chest. He wrapped his arms around her protectively, staring in wide-eyed horror and morbid fascination as the dinosaur carried off the remains of Katrina Coleman.

Jim looked horrified and defeated, dropping his weapon to the ground as he looked to his commander, utterly speechless. Taylor looked unshaken.

"Well that's that," he said, causing Mark and Maddy to both look in his direction as well, some amount of surprise and confusion written on their expressions. "We warned her, and she didn't listen. I won't lose any sleep over it."

"Sir…?" Jim hesitated.

"Let's go, Sheriff," Taylor made eye-contact with Mark. "Reynolds? I trust you can escort Miss Shannon home?"

Mark nodded mutely, still holding the trembling Maddy. The two older men departed.

"She…it…it just…" Maddy shook.

"I know," Mark whispered softly, trying to console her.

"I tried…I tried to…why…"

Mark shook his head. "She was too stubborn, Maddy. She wouldn't quit. She paid the price."

Maddy's eyes met his. "You aren't…?"

"Upset?" he asked. She nodded. "Of course it was upsetting, Maddy, but the way I see it, justice was served one way or another. You did your best." Maddy nodded again.

"Should I take you home? I promise there won't be anyone waiting to kill you…" he offered her his hand, which she took, and he led her off. At the very least, Katrina wouldn't be intruding on their lives anymore…

A/N: I didn't want to get too graphic with her death but you get the idea: the dinosaur freaking ATE her! That's like, tons of blood and it must have been a terrible way to die. I hope that satisfies all the people who were hoping she would die at the end. Again, this isn't the 'canon' ending for this story, just an alternate ending to keep you all happy that Katrina got what she deserved. And I wanted Maddy to be sweet here and try to save her enemy. You know she would. And, of course, Taylor seems a little smug about the whole thing. I suspect more of you feel the way Taylor does about this whole thing. So go ahead and leave a review. Which ending did you like better?


My brother, creative little demon that he is, decided that he would create his own alternate ending. It's short, but I'll include it because it is satisfying:

Katrina Coleman paced around in her cell. Suddenly, the door was thrown open and a tall figure stood, silhouetted in the entrance. Before she could say anything, the figure pulled out a pistol and shot her twice in the brain. That was the end of Katrina Coleman.

A/N: Okay, now tell me which ending was best. (My vote goes to this one, although you may want to check out Inky's ending too—that was golden as well!) Thanks to all for making this series a success :)